Chapter 10 : Administration of Labyrith

Alrac was standing in the [Throne Room], giving a name to the Azure Knight.

“Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity, your name will be Telchis. That will be your name while you serve us.” He announced.

“May I ask the origin of my name?” The newly christened Telchis asked.

“That was the name of a knight of our empire. He was a chivalrous knight who died protecting my father.” Alrac explained.

“Understood. Then, from now on, I will introduce myself as Telchis. I promise I will fight to the death for my master.” The knight declared.

“I am expecting that.” The master of the labyrinth stated.

“Ha!” Telchis replied and bowed.

Alrac looked at his new his subordinate, who was bowing, coldly.

Alrac was thinking.

His loyalty was abnormal. Certainly, [Evil charisma], [Young Dark Nobleman], and [Wicked Soul] were skills that provide a large boost for negotiation with monsters and creatures considered to be evil, but it is strange for the extent of their loyalty to even encompass giving their lives.

Was Telchis a special case, or he was scheming about something else deep in his heart?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

If he betrays me, then I will kill him.

If he is loyal, then I will reward him.

It’s as simple as that.

After that bout of contemplation, he gave an order to Telchis.

“Telchis, you are to go to the surrounding goblin villages and talk to them so that they will move to this labyrinth. However, don’t use too much force. Tell them about the labyrinth, and that if they decide to join us, I will protect their clans.”

“What should I do if they attack?” The knight questioned.

“Umu, there is also that kind of possibility. If you are attacked, I permit you to counter attack, but don’t kill them if possible.” Alrac ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The knight responded.

“Another thing, if you spot a patrol from Bendole, kill some of them. There might be several dozens of people according to Derito.” Alrac added.

“Alright.” Telchis nodded.

“Refrain from using [Hounds of Depravity] to make them as your subordinates as much as possible. However, if you really want to use it, then I will allow you to do so.” Alrac permitted.

“I have understood everything.” Telchis answered.

“Then, go.” The master of the labyrinth ordered.

After looking at the knight who bowed and left the [Throne Room], he turned to look at the others who were kneeling a short distance away.

The head of goblins, Purukku, the female warrior, Jen, as well as the thief, Lorna, chose to stay behind together with the priest, Derito.

There were four people in total.

The [Throne Room] that’s able to hold up to a hundred people seems empty with so few people in it.

As they were swallowed up by intimidating air that Alrac emitted from the throne, everyone was silent.

“Purukku.” Alrac began.

“Y-Yes!” The goblin chieftain answered while trembling.

“How many goblins can we muster from the surrounding areas?” Alrac asked.

“Well, it depends on how the knight persuades them. Probably several hundred… It’s possible to gather around five hundred goblins or so.” Purukku replied.

“Five hundred… I see…. It’s also related to the food issue. If they starve to death, then we will not be able to use them. We need to keep improving their value, and to teach the children that will be born soon. I wonder if they will remain useless?” Alrac pondered aloud.

He turned away from Purukku, whom was lowering his head deeper and deeper, and looked at the humans’ side.

“It is also the same for you, Derito. I kept you alive, unlike Tiles, because I thought that you’d be useful. Don’t betray my expectations. If you do, both the woman who loves and stays with you, and you yourself, will become food for the goblins.” Alrac warned.

“Yes, I understand.” The priest replied.

“Depending on the head of each goblin tribe, there might be a tribe that would attack this Labyrinth.” Purukku warned while lowering his head. “Would that be fine, Alrac-sama?”

“I will deal with them when the time comes. Is there any problem?” The master of the labyrinth questioned.

“Of course not!” Purukku replied hurriedly.

When he finished addressing Purukku, Alrac looked at all of his subordinates coldly and said.

“Since there is a food shortage, you can withdraw for now. Later on, when I am able to obtain food, I will call on you guys. You are free to do whatever you wish until that time.”

All the members left [Throne Room] as if they were fleeing when Alrac waved his hand to dismiss them.

Upon seeing that everyone had left, Alrac chanted a magic spell.

“…Transmission, fragment of light.”

When the spell was cast, a crystal the size of pebble appeared on Alrac’s hand.

“Jii, can you hear me?” He tested.

[TL: I am guessing that Jii is the shortened version of Jiji which was old man]

“Ah, this is Prince Alrac’s voice. Yes, I can hear you clearly!” An aged voice was heard as the crystal’s light flickered.

“It has been long time.” Alrac greeted.

“From the looks of it, it seems like you have successfully created the [Wickedly Vicious Underground Empire].” The old man commented.

“Yes. It worked well.” Alrac replied.

“KUKUKUKU! Splendid! Wonderful! As expected of someone from the lineage of the Imperial Family of the Magic Empire.” The elderly man cackled. “It took hundreds of years for me to reach that state, but for you it only take 5 years…”

“Jii.” He stopped the old man’s long winded words.

“Whoops, I’m sorry. What can I help you with?” Jii asked.

“Ah, I want to ask for something.” Alrac stated.

“What is it?” The elder questioned.

“I want food.” The master of the labyrinth answered simply.

