Chapter 36 Everyone’s own way of leisure

Lys’s activities were done in swift.

Leaving behind everyone else, hugging her husband Furio’s arm and pulling him into the inn room, then placed their belongings,

“Husband-sama! Hot spring-desu! Yanagi spring-desu! A spring for blessing one with a child!”

She repeatedly saying it as if she was under a curse, and dashed while pulling Furio toward the outdoor spring.

It is a local specialty for a tour of the 7 highly effective hot spring inside the Kinousa aTown.

And inside one of them, Lys,

Dashed inside the hot spring facility called Yanagi which grants a blessing to get a child,

“Husband-sama! come, let’s enjoy the bath together!”

“Cu, customer-sama!? this is not a mixed bath so it will greatly trouble us!”

“Aa!? Don’t disturb us! Our life long happiness at stake here!”


“I apologize for creating such a scene. Come Lys we can enjoy the  Bath. Male and female spring alright

With Out Making Any Scene ”

“….I understand Husband-sama….I’m sorry”

Lys who came to her sense aft getting hit by Furio in her head, looked down while listening to Furio’s word.


“Hawawaa♪ this is really tasty!-desu”

Bily was shouting in delight as she ate the lunch in the large room at the inn.

“Truly, This is delicious!”

Brossam was also eating the fish food right after another and shouted merrily as she drank sake with it.

Right next to Brossam was a single horned rabbit, the pet of Furio Sabea -True form: Frantic Bear- crying Funsu Funsu in delight as it stood cleverly with two feet and placing the food on the table with its front leg.

“We especially got a permission for you Sabea to enter the room so enjoy this time to the fullest!”

Sabea nodded happily toward Brossam’s word and continued on its way to clear the food.


And next to these 2 and one pet,

Delano fell unconscious with a red face after taking a single sip from the sake.


……At the same time. Demon lord army and its party inside their large room they were staying for a night.

“….Understood? Customer…if you ever do the same thing again, We will kick you out instantly alright?”

The Landlady of the inn showed an icy smile as she stared at the group.

In front of the landlady was,

a Demon lord Yuiguard and his demon lord army’s party, who were all metamorphosed to a human form, groveling on the floor prostrating, while their head low.

the situation happened shortly after,

The group started their feast after the meal was delivered.

“Hou! It’s quite good for a human’s food”

“true that and the Sake is amazing”

“Barrel! Give me the Barrel! Hahahahaha”

“”Waai! Food-nari! Sake-nari””

The party was in high spirits as the delicious food and alchohol were served in front of them and soon they started a big luncheon party with wild singing and drinking.

It would’ve been fine if it was like this but

The Demon Lord Yuiguard,

“Everyone’s already in high spirits! someone entertaining stuff! Come make this more fun “

after the words came out of his mouth the room’s atmosphere suddenly got suspicious.

One of the direct subordinate

“I shall show you my humble dance!”

he started dancing in a really weird way,

“You suck! Show me something more proper!”

and so one of the other direct subordinates threw a sake bottle

“Motherf*cker! It hurts!”

Soon a fight broke out as the one who got hit attacked the another one.

“Yo, You! What is wrong with you to dare kick my food!”

“Aaan, My Sake!?”

“You! don’t push my barrel down!”

“”Aaa! You stepped! You stepped on me! I won’t forgive anymore-nari!””

the damage became bigger and bigger

Soon the fight destroyed more than half of the floor they were in.

and hearing such a loud fight the Landlady rushed in then,

“You asshole! Stop this stupid fight!”

The Blizzard magic fell on them as it followed after the word and with this, the incident came to an end.

Before leaving the room

“Don’t do anything stupid? understood?”

the landlady pressured them again with a strong warning and left.

“….that woman, is quite strong”

In front of such pressure, Demon lord smiled wryly as he was somehow forced onto prostrating.

As for Fufun

She tried to stop the rampaging Yuiguard and,

“Who the fuck! Don’t stop me!”

and was blasted onto the barrel by her head and lost her consciousness.



“Than, I’m sorry but make sure nothing happen nya”

Uliminus who gave the shop’s managing to the member of the silent ear, since it was already a time when there were fewer customers and left the shop with the prepared baggage.

“Good work. Manager-dono”

“Let’s go Varissa-dono and Uliminus”

The Ex-demon lord Gozaru who was waiting outside with Varissa told Uliminus.

Because they are traveling to Kinousa with Gozaru’s teleportation magic, Varissa and Uliminus had to hug his arm right and left.

….how should I say it….it’s not bad nya

Uliminus’s face turned bright red and was feeling quite happy with the hugging of Gozaru.

A really complicated maiden’s heart’s tsundere

Teleportation was successful and,

“Umu, the inn must be that way”

“Id, Idiot nya! it’s that way nya! you’re idiot nya”

Uliminus pulled Gozaru’s arm back who was heading right opposite of the Hotspring town toward the forest,

and behind them,

“Gozaru-dono is no match in front of Uliminu-dono”

Varissa smiled bitterly as she followed them.

after that, they were able to reach the inn everyone resided thanks to Uliminus.

…………At the same time in Yanagi Spring

Lys who entered the Hot spring before lunch time were still in the spring.

Lys without any resting continuously stayed inside.


Lys showed a euphoric expression as she imagined a second delivery of the another triplet with a total of six kids and living together with Furio.

And in the waiting room was a Furio who already was out of the hot spring way before, waited there while smiling bitterly

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    • as one would expect from a dog type person, who wants six child in a row on a first time delivery lol

        • Well In other times was logic have more kids because dont live stil the adult age and this time you have to have money for feed, education , health and a house big to put all XD By mere curiosity What country are you ? In my country Argentine the kids in a family are max 5 but the standart are 2 because the house and the feed is very expensive , we have hospital and school public but not very good

  2. wait,they already have the baby?
    I thought they’re still childless and lys gonna be born after this trip

    • She must’ve already imagined the first set of children and now her imagination has already reached the second set, I think…

      • It’s hard to decipher, but yes. She is imagining having six kids with him, and apparently to sets of triplets. . . . Her dreams and aspirations are quite high. . .

        • depend, where I live it’s common have 1 or 2 sons… but it’s not that rare listen about families with 6 to 12 sons

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  4. man, this chapter give me foul taste in my mouth because remember about the reality in my country… families with 6~12 son isn’t rare here… but it’s funny chapter!

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