6 comments on “Rebirth Online World prologue

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  2. So can I ask the reasoning of making it not vrmmo based?

    If you are using this mmorpg as a way to get him familiar with [games] then that’s a good Idea. I imagine you will use his studying to make him quickly become one of the tops in this game before he goes off into the vr game? If you only plan to have him play this game that’s fine as well, will be interesting I guess.

  3. I suggest putting a summary if you want in the project so you can pique people’s interest but its ok.

  4. Wow, those feels. Idiot parents buying what the store tells them, or just ignoring their child’s (my) preferences to get what they think they should want. I wanted Age of Empires they bought me Myst, boohoo 😦

    Although in recent years I do appreciate Myst more, at the time I was miserable. Parents, if your child requests a Violin, you would not buy them a fucking Cello, how is this different? Mostly this had nothing to do with what happened in the story, just me venting.

    Thanks, also, this story looks interesting so far.

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