“Hooo..? How much do you want?” The old man asked further.

“For the time being, I want an amount that can support one thousand humans for one month.” Alrac replied after thinking for a while.

“KUKUKU, is this a joke?” The elder demanded.

“I dislike making jokes.” Alrac deadpanned.

“Prince, why do you need it? We should discuss it after you have finished building the Labyrinth. At that time, you can start recruiting soldiers while securing food, and gradually expand your force.” Jii advised.

“Something unexpected happened.” Alrac sighed.

“Haa… I won’t ask what happened, but it’s impossible for me. If it’s around a hundred people, I might be able to manage it, but when it’s one thousand people…” The old man trailed off.

While listening to the old man’s voice, Alrac, who forgot to mention something, added.

“Jii…. you are the Master of Magic. If it’s impossible for you to do it, then you might have an idea of who can do it. If they need money, they just need to say how much they need.”

“…I understand. My, my, looks like I still can’t live at ease.” Jii sighed.

“Sorry about this.” Alrac apologised.

“No problem, no problem, I understand. You really resemble your father and grandfather. When they protected the goblins by trading oak with them, they shut the neighbouring country up over and over again….” The elderly man began.

“Jii.” Alrac interrupted his teacher again since it seemed like he would complain for all eternity, and said. “At that time, those who defied the Empire would be punished no matter what race you are, be it Human or Goblin. However, those who were willing to follow them were given appropriate rewards according to their work. That is why I want to succeed that will.”

“Ha… I can guess what you want to do.” Jii mused.

“Don’t cause any trouble.” Alrac warned.

“I will send a travelling merchant now. However, some funds are necessary.” The old man told him.

“I will send it immediately.” Alrac replied.

“Thank you very much. One more thing, Prince. I will give you one piece of advice.” Jii stated.

“What is it?” Alrac asked.

“Goblins are petty creatures. When their numbers increase too much, they will do something stupid. You mustn’t show any openings. When they increase too much, you should find a suitable reason to kill off some of them.” The old man advised.

“…I will keep that in mind.” With that as his last words, the white crystal became gray and disappeared.

Alrac pictured the treasure in treasure storage in his mind and moved it to the old man’s home, and cast the spell.

“…Transfer, Material Transmission.”

Since the funds were necessary to acquire food, he sent it by magic.

However, as the funds were part of the labyrinth, Alrac and Halva would naturally receive some damage when they were taken out of the labyrinth, although it wouldn’t be a serious injury. The pain was like getting a small cut on your finger.

To heal this wound, a soul was necessary.

There were no feelings of grief when they became soul eating monsters because their hearts were already dead.

As for Halva, the act of devouring a soul is a source of pleasure for her.

Alrac doesn’t think of it like that, but he also doesn’t hate it.

But, he thinks that this degree of evil is necessary for his revenge.

He wants to destroy all the countries that attacked the Empire as soon as possible.

While thinking of such things, Alrac cast a spell since he had helping hands now.

“….Transfer, near entrance of large room.”

He mentioned the place he wanted to transfer to, and used [Teleportation] while also activating the skill [Labyrinth Management Device]. Immediately, the doors of the chamber closed completely.

The large room was considered big, but not as big as the [Throne Room] in terms of the number of people that can fit inside. The reason why he moved to this room was to summon the existences that will protect the labyrinth from now on.

This room is not a special room, so he can’t get a bonus when he summons. Then, why did he choose this place? The reason is simple – he wants to summon creatures in large quantities.

“…Transfer, Demon Insect Secretary.” Alrac cast a transfer spell.

When he chanted the [Material Transfer] incantation, a small, thick book bound to the corpse of an insect appeared. Alrac turned the pages expressionlessly. When he found the page he needed, he chanted the incantation for summoning while leaving the page open.

“…Summon, rotten fumed flies.”

[TL: the literal translation was large flies that emit the smell of rotten flesh. Yes, blame the author for his naming sense.]

A red magic formation was created, and from it, big flies the size of mice appear.

One, two… The number keeps increasing. While looking at the situation with cold eyes, Alrac cast the next spell.

“…Summon, Paralytic Arachnid.”

[TL:Literal translation was Huge spider with a paralytic poison]

A yellow magic formation was created, and a dog-sized spider came out from it.

It has a yellow body with red eyes, and viscous mucus on all eight of its feet.

Without counting the number of spiders that came out, he chanted another spell.

“…Summon, Skull-Eater Caterpillar.”

[TL: Finally the author have put a good name here]

A purple formation appeared, and from it, a green caterpillar the size of a baby appeared.

Green caterpillars with yellow hues that makes one repulsed crawled out one after the other from the magic formation.

While maintaining these three magic formations, he stared at the swarm of insects that were being summoned coldly.

Alone, there were not strong. However, when they are in large numbers, they will become nasty opponent for intruders.

After he had finished summoning several hundreds of these creatures, the magic formation closed.

“I will employ these guys at the exterior of the labyrinth so that they can attack more easily.” While muttering so, he gave a simple order – to expand the Labyrinth, and to find and kill the intruders.



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