Chapter 15 Dragons Army

“You are saying…. that even you were not his opponent?”

After hearing his close subordinate, Uliminus’s report the Demon Lord Goul angrily shouted while sitting on the throne.

Hellcat Uliminus was sweating profusely as she sat in front of the Demon lord.
It is not strange for a worst case scenario where if the Demon lord hears such a report, the reporter can get insta-killed.
But Uliminus judged that this choice will be better compared to hiding and not telling the truth.

Demon Lord Goul was in deep, though.

For Uliminus waiting for the word of judgment, felt like an eternity.

“Hmm, Since you have said that much than that man must have a quite bit of strength….if so, it will be ideal if we dealt with him quicker.
Ulimnus, Lead the Dragon Army and capture that man.
If possible persuade him to allege a loyalty to me.”

Hearing the word, Uliminus nodded in a desperate manner and

“I understand nya. I will definitely bring that man here nya”
Saying so she rushed out from the Demon lords room.

…I…I thought I would be killed nya…I though I died nya…

She frantically stopped her expression from turning into that of relief while rushing out of the Demon lord’s place.

…Next day

“Human, I have to thank you for your hospitality nya”
Uliminus was on top of the huge dragon’s head.
And behind her was another 10 dragons following her. All seemed to have over 10-meter body.

This Dragons Army is the elite attacking squad which is the pride of Demon lord’s army as they successfully repelled hero’s army several times in history, An elite army with many Veterans.

While shown such a dragon,
“Hee….This is a dragon, it’s my first time seeing it”
“There was no Dragon in Husband-sama’s another world?”
“South side of the city in which I lived had a rumor that there was a feudal lord who owned three dragons, but it is my first time seeing one”

Uliminus felt quite irritated looking at the Aapshow and Lys who seemed to be having a normal couple talk.

“…thi,this….Dragon….Dragon…that many…”
“Thi….dangerous…My legs won’t stop trembling….”
“…..(fainted while white foam spilled out of her mouth)”
Behind Aapshow, Barissa and the three were panic stricken but,

….Why is this human not panicking even after seeing a dragons army nya
Isn’t the reaction of the stupid four a normal one nya….

Even though Uliminus was confused for a second
“How is it nya? Human. I can save your life if you surrender to us and swear loyalty to the Demon lord-sama nya. If you deny it nya, then you will become a food for the dragons nya”

Uliminus was thinking that no matter how strong Aapshow is after being surrounded by this many dragons he definitely gonna surrender but

“Eh? Am I allowed to fight with the Dragons? Of course, I’m allowed to use the scale of the dragon however I want right? Aa, I at least once wanted to create a weapon with the Dragon’s scale. ”
Uliminus becomes more confused after seeing the sudden change in Aapshow’s mood.

“If…If there is no space for a negotiation than you just have to die nya!”

The moment Uliminus raised her hand, the surrounding Dragons instantly attacked Aapshow.

..Few minutes later

..THi…this is absurd nya…

Ulimnus couldn’t care less about her back which was burned black as she was running away desperately while on top of the dragon.
Even the dragon she is riding on had one of his legs amputated and had several serious wounds on the body , as it was flying with little power it had.
There only 2 dragons following the head dragon and all of them had severe wounds all over.

The fight was one sided.
Toward the Dragons who came attacking the Aapshow, he raised his hand and next moment the gigantic lightning fell from the sky.

Godly Magic . heaven’s punishment

Usually, this kind of Godly magic would take several hours of chanting from around 10 greatest magicians.
But Aapshow used it just like this
“This, Let me try it”
And it casted at the as the words came out the same time.

Just after this one hit, 7 out of 11 dragons was annihilated and fell from the sky.
The dragons seeing such an overwhelming magic power tried to escape the next moment.

“Nya!? You bunch!? Return back to the battle nya!!”

Even though Uliminus was commanding desperately, the dragons couldn’t hear it as they were fully occupied by the fear.

Seeing such a scene Brossam’s eyes opened wide and

“Husband-san, amazing…If it was like this I should’ve had thrown at least a single spear…if it goes right I might have been awarded the title of Dragon Slayer.”

She threw the spear lightly while smiling.

“How about we try that?”
Aapshow said so and,

Buff- Acceleration
Buff- Godly-lize
Buff- Super Damage

He buffed the spear that Brossam threw with several buff magic.

At the same time, the Spear was surrounded by the light and it sped in a great speed toward the slowest dragon, as a result, it beheaded the dragon’s neck.

Seeing such a scene, Brossam, and the other three’s jaws dropped.

“Uwoo!? There is a dragon slayer title in my status!?”
Brossam seeing her status shouted in joy.

Hearing her voice Barissa the knight said,

“A, A, A, Aapshow-dono! M, MMe! I want to do it too! No Please, I beg you! I beg you!”
Saying so, she tried to throw the sword she wielded toward the Dragon’s direction but it was too late as the Dragons were out of sight.

“Sorry. Even its hard for me to do it out of range”

“…no, why…”
She cried for real and Barissa fell to her knees.

-To be Continued

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