13 comments on “Chapter 44 for Ex-Hero Candidate

  1. Unsponsored link goes to Coogle or Mobieblitz phishing scam instead of your chapter. Impossible to get past them on my phone.

    Sponsored link goes to wrong chapter. Next chapter button on 43 goes nowhere.

  2. This chapter post is the death of me… Non sponsored link leads me to your website which is just redirect after redirect after redirect… While the sponsor link leads to adult which is absolute hell for mobile

    • I’m on the verge of giving up this novel for exactly the same situation. I’ve tried accessing both the sponsored and nonsponsored for 5 minutes now, and all I’ve seen so far are ads…

  3. Thanks for giving my phone a virus.
    Sponsored leads to ch. 43 and the next chapter link leads to the same adfly, while non sponsored has made my phone vibrate non stop even after closing my browser completely.

  4. It won’t let me read the chapter. The site the link redirects to has a fake google virus warning.

  5. Your link… gave me uncountable redirections and 16 virus’…
    No tl has ever done this to me…

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