Chapter 29 Dark Cloud


“…su…such thing happened….”


The First imperial princess hearing the report from the magician fell from the throne.


After Marissa’s incident, First imperial princess asking for a consultation from the castle’s people as to how she would be able to have Furio become an official Hero.


And while doing so, The first imperial princess heard of the new from a magician who looked blue with no blood.


what she heard from this magician was, that Most likely Furio was a summoned person whose real name was Banaza and he was exiled from the castle as he failed to meet the mark of a hero.


They threw him to the place where beasts reside while being coated with a beast lure magic so that he can dies sooner.


All this was done by a secret order from the now unconscious king, and this is only known to the king and some small part of the magicians.


“…concealment magic….for Furio-sama it is but a child play to notice it…of course, he can trace it back too….”


Even if we asked him to become the true hero, there is no way he will consent to this…


First imperial princess realizing the real reason of Furio denying her request for him to become the true hero, she couldn’t help but look dull.


…….A room in Demon lord’s castle


“Big brother became senile?”


Demon Lord Goul’s half-brother from a different mother, a tyrant Yuiguard raised his voice.


“Yuiguard-sama this is inside a castle…we never know whens the castle espionage is listening to us, so please speak in a little lower volume”


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A Yuigurd’s attendant, Succubus Fufun, raised both her hand and tried to calm Yuiguard.


But Yuiguard dodged her hand and,


“I can’t keep it in anymore! I don’t understand! That big brother of mine went out of the castle to have a friendly relationship with a lowly human!”


He burst forth with anger as he stridden inside the room.


“…In the information, I received, that human he is trying to befriend is a human who was supposed to be a real hero…Maybe the demon lord decided to avoid a worthless battle and so he befriended him”


“And are you saying just because of that he became a fucking Senile!”

Yuiguard kicked the wall.


And the wall broke as it made a giant hole.


“If he’s a fucking hero why not just exterminate him! What’s the point of befriending him? Even for this human world! Why is he being cautious and not march the great army and annihilate the humans! Am I right?”


“Yuiguard-sama’s words are very wise and true”

Saying so Fufun, nodded strongly.


“Maybe the time has come for me to overtake my big brother and take the Demon lord’s throne from him and become a true demon lord than conquer he whole human world”


“Wait a minute Yuguard-sama. If you suddenly ascend the throne, there may be many who might oppose us so….”

Fufun leaned toward Yuguard’s ear and started talking about something.

And listening to it, Yuiguard started to make a very creepy face.

“I understand! I will let you do all the procedures! Do as you please!”


“Understood, Yuiguard-sama”

Hearing Yuiguard’s word Fufun, bowed once and teleported to somewhere and disappeared.


Yuiguard who became alone in the room laughed like a maniac.




…Houtarou town


”I see, Varissa-dono has an interest in a martial arts”


In a corner of a restaurant inside the town, there was a Demon lord Goul who changed his appearance to that of Gozaru, while sitting in front of him was Varissa.


He was sitting and drinking the tea while nodding his head with , fumu.


“that…that, rather than an interest…..Its kind of something I love and….”


And Varissa who was sitting in front of him desperately created a fake smile.


However, she knows that Gozaru is a Demon lord and at the same time she thinks that he is here to kill her, so she couldn’t hide her fear as her hand which held onto the cup shaking, spilling the water all over.


but toward that trembling


….Hou, Even at a time like this, she is preparing herself to hold her sword anytime…as expected of Varissa dono


this is how Gozaru comprehended it.


“It might not be useful for a real battle but, the swordsmanship is rather quite beautifuly done”


Furio who sat next to them tried to help continue their conversation, he talked to both of them while smiling.


It was very obvious as Gozaru who met Varissa in a long time emitting an  ‘I want to talk more aura’, but he wasn’t able to express it with words to Varissa, he stood they’re looking like an idiot. And Furio who was looking at such lend a helping hand by setting up a tea party for them.


Gozaru who inwardly delighted

Carissa who inwardly dreaded


“…the difference in the temperature is…quite big”


“Hawawa….True that”


Lys and Bily who was sitting in a chair a bit further from them looked at them while smiling bitterly.


To Lys who was an ex-demon knew of Demon lord, seeing at such an emotion filled Demon lord talking with a human woman (while showing no emotion in the front), and how he is enjoying the talk, she could only smile bitterly seeing it.


Toward the party a woman cam approaching them.

the Woman with a demonic aura appealed harmless to Furio and Lys and leaned toward Gozaru.


“..Goul-sama, I’m sorry for disrupting your talk”

“it’s Gozaru”


“…I’m sorry Gozaru-sama…there is an emergency message from Uliminus-sama…”


“what is it? tell me”


“…Yuguard-sama, rebelled….he claimed to be a true demon lord using the name of Evil god


Listening to the demon woman, Gozaru’s eyebrow scrunched.


“Evil god?”


to be continued

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