Chapter 18 One month later


It’s been a month since Aapshow and his party’s disappearance.


King and his subordinate begged desperately to the blonde haired hero to exterminate the Demon lord’s army which positioned itself right before the castle wall, but the Blonde haired hero denied it stubbornly.


So without any choice The king commanded the use of the Magic Kingdom Cryload’s a supreme Godly magic Purification and somehow managed to let the Demon Lord’s army to retreat for now.


But because of the backlash from having depleted all the mana stored in their body, the highest ranked Magicians in the castle all became unable to use magic for another 2 to 3 years.


And King himself used most of his mana making him fall into a coma.


So the Eldest Princess took over the throne as an acting King till the King wake up.


By the way the Purification which was used is actually same magic Aapshow used on the Delibeza forest but the total amount of mana used was ⅓ compared to Aapshow’s. (Took 2 minute to recover the lost mana for Aapshow)


As for the Demon Lord’s army

Even though they retreated because of the purification, the purification magic the country unleashed took 3 days and 3 nights of continuous chanting so Demon Lord’s army who detected it earlier on retreated quite early so the army suffered little to no damage.


Even so, the land which was purified makes it impossible for the undead type monsters to go near, it became impossible for the demon lord’s army to go near it and the retreat was to wait for the effect of the purification to lessen.


When the Demon lord’s army retreated, Blonde Haired hero suddenly restarted his training journey to the south.

The enemy in the south compared to the northern monsters the Demon lord’s army placed, is weaker by several level making it a perfect place to train but for a hero who’s going to fight the Demon lord, it is abit too weak of a place.


Without any care for such, Blonde Haired hero became shut in inside the citadel located in south of the castle and in there he ordered the first royal princess to bring in foods and women.


To this situation where nothing could be done the First royal princess decided to forsake the Blonde Haired hero once and for all.


With that in mind Princess wanted to summon a new hero but the activation of purification magic, all the highest class magicians who were able to summon heroes all fell in coma making them unable to summon one.


Princess who became greatly perplexed, asked one of the highest level magician who was barely able to maintain his consciousness even though more than half of his mana was depleted, to ask the goddess for the way to save the country.


“The true Hero have been already summoned…Everyone just overlooked him”


The oracle was given.

And toward this oracle most of the people in the castle gossiped that the Aapshow who disappeared because of the hero’s foolish act in a month ago, was the real hero.


Till now the decree was to search for Aapshow so that he can join in the Blonde Haired Hero but the First royal Princes changed this to finding a true hero Aapshow.


Unfortunately the Blonde Haired Hero who heard of this news started to engage in a secret maneuver.


…During such a chaos in the kingdom


“Sir.Furio, this shield…is it actually made of Dragon’s scale? ”


Owner of the weaponary store swallowed a mouthful of air as he looked at the shield a person named Furio brought.


“As expected of you master, you are right. This shield is the best item I was able to get from my strictly confidential route”

Furio laughed saying so.


Owner who looked at the shield and the smiling Furio multiple times


“I would love to buy this for quite a fair amount. So that if you find any of the dragon type item I would like you to sell it to my shop”


While saying so, he gave Aapshow a bag full of gold.


Houtarou City


The commerce city far away to the east from the kingdom’s castle.


Contrary to that of the town below the castle, in here foreign species could be seen everywhere as well as the adventurers and merchants.


Furio entered the house entrance which was located in the suburbs of the town.

“Husband-sama welcome back!”

A women who looked to be a wife of Furio hugged him tightly.

They made a long kiss even before greeting and

“I’m back, Lys”

Furio smiled and hugged his wife again.


This Furio

His real name is Banaza, and one of his nickname was Aapshow.

In here Banaza called himself Furio and lived as a merchant.

Even so, they already had enough money to fool around their entire house and wasn’t really required to work but, Furio who always loved to work, he does a merchant’s job every day.


