Chapter 34 I should’ve killed that bastard

Inside Furio’s household, on the daily basis, every inhabitant in the house eat breakfast and dinner together in the living room.

Furio and Lys couple,

Varissa the Female Knight – at present: Sundry Goods UUGO clerk-

Broom the Female Knight – at present: In process of cultivating the farm – 

Bily the Archer -at present: Administering the ranch-

Single-horned Rabbit Sabea -Real Identity: Frantic Bear: pet and the proud member of the house security –

till now there lived six people and 1 pet, but a few days ago new inhabitants moved in

Ex-Demon lord Goul Aka Gozaru -At present: Sundry goods store clerk-

Ex-Demon lord direct subordinate Uliminus -At present: sundry goods store manager-

and so with the two added, the meal is eaten together with 8 people and 1 pet.

As for Hiya the devil who rules over light and darkness, does not need any food to sustain herself so in times like this she usually busy herself within the spiritual world, training.

Strictly speaking, inside Hiya’s spiritual world exists an ex-dark grand magician Marissa’s soul and right now she is being (The visual imagery is too extreme to explain)

“Uliminus. I heard from Lys but, do you know where the Kinousa is located at?”

Furio threw the question at Uliminus while in a middle of the breakfast.

“Un? it’s in South nya, and it is not that far nyaway nya”

According to Uliminus, you can reach there after climbing the mountain, but it is quite near if you calculate the distance by a straight line, so it is a place where you can easily teleport there using teleportation magic.

“If you are going then I can reserve a hotel nya?”

Since Uliminus told him this, Furio who agreed to it,

“How about we all go together?”

asked everyone who was surrounding the dining table

“Hu, Husband0sama….I thought it was only us two alone?”

“why not this is once in a while occasion, and I think more the merrier?was it bad? Lys?”

“that is true…but…”

“right right, I want to rest my body after all these days of farming, so I would love to go”

“motherf*cker no one’s asking you! Brossam!”

“Don’t be so mean…I just want to accompany you Mistress-samaaa”

“Stop acting cute bitch! A? Bily!”


“You want to say something? Delano? (Glare)”

“…(Furu Furu Furu)”

Scolded Brossam

Got pissed at Bily

Glared at Bily

Toward Lys’s angry hundred facial feature, if it was in past, Brossam would’ve been unconscious, but now, without any fear, she became capable enough to try to get some of her opinions in the conversation.

In the end

After the continuous argument, it was decided that Furio and Lys together go there first as a preliminary inspection.


….Few day later

hearing from Uliminus the success of being able to reserve a room in an inn, the two headed out for the Kinousa.

The two who arrived near the Hotspring town, with Furio’s teleportation magic,

“I’m really feeling excited right Husband-sama♪

Lys smiled happily as she hugged Furio’s arm,

and all, but

Next instant, her smile became Ice cold.

“…what is that?”

the Kinousa hot spring town in front of them

and inside the down was a huge monster raging the town.

That monster roared loudly and destroyed building after building.

Seeing this scene Lys became speechless as she stood there.


Lys who couldn’t keep her anger as she started trembling

“What the fuck are you doing, being a fucking hindrance! Bastard! “

Lys, as she dashed toward the monster, changed her appearance to that of a huge wolf in an instant and tackled the monster.

And behind Lys and the monster’s tackling, Furio was making a strenuous effort in a different way.

Protecting the surrounding town from getting destroyed from Lys and Monster’s attacks,

teleporting the people who were late to run, so that they won’t get swirled into the fight,

and protecting Lys from getting harmed from the monster’s attacks, and soon he became the one who showed great ability in many things.

As Furio observed the monster, he saw it that the monster was raging around not because it wants to rather because it was in tremendous pain. 

And so it wasn’t able to use it’s power to a maximum as it was losing against Lys in her wolf form.

After few minutes of battle, Lys succeeded in pushing the monster into the forest.

“You motherfcker….shall atone your sins with your life for disturbing our loving time”

She pointed her sharp nail toward the fallen monster,

but than

at that moment, a single woman blocked the way.

“I’m sorry! this person is not doing this because he wants to, it seems like some sort of poison entered his body and he went berserk”

saying so she threw the bag she held onto toward Lys.

Furio stopped Lys who was still going to attack

“…this is”

Furio scrunched his eyebrows as he looked at the inside of the bag

inside it was full of treasure like rings, necklace, collar and gems, from them a demon’s poison pouring out.

