Chapter 20 Glenial the Trainee

The women who woke up realized that she was caught so,

She tried to tear the rope with her power.

“It’s impossible. It is a high ranked magic restraint tool”
Furio who noticed her wake, walked toward her while smiling bitterly.

In Furio’s house living room
The women who were laying on top of the sofa gave up trying to break free from the restraint for now and took time looking around the place.

“…To be captured is my life’s greatest failure…now, Kill me”
The woman closed her eyes while gritting her teeth in vexation.

“Why are you doing so much to find this guy called Aapshow, why is it? The order to arrest and bring him with you, I think something big must’ve happened right?”
Aapshow is a name, Furio used during the stay in the previous town.
This woman said that she was ordered by the high one to arrest me and bring me to them but,

..there is no mistake that she is a demon and what she meant by the high one is maybe someone connected to Demon lord or demon lord himself.

Furio thought of many possibilities in his mind and
“If you would like to, can you explain me the situation with precise information? Maybe with some circumstance I might be able to help”

“Denied. Kill me now. Demon Ninja must kill oneself if one failed the mission so that evidence will be gone.”

To Furio’s word, she denied it instantly and looked away.

Furio while smiling bitterly at her reaction, he softly placed his hand on her knee.
And used the Mind Decipher magic without letting her know and searched through her memory on the order.


A few minutes later, Furio smiled.

“..Glenial-san, I will ask again but the order really was like this “Arrest Aapshow and bring him back”?”
“Of course”
While smiling bitterly at her instant answer,

“I understand. How about we make a deal. I will remove the restriction for today. But, soon after you go back to the Demon lord’s castle and recheck the content of the mission with Uliminus. This is a prerequisite to me releasing you.”

“Wa….wait! I didn’t tell you my name! How did you know!? And even Uliminus-sama’s name!? Who ar”


Women who tried to connect the word, Glenial, was silenced by the powerful aura Furio surrounded himself with, so she kept the word for herself and she couldn’t do anything but nod.

Furio who saw her off Glenial who disappeared instantly after she left the house but
“…Husband-sama, it seems that you have touched that women’s knee for a quite long time why?”
Lys appeared behind Furio with a really scary aura coming out off her body, and while being drenched with his own sweat, he was forced to tell her the situation from before.

…A few days later

“…I’m really sorry for what I’ve done”
Glenial was prostrating in front of Aapshow in Furio’s House’s living room.

After the confrontation from before she went to her superior Uliminus and rechecked her mission,
“Find Aapshow’s residence without failure nya, if he is will accompany him here nya”

“That means “arrest him and bring him here” right?”
“…where in the word did I say ‘arrest’ and ‘bring him’ nya! Ann? ”

“It was as you said.. This order was to not arrest them and bring them but rather find their living quarter and if they are willing then escort them with most courtesy. It was all my fault for being in a rush”

Glenial who were scolded so badly by Uliminus that many parts of her hair were burned black.
Thanks to the mind decipher magic, he was able to know the order given by Uliminus and how

Glenial’s understanding of it seemed to be different, so it was as he thought after sending her back to Uliminus.

“If I didn’t return to confirm my mission than I might’ve done something I will regret. I am really thankful for this”

Genial hit her head to the floor while prostrating
“You don’t have to do that. Everyone makes mistakes”

Varissa who saw the situation carried Glenial to stand up.

“You will also forgive me even though I did something really horrible to you….”

“What’s important is future. So you don’t have to worry about it anymore”

“..I’m ashamed of myself”
Glenial cried after hearing Varissa’s words.

After Glenial calmed down Furio and his party questioned her with many things and was able to learn a lot frothier.
She is a direct subordinate of Uliminus, trainee member of Secret agent Silent ear.

For this search mission of Aapshow, Uliminus sent all the Secret agent Silent ear all over the kingdom and since kingdom is huge they needed more manpower so they couldn’t help but send trainee too.

“I became rushed because it was my first mission and I wanted to have some sort of achievement….I’m so pathetic…”

Glenial had a sad look and sighed.
Soon after

Glenial left since she still had her mission to search the surrounding area of Houtarou town and investigate the people who makes entry and exit to the city.

“Husband-sama aren’t you going to tell her your real name?”

“Even if she is a trainee. she still is part of espionage. so let’s just leave her be till she notices it?”

To Furio’s word Lys nodded with agreement.

“But…I feel really bad for her and…”

“Than, you can tell her but most likely the Demon lord wants to meet you, Varissa, and not me”

“wh!? what did you say!?”
Varissa despaired hearing Furio’s word

“is…is it because of that….that…I pointed my sword at him so he still holds a grudge….against me…no… shouldn’t be”
Varissa was sweating rivers while mumbling something.

“wohoo, I’m getting jealous over these hot couple”
“I think you should wear a flower crown and meet him desuu”

“…Gu! (nodding in agreement toward Bily’s suggestion)”

To Varissa who didn’t seem to notice her friends, Sabea in Horned Rabbit form hopped onto her shoulders and patted her shoulder with Pon Pon sound, in pity.

..At same time in houtarou street

“asshole, you think you can go after bumping into my underling? aa?”
“It hurts, it hurts Big brother”

Weak looking man Koui was rolling on the floor holding onto his shoulders next to the ferocious looking man Ataria.

In front of them was a female knight in male outfit and armor.

“..I already apologized about bumping into your shoulders. And you still keep on pestering me are you perhaps a Scammer?”

saying so the female knight unseated her sword and pointed it toward the two.

toward her strong aura and move the Ataria and his partner was,

“n…no, it’s not like that “
they judged her to be a bad opponent and escaped from the place.

“Haa, I guess thugs like them are common even in here”

Even while sighing the Female knight cross-dressed as a male started looking around.

“First thing first, I need to gather information…The best place to find whereabout of Aapshow-dono would be in Adventurer’s guild or in the bar”
mumbling this she hid her face with a hood.
and in her back was a symbol of Magic Kingdom Cryload.

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    After Glenial calmed down Furio and his party questioned her with many things and was able to learn a lot frothier

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