5 comments on “Earth’s Core B5 C6!

  1. He surpassed his tone from giving more meaning to the story than he intended to, but whatever he repressed was reflected in his body language.
    surpassed –> suppressed
    repressed? Is it same as suppressed?

    As Kartius finished speaking his pace gradually increased until he halted in Zax’s maximum speed.
    halted –> reached

    Looking at his Master, Zax asked. “Master, is everything okay with Laivien? How come she is in the Essence Cave and in in Grandmaster’s side?”
    in in?

    • “Repressed” does fit better. Used it, but I liked more “Suppressed”!

      I didn’t want to use “Reached”, but another word that I forget that I somehow mixed with “Halted”. Changed it to “Reached”, but hope to remember the other word…


      As usual, thanks for the notes!

      • I hope you remember… it’s always interesting when you have come up with the words. I do want to know the word you seem forgot… lol

        • It was basically a word to describe someone accelerating to a certain speed and then stopping to run at that speed.
          It’s not far from my tongue, but I got to deal with some stuff this week and my head can’t think of anything until it all would be over.

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