Chapter 8 : Derito – 2

“Derito, you…. What the fuck are you saying?! Stop fooling around!” Upon hearing Derito’s plea, Tiles bore the pain and cried out in outrage. “Hur- Hurry up and take me out from this shitty labyrinthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

After looking at his screaming leader with cold eyes, Derito knelt down and spoke to Alrac.

“This… I think that you will benefit from this as well.”

“Ho, this seems interesting. Continue.” Alrac smirked.

“Hurry! Hurry, RIGHT NOWWWWWW!” Tiles screamed.

“You’re so noisy! Don’t disturb onii-sama’s discussion!” Halva complained angrily. “Purukku, shut that man up!”

“Yes!” The goblin replied enthusiastically.

Purukku approached the yelling Tiles and stuffed a dirty piece of cloth into his mouth to silence him.

Because it was done quite roughly, if it was poorly executed, Tiles might just stop breathing and die. However, no one in this place, not even Derito, cared about Tiles’ life or death.

“Now, you can continue.” Seeing that Tiles had finally quietened down, Alrac prompted Derito to speak.

“Yes. The reason why you let some of our teammates escape was so that they would inform others about the existence of this labyrinth, which would invite adventurers like us here. Is that not true?” Derito started off.

“Why do you think so?” Alrac asked.

“A labyrinth such as this… Even if there’s no one talking about it, there should be at least some rumours about it. However, when we gathered information, we didn’t hear about this labyrinth. There are two possibilities. First, the people who knew of the existence of this labyrinth have already been killed. Second, this labyrinth was made very recently.” The priest theorised.

“…” The siblings remained silent.

“If it was the former, then there’s no way that you would’ve let our party members escape. Not to mention, with the strength of the knight over there, it’s not difficult to kill the priest and mage who escaped.” Derito continued. “Also, when I think about there being almost no traps or monsters, I feel that the latter is more possible.”

“…” The siblings continued to listen to what he said.

“I don’t know how you were able to create a labyrinth, but when I think of all the possibilities, I can’t get any other answer than this – you wanted to lure people to this labyrinth with treasure as bait.” Derito finished his explanation.

“Assuming that what you said is true, why should I let the women go?” Alrac asked while looking at the priest whom was able to plainly see through his plan.

“If the story only came from our members who escaped, then the number of people that escaped from this labyrinth would be too few.” Derito attempted to reason.

“Is it because they can only tell a few people about this?” Alrac mused.

“Yes. Also, another reason would be because the Knight was too strong.” The priest added.

Derito remembered when his teammates from [Sword of Faith] were killed.

No matter how attractive the treasure was, not many people would be lured in if they knew of the strength of the creature that protected it, which was about the strength of a dragon.

Adventurers aiming to get rich are very sensitive to any danger to their lives.

“Then, isn’t it useless to free these women? They know how fearsome my knight is.” Alrac questioned.

“No, it isn’t useless.” Derito stated.

“Hmm?” Alrac raised an eyebrow.

“I can ask them to assume the duty of spreading the rumour that they’ve already defeated the knight.” Derito answered.

If the dragon that resided in a cave was already defeated, it would be equivalent to a gold mine.

“Will these women cooperate with that plan?” Alrac asked.

“I will make them cooperate!” Derito stated strongly, raising his face to look at Alrac.

For a while, the eyes of the priest and the master of the labyrinth met.

“…I might do as you have suggested, but why are you helping these women?” Alrac asked, not understanding priest’s reasoning.

He stared at Derito with stern blue eyes.

Derito swallowed his saliva audibly and spoke what was on his mind.

“At this moment, I’m the only one who can help them… When I think it of like that, my mouth moved without me realizing it.”

“Do you have any regrets?” Alrac inquired.

“Yes, but I feel uneasy if I abandon these women here…” The priest replied simply.

“Well…” Alrac considered his options.

“I’m cool with it ~ ” Halva laughed in response to Alrac’s considering sound.

“Will you release the women?” Alrac asked the knight.

“By Your Lordship’s wish.” The Azure Knight answered the question posed by the master of the labyrinth emotionlessly.

