Chapter 35 Party x Party


A month after the Monster incident in Kinousa


They finally got a contact about the reopening of the businesses of Hot spring town, and so the Furio Household,


“Last time us 2 weren’t able to have a lovely time together so it is obvious we should go there one more time together!”

To Lys who insisted on this idea was


“everyone’s been waiting for a month already so why don’t we go together with everyone this time”

Lys tried insisted on her idea even after hearing Furio’s word but


whispering in her ear,


“We can ask for a room for us alone, so how about it”


“…I guess….if that is how it is then…”

and finally consented, so now everyone was allowed to go together to the Hot spring.


They can’t just close the not Sundry goods store UUGO since it opened not so long ago, so the manager Uliminus, Gozaru, and Varissa the worker stayed there and decided that they join the party later at night.


and the rest teleported to Kinousa hot spring town with Furio’s teleportation magic that day before lunch.


“…this time should be fine right”

After confirming that there was no monster on lose destroying the town, Lys showed a relieved expression and hugged Furio’s arm.


the town still had some traces of the destruction but it was healed to the point of not being a hindrance toward the operation of the Hot spring town and even though it’s been less than a day since the town restarted their operation there already was a crowd of people.


“O! That must be the inn we are staying”

Brossam who was looking at the map and moving pointed at the large inn.


there existed one of the most established inns which had its pride on its meal, it was written so in the introduction pamphlet.



“Uwa!? Belano! saliva! stop drooling”


Belano who was peeking at the introduction pamphlet drooled.


Like so they entered the inn and checked in.


Lys who made Brossam responsible for checking in,


“this is Drizzling rain’s place, right? that place? this is the key? Husband-Sama! let’s go! let’s go now! Let’s hurry there!”

Pulling Furio by his arm and dashed in a very hurried manner toward their rented room.


“..otto, A, I’m sorry for this”

Brossam who finished with the check-in noticed there was a group of people waiting in line and left the place after lightly greeting them.


“I’m done so let us go too”

And so she leads everyone toward their own rooms.




“Sorry for making you late. Next customer, please”


Soon after Brossam finished checking in

behind her who was waiting,


“…Oi, what am I supposed to do after going toward that woman’s place? Fufun”

“According to my investigation, we must register our name, Yuiguard-sama”

while talking to each other in a lower tone, the group approached the woman at the receptionist desk.



this party is a group of the Demon lord Yuiguard and his direct subordinates.


Because of the previous crushing defeat, the Demon lord army’s moral went downhill.

and as a way to improve the situation


“How about we invite the direct subordinates to go to a place where human race are enjoying the Hotspring”

Toward Fufun’s proposal for the trip, Yuiguard put the idea to a practice.


And they all transformed into that of human so they can enter the human race’s town, and even so the males camp had a really bulky and large body.


So with a lot of such males, the group stood out even in the lobby of the inn and gave out a foreign sort of presence.


“hot spring, I see….I heard that it has a good effect on the skin but…”

The Snake Queen Yorumeet was feeling sort of restless as she was feeling conscious about her skin condition.


“I heard that there is an Alchohol here, and we can drop the formalities for today right?”

The Death Horse Slape laughed unceremoniously while drooling with saliva

“”Even the Food is delicious-ne? I’m so hungry-ne””

the double-headed bird Fugy and Bugy, today was in the form of two humans as they gestured exactly identical to each other.


And similar to the demon lord’s three devas, other direct subordinates were enjoying with excitement as they impatiently waiting for the check in to be done.


In front of them, Fufun stood acting as a lead by registering the name in the inn.


…what alias should I use for this time….


While registering the group’s name, after 16 of them, the ideas for an alias ended and she was frantically going through her brain as his back was drenched with sweat.


New Demon Lord army

this group had no logistics as they were all muscle heads so toward this kind of things they were really bad at it.


…………….While the Demon army group was having a hard fight at the reception desk….in one of the corners in Hot spring town


“hey, a person from the souvenir store. I would like to ask about something about it”

“Yes? what is it?”

“It would’ve been amazing if you could tell me the location of this hot spring town’s Cherished palace”


Cherished palace is

an establishment in which contains the books on the topic starting with Sexual manners and information regarding the Humans and Animal’s sex.


“Aa, the Cherished palace. Unfortunately, that establishment was destroyed during the demon incident so they are still closed”


“wha!? What!?”

toward her word, the devil who rules over light and darkness- Hiya, showed an astonished expression and fell onto her knees in the place.


….. I can’t enjoy the Cherished Palace in which roused my curiosity over this area of knowledge……

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  2. Man, what the hell pulled Hiya’s curiosity towards sex to this extent? Better yet, what the hell is she trying to make out of Marissa? I kinda wanna chapter from the dark magician’s perspective now… for educational purposes…

    • She’s curious on what the supreme one and the mistress do at night, on top of each other. 😂

    • Marissa will soon become a pet sex slave, who couldnt live without hiya with too much M on her lust side now everyday soon to happen

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    Hiya doing research on sex, for science!

  4. Hahaha I wonder what kind of faces will the new demon army make when they saw the Ex demon Lord chilling out like while they are suffering and Hiya is becoming more perverted lol
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    • My thoughts exactly guess lyss would be mad again hahahaha and moronic muscle head touch her furio kicks in!

  5. Mark my words, when the world burns, the first thing someone’s going to do is scream, “I MUST SAVE THE PORN! FOR SCIENCE!!!” while they proceed to somehow datadump every one of their bookmarked sites to one of those military-grade portable HDDs as the internet begins to crash.

    Then years later, it would serve to explain to the segregated male and female races that intercourse was possible, and that men and women were not separate and incompatible races as formerly believed.

  6. So Fufun is a male succubus?
    “hey, a person from the souvenir store” > should be “the person”

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