Chapter 16 Demon lord meets female knight



Demon lord Goul was walking alone in the forest.


He changed his appearance to that of an adventurer and continued on his way toward the south of the Delibeza forest.


I didn’t think he was a person who can destroy the Dragons army without a scratch…..


Demon Lord Goul watched the battle between Aapshow and the Dragons army and was astonished and panicked at the same time while seeing  the overwhelming power Aapshow had.


So, Demon lord thought that he can metamorphose to human and find out the special characteristics and personality of Aapshow so that he can somehow create a plan to conquer him.


Uliminus and many of his subordinates disapproved of an idea that the Demon lord himself meet the opponent but, defeating such a powerful opponent is a job for Demon lord with that said everyone silently agreed on this which made it so that they couldn’t retort back.



When Aapshow’s house came into view Goul couldn’t help but knit his brows.


In front of him was a stealthily raised trap type barrier which requires one to have a high detection type magic to detect.


-I couldn’t believe they set up such high skilled trap….


Goul’s back was drenched with sweat as he knows that just one more step and he could’ve been caught by the trap.


He was able to detect the trap when he was about to step on the trap.


The trap deemed him who erased his demon mana, and who changed his appearance to that of human, an enemy


With this trap in front of him he couldn’t continue on so he stood there thinking of a plan.


“Who are you?”


Single female knight came out from inside the barrier.


“Are you an acquaintance of a master-sama? Or are you an acquaintance of the mistress-sama?”


While she seems to ask in a very friendly manner, but her hand was attached onto her weapon’s hilt which hang around in her waist, and was ready to attack any time.

“No, its like this…I am a old friend of the mistress…and I heard that she was living here so I came to visit her”

“Oo, it was something like this”

The female knight saying so unsheathed her sword and pointed at Goul.


“…than that means you are a person from Demon race? What’s your reason for coming here? Depending on your answer, I Barissa will be your opponent”


Before, she was told that Lys was a person who was forcibly controlled by the demon but,

Yesterday, Aapshow and Lys told her that Lys is a person from the Demon race.


Even so, Lys usually acts like a normal person and looking at her act all lovey dovey with Aapshow, the four accepted this sudden news and made a intention work hard for the two.


…fumu, her decisiveness is really good


“It’s true that I am a demon. However, I just came to see what’s up so I’m planning to go back now”


Saying so Goul raised both his arm to show that he had no hostility.

Seeing his intention herself, she lay down the sword and


“If so than I have no reason to point any hostility toward you. And If you have any message you want me to deliver to the mistress?”


After confirming that Barissa didn’t show any opening toward Goul even after lowering her sword.

“I see.. Than I would like you to tell the husband-dono that I would love to have tea together in near future”


“I understand….I am Barissa a knight. What is your name?”


“….You can tell them that I’m Gozaru”

Saying so Goul left.


…Few hours later in Demon lord’s castle


“Demon Lord sama. How was that man Aapshow nya? Were you have to have any good harvest nya?”

Uliminus asked Goul who was sitting in the throne.


But Goul was looking down thinking deeply about something.


Even after calling out on him several time he didn’t bulge, seeing such scene


…His highness must be thinking about a new strategy…


Uliminus who thought such left the throne room.




Her movement were graceful for a human.

The way she stood showed a clear dignity.

And the courage to stand for his master.


Goul was having quite a hard time to not to think about her figure.


…Same time in the Aapshow household.


“You…gotta be kidding me right?”


Hearing Aapshow’s word Barissa body were drenched with sweat from anxiety.


“Yup, there should be no mistake. The one you faced with was the Demon lord in disguise”

Next to Aapshow, Lys also nodded and


“But…He should’ve chose something with better name rather than Gozaru if he was going to use a alias”


Saying so she chuckled lightly.


“Even so, drinking tea together huh. It might be interesting”


“I don’t know about that….that Demon lord is a person with the personality of a statue so I’m suspicious whether he can make an entertaining talk with husband-sama”


Both smiling together while having a small idle talk.


And in front of them was Barissa who was still trembling and being drenched with sweat as if she took a shower.


“Tha….that…demon lord…I actually….pointed a ….sword at demon lord….this is bad…I’m going to get killed…..definitely get killed!….”


The figure now has lost every bit of the dignified look when she was pointing sword at the demon lord


While trembling Barissa was leaking liquid from everybit of her body such as eyes, nose, mouth and some place one must not talk about.


“Oi, Oi, don’t dirty the floor. Don’t you know how hard it is to clean them” – Brossam

“Awawa…it is dirty-desu” – Biily

“…tchi…(shows an annoyed look)”- Belano

“Boho?” – Sabea


To be continued

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