43 comments on “Tdadp chapter 107

    • With his situation, I’ll also do the same.
      Being near his harem party means he still intend to keep the ‘connection’ intact, and therefore they might become the target to exploit his weakness.
      By cutting off all contacts, his enemies might think it’s futile to do that, especially when there’s a possibility that the target (Yu) might not even know whatever happened to his harem loved ones party.

    • It might be better to leave behind stupid imbeciles who don’t follow orders. They always only distract him and stand in the way of depriving.

  1. why he leave if his party became to get that will be most harder. the wrong thing he do is he leave the party and save the girls he know that’s why he is late to save them now he leave again what a fool.if he didn’t leave and and take them he have high chance to protect them than being far away

    • The organizations after him are only after him. So bc just being around him turned everyone into a target he left. Not only that but now he can train to the utmost and devour more skills.

  2. i bet that the traitor in the guild staff is the girl who yuu always give foods to… if she was, she can use the food to use as excuse to go to the house of yuu and observe it,, dont trust nice people without knowing who they are..

  3. i feel like the next time we see Yu’s status window it’ll take up an entire chapter

    thanks for the chapter

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