Chapter 21 Crossed-dress Female Knight

Next day after arriving at the town

The female knight wearing male outfit was walking around the town.


Her name is Volaris

She is a First Imperial Princess’s Imperial Guard unit 2nd regiment captain.

She was given an order from First Imperial Princess to find the Aapshow who was the most likely to be the true hero, and was one of the members in search unit which are spread all over the kingdom.


It’s been about a month since she went out for this mission.

She’s been in more than 10 different towns but she wasn’t able to get any reliable or relevant information.


The kingdom already used it’s strongest hidden weapon, the highest class godly magic purification because of the Demon army’s invasion…..To be able to reuse it, it will take around 2 to 3 years.


So during the 2, 3 years opening, if the Demon Lord’s army invaded the country, the country will have no way of resisting them…that is why such an order was instructed.


That is why I have to flawlessly and in the quickest time must accomplish this mission.


…But, the First imperial queen’s dignified presence in front of us the search unit was….really unbearably amazing…..


Petite and thin body….It truly made me love struck, even though her majesty is young, the gap when she acts so dignified and strong really makes me….. N, no, she is an acting King and a first imperial prince-sama…..I shouldn’t bring such a personal feeling into this….no,no,no but really….


Cross-dressed female knight Volaris.

Is a First Imperial Princess’s Imperial Guard unit 2nd regiment captain and a lolicon. (secret)


She finally noticed her face which got out of control with the ecstatic look, she smacked her face to bring herself out of the delusion.


….right, gathering information is more important for now…


Thinking so She shifted the glance to the surrounding area and her eyes stopped at the corner of the town.




There was a girl which had a very childish face but obviously a grown up wearing a magician’s robe which is slightly larger than her body while carrying 2 large books.


The magician’s hat she was wearing covered some part of her upper face which further enhanced her childish look.


All these information made Volaris feel attracted to her.


Volaris tried to calm her fast beating hear and


“I should…definitely, talk to her”

Determined with her action she took a mouthful of air.


“Little lady, that thing you are carrying looks really heavy. How about I help?”

Volaris who went near the girl tried her best to keep her breathing from becoming rough and talked to the magician girl.

The women became surprised because of the sudden voice calling her out making her run.

“Aa, I’m not anyone suspicious. I am a Knight in this town because of a mission I was given. It’s just that I noticed you young lady was carrying such a heavy looking item you see. I cam here to help you out.

I’m not thinking of anything lewd….but if your time allows you too, then I would like for you to accompany for a drink…ah..what?”

Volaris who noticed that the magician female was gone from her sight even though she was talking nonstop, stood still and showed a confused expression.

But next instant she came back to her senses and so she looked around in a panic.


In a shadow of an alley, a bit further from Volaris was a Magician girl – Belano, and her face was blue with fright while observing the Volaris plus she looked as if she will run away any moment.


This happened because Volaris ‘thought’ she was talking to her in a very natural way.


But, from the Belano’s perspective, Volaris’s look was abnormal.


At first, she started out with a natural way but, the more she talked the more perverted and scary she looked, her eyes were blood red, breathing got heavier and rougher, and she looked as if she was about to grab onto Belano.


Toward such an abnormal scene, Belano who felt a danger coming from her, so she used her small stamina she had and escaped from Belano the moment her gaze left for an instant.


“……..!(That woman…Dangerous)”


After visual confirmation that Volaris went to one of the direction, she rushed to the direct opposite from Volaris




“Aa, little lady, you were over here!”


Even though she definitely saw Volaris go the opposite direction, she suddenly appeared in front of Her, which made Belano astonished and made her unable to move out of shock.


She tried to change her direction in a hurry but her book was too heavy and her stamina is at its limit so she couldn’t move her body like how she wanted.


“You don’t have to be that much on guard against me. I just asked you with pure heart with no bad intention what so ever and I just wanted to help you….”


Contrary to her words, she appeared to be hentai with her rough breathing and was approaching Belano but


To her surprise, one woman stood in between Volaris and Belano.


“What in the world are you doing….Depending on your reason I Glenial shall bring upon justice”


Glenial unsheathed her sword and pointed it toward Volaris.


To her appearance

“To become a hindrance to a helping hand…ha ha, you are definitely an evil person right? When you see an opening after I go away, you will try to steal this graceful and elegant lady’s items, right? Right, this is your plan!  ”


Volaris saying so she unsheathed her own sword and confront Glenial.


“Ara? Belano what happened?”


Lys showed a dubious look toward Belano who came running toward her while breathing heavily.


While behind Glenial and Bolaris who were confronting each other with their Battle Qi she was about to collapse but, when she saw Lys in the distance she used her utmost effort to get to her.


After that Lys and Belano who met with Furio went home right away with the teleportation magic.


After this event

Belano stopped going to the magic school for a while.

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