Chapter 28 Demon Lord meets female knight part 2

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“I….have no excuse nya….”


Uliminus the hellcat was on her knees as she was sweating non-stop in front of the Demon Lord Goul who was sitting on the throne.


“..Are you telling me that you have no idea about the mysterious magic’s activation in the east?”

Demon lord Goul asked the same question again to Uliminus.


Demon Army’s pride the espionage . Silent Ear

And Uliminus as a leader of it is responsible for gathering the information by sending scouts all around the continent.




But the mysterious magic activation in the east land is the problem.


In that region, there existed a Houtarou town, and she sent a Magic ninja Glenial there.


But that Glenial, when she thought she came back but then she started saying


“I want an approval for me to become a human’s disciple”


And she was being persistent about it so she was forced to be locked up in her room to cool her head.


Normally, she will send a replacement but because this time, the Demon lord ordered for a grand search on Aapshow, there was no man power left in the place.


Plus it was a region with nothing eventful happening so, Uliminus left it be, but unfortunately this place became the place for the magic undulation.


The magic undulation was so big that even the Demon lord Goul was able to detect it, and so the demon lord asked Uliminus.


This Magic Undulation was a magic chanted by the Dark grand magician Marissa using a Cursed magic to unleash the magic from the underworld. Marissa who casted such magic right now is being held inside the devil who rules light and darkness’s spiritual world being dragged to her everyday training (kind of 18+ content)

But there was no way for Demon lord Goul and Uliminus to know such thing.


“…I guess it can’t be helped if you don’t know…however it’s not something we can ignore”

Saying so the demon lord stood up from the throne.


…a few days later in Houtarou town


“Furio dono! Here you are, and thanks for coming every day!”

As always Furio sold his dragon scale equipment and greeted the happy owner of the shop with raising his right hand then left the shop.


“Husband-sama! You must be tired from the work”

Toward the appearance of Furio, Lys who was waiting for him at the entrance welcomed him with a smile.


Even though the owner of the shop told Lys that she can stay inside together with Furio, she still chooses to stay at the entrance.

This is a precaution for any enemy who aim for Lys’s life, she can eliminate it without getting Furio involved.


Already there has been a case where a devil who rules over light and darkness attacked her, even though now the devil is their slave, this experience made her more vigilance toward her surrounding.


“Husband-sama where shall we eat lunch?”

Lys showed a bright smile toward Furio while hugging his arm.


“Varissa and Bily are not here yet so maybe we can ask their opinion. Since we are asking them to buy some things for us”


“I guess this is fine too”

Saying so the two started heading toward the tree shade nearby.



At that moment, Furio detected a foreign aura and stopped his feet.

At the same time, behind the two Hiya came out as a human form.


[This Novel is being translated by a Novelsjapan….if you are reading this on a foreign website other than or than you are reading in a website which stole this without the translator’s consent.]


“Supreme one and Mistress-sama. Please step back. I detected a Demon’s aura nearby coming here. I shall clean it in a moment”

Saying so Hiya lightly bowed and tried to go.


“Aa, it’s fine Hiya. It’s probably an acquaintance”


“Ha? …acquaintance with…that? ….but, this aura is definitely not a normal demon…”

Hiya who spoke bitterly at the Furio’s words but Furio ignored it without any care and looked at the up coming aura.

The man who Furio saw, noticed Furio and stopped his footstep.


“…You are…in a different appearance but…Aapshow dono right?”


“I’m Furio for now. It’s been a while Gozaru-san”

The man who approached Furio was a Demon lord Goul,  dressed as an adventurer called Gozaru.


In the Demon lord’s castle, when Uliminus and the demon lord conversed, he said he was going to investigate the cause of the undulation of the mana.

At present, there was no free person in the castle since they were preparing for war and all so,


“Oh well, it might be a good chance to have some fun”


And escaped from the castle.


Truth to be told, because there was no improvement in the searching of Aapshow’s whereabout and how he couldn’t meet with the Varissa the knight, the stress was building up and he need to breathe in a fresh air.




The location he went Gozaru was somehow able to meet with the Aapshow, now Furio, he coulnd’t help but smile, and extended his right arm.


“I didn’t think we would be able to reunite in such a place”


“Me too! It is a pleasure to have you with me”

They hand shake and both became happy of the reunion


Before The Demon lord who met Furio near the Deibeza forest saw of his power so they decided not to make him an enemy and carry a close friendly relationship, so they used to have a tea party together.


“…as expected from the supreme one…To have to build a friendly relationship with a demon lord….I can’t help but admire you sire”

Hiya bowed deeply as she got really shocked looking at the exchange of the two.


….this one, she is not as simple as she looks….as expected of Furio-don, he acquired another great comrade.


Gozaru glanced at Hiya for a while and measured her strength, showed an admirative glance toward Furio for being able to have such a new comrade.


“I’m sorry for making you wait! We are done with the shopping”

Varissa and Bily appeared carrying baggage from the shopping and called out at Furio and his group.


Toward the voice,



Reacting to the Gozaru’s voice she looked at the direction the voice came from.




Varissa acted like a frog who was glared at by a snake, her body froze and started trembling out of fear.


Varissa knew Gozaru was a demon lord Goul.

And she also knew Gozaru somehow searched for her at the same time as Furio.


She thought it was because at their first meeting Varissa pointed a sword at him so he is searching for her to get revenge.


However, Demon lord Goul’s feeling of love for her was not understood by Varissa.


…Hou, she is doing a very complex footwork to be prepared for any attack she might receive… as expected from Varissa-dono.


Goul looked at her with a misunderstood look her action of trembling with fear

To be continued

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