“Halva, what do you think?” Alrac turned to ask his sister.

“I think it’s okay. I didn’t intend to use them for anything in particular anyway!” Halva answered as if the matter was about her throwing away toys that she was tired of.

Did she already lose interest?

“But, hey ~ If we release the women instead, you and that man over there… Are you okay with it? You might be killed immediately, you know?” She smiled playfully.

Did she get interested in Derito instead? Maybe she asked that so that she could appraise him.

“If it’s possible, I want to escape from this place immediately since I didn’t find anything here anyway. However…” Derito trailed off.

“However?” Alrac prompted.

“To protect these women even though it means dying… I think that doing that wouldn’t be bad for a man’s last moments.” Derito replied.

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“What a selfish guy ~ ” Halva said to her brother as her smile widened. “Un, I like it, onii-sama! Let’s go with what this man suggested!”

“Alright.” Alrac nodded.

“Th-then…” Derito stared at them hopefully.

“Derito, we will accept your suggestion. The women will be set free. Since it was unplanned this time, the plan will be carried out after we work out the details. Is that fine?” Alrac gave his order.

“Than-Thank you very much!” Derito was both overjoyed and surprised.

“As compensation for releasing them, you will become our subordinate and work for us. You don’t have any problems with that, right?” Alrac stared at him.

“…Yes. I understand.” Derito answered calmly, knowing that he had no other choice.

“Don’t worry, even if it’s just a little, you will receive wages.” Alrac attempted to soothe the priest.

“…” The priest remained silent.

“Depending on your work, you might also be able to go back aboveground.” Alrac added.

Although he might not be that useful in the face of battle, but Alrac was interested in Derito as he was a quick-witted person. On the other hand, Halva simply likes strong beings.

Of course, Alrac and Halva aren’t stupid.

They have outstanding knowledge about magic, and know quite a lot about the labyrinth.

But besides that, they are slightly ignorant about humans, like this time in particular. To make up for that, it’s necessary to have a human collaborator.

“I will warn you first, just in case.. Even if you think that your life isn’t precious and betray us… Don’t think you can die easily the moment that happens.” Alrac threatened.

“Y-Yes…” Derito stammered.

Upon seeing Derito lowering his head in submission, Alrac nods slightly.

When the discussion ended, the goblins’ chieftain, Purukku, called out to his master.

“Alrac-sama! Halva-sama!”

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Purukku?” Alrac looked at the goblin.

“These adventurers have killed a lot of our tribe members! To set them free like this, and even add them on as our subordinates, how will I be able to convince my fellow tribesmen to stay?” The head of goblin said, managing to only glare at said adventurers as he reined in his urge to kill.

That was certainly a reasonable question. Alrac and Halva looked at each other consideringly.

The people who killed their fellow tribesmen were now part of them. If they were in the goblins’ shoes, they would never be able to tolerate it. It was impossible to tell the goblins to endure that.

However, it would be wasteful if they cancelled the agreement they just came to.

“Nnnn ~ I got it, onii-sama! There is a right guy for this issue!” Halva piped up.

Halva turned to look at the person she suddenly remembered – the man who had cloth stuffed into his mouth, and who was currently struggling on the floor, the leader of [Sword of Faith], Tiles.

“Purukku. I will give Tiles to you. You can do whatever you want to him. Torture, kill, or even eat him… Do as you like.” Halva declared.

“Is that true?!” Purukku exclaimed joyfully.

Both Halva and Purukku had a cruel smile on their faces.

“Mm!? MMmmnnnn!” Tiles screamed and struggled even harder when he heard Halva’s words.

“Derito, you don’t mind that, do you?” Alrac asked.

“…It’s inevitable. He was our leader, and at such a time, it would be proper for him to shoulder all the responsibilities.” Derito replied hesitantly.

With that said, Tiles’ death execution form was basically signed and approved.

“Good. Then, Purukku. As Halva said, I will give you the rights over this man’s life or death to compensate for the lives of Derito and the women. Are you okay with that?” Alrac inquired.