 After showering with this much Demon’s poison, it’s not weird that a human becomes a demon.

“…I can’t just leave it be”

Furio saying so extended his right hand toward the demon.

“I’m sorry! please forgive him! please spare us!”

the woman tried to stop Furio with her hand desperately and protect the demon 

suddenly, this time as if Demon was trying to protect the woman, stood in front of her and threw himself toward Furio.

“…Don’t worry, I won’t kill him”

Saying so Furio chanted a Demon sealing magic.

next moment, the Demon’s poison which was coating around the monster started falling rapidly toward Furio’s right hand and changed into a pitch black gem.

After all the Demon’s poison came off,

Blonde Haired ex-hero’s appearance was present.

After stealing from the demon lord castle’s treasury, Blonde haired ex-hero was on his escape but, while on his way, he was suddenly coated with the demon poison coming from the treasures and became a demon.

Demon lord castle is a place where a large amount of Demon poison present as it gathers from the manas of the great demons, and so the gems and treasures got coated with a poison as it rested.

Furio looked at the woman -Allure- and Blonde Haired ex-hero,

“I shall buy this bag from you guys.

The treasures inside are coated with too much demon poisons so you won’t be able to sell it or carry it”

saying so he took out a bag filled with gold from his magic bag and gave it to the Blonde Haired Hero.

“and, you should drink this medicine. it’s for just in case there might be a leftover demon poison, this can suppress it”

saying so he gave a jar filled with medicine.

“…I don’t accept charity”

The Blonde haired hero inserted his hand inside the bag filled with gold and gave around half back to Furio.

“ for the medicine…and, I shall think the remaining gold as a price for the bag which was rightfully mine”

Saying so the Blonde Haired hero and Allure both left toward the depths of the forest.

“…Husband-sama is too kind”

Lys slightly pouted looking at the direction blonde haired hero disappeared into and hugged Furio’s arm

“and that is why he is so wonderful”

After that

Because of the Blonde haired hero in his beast form raging in the town, the whole town closed the stores, and they were left with nothing so they headed back home.

“…I should’ve killed…that bastard….”

Lys said so in her heart as she gritted her teeth

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      • the cockroach god of limited only to near death scenario’s amazingly supreme uber luck has blessed him with the gift of annoying antagonism.
        i am more surprised that woman is still with the guy after he almost had half the castle killed and her body hijacked by the demon of light and darkness.

        • I think the DEVIL of light and darkness was going to kill everyone in the castle, not just half and her body was hijacked by the dark magician Marissa (the one going through the sex-slave training), not the devil. But, yeah, forget surviving all those ordeals (caused by BH ex-hero), the fact that she’s still with him really is amazing…

        • I’d bet that the Blonde Haired Cockroach will play a significant role in the future destruction of the world or something like that… or he will just continue to annoy Lys until she kills him, but he’ll probably ruin that as well.

  3. I think Brossam should be changed to Blossom. It’s not a huge change but Brossam sounds like shit in English.

  4. It was kinda nice to see the hero actually cares about the girl and tried to protect her even while in monster form, I guess

  5. thanks for the chapter~
    “…I should’ve killed…that bastard….”-Lys
    I wholeheartedly agree.

  6. “I shall think the remaining gold as a price for the bag which was rightfully mine.”

    Bullshit, you stole it you thief.

    • From some assholes trying to sacrifice him to the Evil God, don’t get me wrong I hate the fucker but in this one situation, screw the fuckers that bag was his!

  7. If I were in the MC and Lys’s position in this chapter, the title wouldn’t be “I should’ve killed that bastard” it’d be “I’m so glad I killed that bastard” 🙂

  8. They are the equivalent of team rocket here. A menace and cause of problems, but not inherently the ‘bad guy’. In this series, there probably isn’t a ‘bad guy’ only menaces and annoyances that appear. No one is strong enough to become the bad guy. Not even the current Demon King.

    • don’t put team rocket in the same league as them… they not reach the feet of team rocket remember some episodes they get some pokémons but selfdestruct their plans… thanks for the chapter

      • That is later episodes. Jesse and James right now are a bit more competent, but early on to mid way they were more of a pain in Ash’s side than an actual threat.

      • If you read Growth Cheat on tseirptranslations
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  9. i’m surprised she is not pregnant already given the vigorous night(and morning and mid-day and evening) activities they have been doing.

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