“The shield I smithed myself with the Dragon army of the Demon lord’s scale, was sold for quite high price”

“Husband-sama really can do anything. Even my blood boiled slightly looking at that shield”

Saying so Lys smiled.

Incidentally she is also a ex-high ranked demon.


Starting with the carcass of the Dragon and the carcass of the beasts Furio defeated are all stored inside his magic item, magic bag.

Furio process these materials to create weapons and magic items, which he sells them off in the town but if he ever said he was the one to create it than there would be too much order, so he told them that he gets it from a secret route.


By the way,


Varissa the knight is hunting in the forest near the house. Her Armours and Weapons are made by Furio however she still wasn’t gifted the magic enchanted ring.


Blossam the warrior, is putting her all into taking care of the farmland behind the house.


Even if the world is large, Most likely she is the only person in this world who is using a tool for farming made of dragon scale.


Bily the archer, created a pasture right next to the farmland and is taking care of the horses and cows.

She is earning plenty by lending the horses to the merchants.


As for Belano the magician is attending magic school in the town.

To Belano who has zero attack magic, she is learning alot from it.


Last but not the least Sabea the frantic bear pet, because his appearance will attract unwanted attention Furio chanted a magic to change his appearance to that of Horned Rabbit, and everyday it goes hunting while saying Funsu Funsu with Varissa.


Well you might know it with me telling you but Sabea’s quarry are a lot more than Varissa……
To be Continued

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  3. I wonder how long until Varissa ends up marrying the Demon King and getting her Magic ring that way? I mean, she goes from mere noblewoman of a small noble house to Demon King’s Consort, Wife, and mother to his children.

    Of course, with Banaza having forged a pair for the Demon King to exchange the human way with her and win her over.

  4. She is earning plenty by burrowing the horses to the merchants.

    burrowing -> lending?

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  5. thanks for the chapter~
    Blossam the over-equipped farmer
    Sabea, former bear, now a mad hunting rabbit

  6. the blonde haired hero starts making devious plans
    unfortunately Bananza’s power is high enough to vaporise him and the country he’s currently in. So plans don’t really work.
    I can imagine him trying to capture Bananza’s wife (if he knew that he had a wife) but then there’s the small problem that his wife is a couple times stronger than Blondie aswel

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  7. Lol, looks like the first princess made the first smart choice anyone has made in that Kingdom since the beginning of the story, but what the heck is that blonde “hero” planning now? Join forces with the Demon king to exact revenge on the Kingdom? Or find the true hero first and get rid of him?

  8. yes, enter yet another weird name for our protagonist 😀 i bet his next name will be Flub-flub.
    also the fact that they hid the bear by making it look like a rabbit made me chuckle

  9. Hah! I see no reason why should he help the kingdom.
    1. They summoned him without his consent, screwed up and now he is stuck here.
    2. They sent him far outside kingdom to lands filled with nothing but monster to die like a dog.
    3. They gave him a magic bag which gave them his localization, was supposed to be teleported back on his death and had magic which aggravated monsters to attack him.
    4. He is married to demon and is friends with demon lord.

    As I see it the only way he could help is to help with dimplomacy, but why should he do it? It’s already good enough that he didn’t go to take revenge for sending him to death.

  10. few issues

    “he was the one to create it than there would be too much order,”

    instead of order, “disorder” or “chaos” might be better

    “but Sabea’s quarry are a lot more than Varissa”

    instead of quarry the work “kills” might work better

      • hmm that also makes sense. i was thinking it’d become chaos for him if people found out her could make those goods. that someone might try to do something to him. either one could work depending on what the original hiragana/katakana said.

  11. Even the goddess is like “you dumb humans can’t even figure your shit out. I’m tired of this. I give you the hero and u kick him out like he is a nuisance, not even going to help you find him deal with it yourselves.”

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    “Well you might know it without me telling you, but Sabea’s quarry was a lot more than Varissa’s……”

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