Chapter 32 Few bothersome people



“I’m am back! Today I was able to acquire quite a game!”

Varissa who came back from the hunt came inside the house looking elated with the single-horned rabbit Sabea.


“Hou that is amazing”


And in her sight, was an Ex-Demon king Goul who was sitting in the living room chair drinking ea – His alias in the human world is Gozaru- raised an admirative voice.




At the same time, Varissa made a supreme escape from the house as she escaped back outside


“Wh….why is the demon lord….in the house”


The Varissa who couldn’t comprehend the situation became drenched with sweat while trembling in front of the entrance door.


As for the person inside the room,


….fumu, a fast body maneuver as always….worthy of respect…


Gozaru felt admiration toward the agile movement of the Varissa.

As always looking at some strange things in a strange way.


Gozaru who left the demon lord castle, walked nonchalantly on the road while taking stops in the cities, and reached the Houtrou city.


“I though of trying to enjoy being a normal person, however, it didn’t go as I wanted”

He purposely didn’t use the teleportation magic and walked to the houarou city, he got lost several times but each time asking the people for the direction he somehow made it to this city.


Even so, after listening to the story in detail, he finished the journey which a normal person takes 1 year in few days, so the party felt amazed and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.


Soon after, Gozaru ate the dinner in Furio’s house and,

“I don’t have anyone I know other then Furio-dono and this household….so I might be a nuisance but can I live here for a certain amount of time?”

Saying so he lightly bowed

To this Varissa desperately tried to deny it with her face looking like she was about to cry,


“Are you really thinking of kicking out the Gozaru-san who is in need of help?”

With Lys’s word, she could only swallow her opinion.




…Finally…I was able to reach here nya


Hellcat – Uliminus was hiding in the shade of a tree near the Furio’s house  and she sighed while feeling helpless.


that Ex-demon lord-sama is really tone-deaf for the direction nya…when I though he was going the Houtarou town nya…he suddenly went on to the opposite direction nya.


After confirming that Gozaru was going was going to stay in Furio’s house, with a listening magic, Uliminus,


“I guess I should go find somewhere I can stay for the night nya”


saying so stood up




“Aa, Uliminus you were here”

behind her Gozaru suddenly appeared and grabbed Uliminus by her neck.


“U…Unya!? Goul-sama!?”

to the sudden situation, she couldn’t comprehend what just happened, she struggles to go down while her face becoming red.


“it’s Gozaru. you, when I thought I detected your presence…what are you doing here?”


“Nya…nyathing nya!? it was just coincidental nya!! Coincidence nya!! I just happened to pass by nya!!”

“oh well, it doesn’t matter. But it is already late at night. how about we stay for a night in Furio’s house. Of course, I already go the permission”


“unya!? I, I, I, I will camp out around here nya. don’t worry nya”


Gozaru easily carried the resisting Uliminus and brought her to the Furio’s house.


In the end, she was kind of forced to stay for a night in Furio’s house.


As an old friend from the time in demon lord’s army, it was decided that She was going to sleep together with Lys but,


“…Nee, Uliminus. You still awake?”


“…I’m already asleep nya…”


“I guess it’s fine if you are sleeping…than just think of this as me talking to myself. long ago Uliminus, you used to like Gozaru right? are you still in love with him?”


“…I already forgot nya…”


“was it you who helped Gozaru when he got lost…?”


“…I don’t know nya…”


“Wasn’t it for Gozaru that you came the way here?”


“..I have no idea what you are talking about nya..”


“…Then are you fine with Gozaru dating Varissa?”


“I won’t let him get taken by that stupid human nya….a…”

To Uliminus, who stood up kicking her blanket, Lys looked at her with a teasing look, showed a smile to her.


Uliminus who realized she was played through, became red and


“…I was sleep talking nya…you shouldn’t think too much nya…”

saying so she went inside her blanket and hidden away from the world but, she was played by Lys for the whole night.


..a few days later


Uliminus opened a sundry goods store on the outskirts of Houtarou town.


“…I really have to say my thanks for this time nya”


Uliminus thanked Furio who provided with the money for this business, she thanked him while looking defeated but, in her heart she was extremely grateful.

such a bothersome tsundere she was.


Many of the Silent ear member who were scattered around the region, Uliminus’s ex-subordinates came gathering inside this store.


With the money Furio gave as a starting line, the silent ear members went and got the materials around the country and started selling it in the city. Thanks to the shop having many rare items the business prospered from the beginning of the opening.


“I think Gozaru should also work to gain some experience what do you think?”

toward Furio’s proposal, Gozaru started working in this shop


“Fu…Furio-dono, tha, tha, thank you for introducing a very useless person, ve, ve, very much, nya…..”


Uliminus thanked toward Furio while looking the other way.


Haah, really a bothersome tsundere.




“I’m not really used to this world so I would like some helping hand”


toward Gozaru’s proposal


“….wha….why should it ….be… me….pleassss…..”


Uliminus’s mood turned for a worse after deciding that Varissa was going to work in the shop too.


one way or another,

Ex-Demon lord and his ex-subordinate were added to the Houtarou’s citizenship




…At the same time in Demon lord Castle


“EEiI! You still can’t find that human’s whereabout! A! Fufun!”


“I…I’m very sorry, Yuiguard-sama”


Demon lord Yuiguard was causing ruckus as he was not able to pin point the whereabout of Furio


And seeing such a scene, the three Devas,


“…We were too rash..”




They were regretting it now that they joined Yuiguard’s side.


to be continued…

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  4. An ex-demon king as a store clerk.
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