“Yes, yes… If it is such a thing… Can we also have the corpses and the belongings of the other adventurers?” The head of the goblins requested with a vulgar smile on his face.

Alrac said that he didn’t mind and gave Purukku his permission.

“Then, there should be no more problems. I will let you take control of him.” Alrac affirmed his decision.

The long discussion ended in this manner.

* * *

A few days later…

At the entrance of Labyrinth were the members of [Iron Warmaiden] and Derito, with the Knight of Judgement Commanding the Hounds of Depravity standing nearby to watch them as well.

“We’re here now. Please behave accordingly as to what we’ve talked about before.” Derito requested.

“Understood.” The leader of [Iron Warmaiden], Izuren, nodded many times to Derito words.

They will spread around the fact that the Knight has been defeated, along with information of the treasure of the labyrinth, and a rough map to the place. This would be the story that they will talk about in Bendole from now on, which should pique the interest of the adventurers there.

[TL: The leader of [Iron Warmaiden] in previous translation was written as Yslaine, but I changed it to Izuren instead because it was what MTL give to me. So as to not become confused in the future, I change it to this.]

“Lorna, Jen, are the both of you staying?” Izuren asked her team members.

“Un, I will remain here with Derito.” Lorna looked at Derito while saying so.

The man himself blushed in embarrassment and gave a wry smile before saying that he would be going first as he returned into the labyrinth.

Although the memory of when Izuren was being controlled by the knight was clouded, she remembered that Derito was the one who saved them. The knight, Corias, the magician, Eto, and the priestess, Vena, also had the similar memories. Both Lorna and Jen seemed to remember the situation at that time as well.

Without thinking about the danger of that request to his life, Derito had come in and saved them.

Lorna had begged the master of the labyrinth to allow her to stay together with Derito.

After hearing her story, Alrac had simply said to do whatever she wanted with an expressionless face, while Halva mere knowingly stated that love was good a few times and permitted her to stay.

Rather, it was Derito who desperately tried persuade to her to leave by saying that it was dangerous to stay here.

Phrases like ‘at least think on it for a little bit’, ‘you’re misunderstanding gratitude with love’, ‘I didn’t expect anything from it’, and ‘did you forget about the terror of the labyrinth?’ were used to persuade her to leave.


However, Lorna ignored his persuasion completely, and, on the contrary, even told him about how long she had loved him for instead. When he was told that, his face turned bright red. She had also used the words of ‘moreover did he intend to continue living in the labyrinth alone?’ in order to persuade him to let her stay instead.

The figure of Lorna at that time was so sincere and passionate that even Izuren, whom had been traveling together with her, had never seen it before.

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“Well, they’ll need a guard.” Jen shrugged noncommittally.

In the case of Jen, she had requested to stay behind to repay the debt to Derito for saving her life while saying that they would need a warrior for fighting anyway. When the master of the labyrinth heard about this, he approved it and didn’t mind her staying at all.

Derito had tried to persuade her to leave as well, but she ignored him from the beginning of his persuasion while saying that she would not change her mind on staying in the labyrinth.

“Well then, see you.” Eto mumbled.

“Thank you very much for all you’ve done.” Corias bowed.

“Hang in there.” Vena encouraged them.

They said their goodbyes for the last time, because they will not meet again.

It was brief, but they will always remain in Izuren’s heart.

The reserved thief and spirited female warrior who adventured together with her disappeared back into the labyrinth.

Izuren prayed for their safety, and for their hearts to not be seized by the darkness of the labyrinth.

“Everyone, we will spread the information that [Iron Warmaiden] will be dissolved.” The leader declared.

There were no objections from the other members.

With that declaration as the signal, they heaved the bags containing the treasure from the labyrinth onto their backs.

Although Alrac and Halva wanted to avoid losing any treasure, it was a necessary sacrifice, so they permitted them to take the some treasure out of the labyrinth.

The treasure would serve as the evidence of them defeating the knight.

After selling the treasure and dividing it into four portions, it would still be worth quite a fortune.

She would start an inn with this money.

While considering that idea, Izuren began to walk.

Towards the City of Bendole.


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