Chapter 37 Bothersome Tsundere


Gozaru and other 2 after reuniting with the Furio and Lys who finally came back from the blessed child spring, went to the large room in the inn where the other 3 and one pet ate lunch.


“Right, I heard that the third floor was closed down, did something happen?”


“AA, from what I heard it was a drunk group caused a ruckus and destroyed the whole floor, now it is under repair”


Furio nodded toward Brossam’s word


At that moment


“You guys! Never come back!”

The landlady’s angry shout resonated around the place coming from the inn’s entrance.




“What’s wrong? Uliminus-dono”


“…somehow, I feel several familiar presences nya….”

“What a coincidence, Uliminus. Same here”

Gozaru and Uliminus looked at each other for a moment and


“..Oh well, We came here today to enjoy-nya, leave it be nya”

Saying so she drank the sake directly from the flagon.


That day

The group that caused great ruckus twice was banned from entering the Hot spring town, and their faces were posted everywhere in the Hotspring town.


The group was a Yuiguard’s group who metamorphose into that of a human.



After finishing their dinner, Furio’s group headed out for an outside spring inside the hot spring town.


Lys went to the Yanagi spring of the blessers for the child as if it was a matter of course.




Inside Lys’s head she imagined the 3rd delivery of the triplets and being surrounded by 9 kids and Furio enjoying a lax life, Lys showed a euphoric expression.


Furio’s party all decided to bath in different outside spring other than Yanagi spring in which Lys went.

The group separated as male and female and entered their respective spring.


“Ha~, Hot spring works like this nya”

“Is this Uliminus-dono’s first time in hot spring?”

“Nya, I’ve heard about it but…and I don’t really like baths nya” (Hell “cat”~~~~ you get it right)

Smiling bitterly she took off her clothes and headed to the water with Varissa and her group.


And at the exact moment


In front of Uliminus


“Aa, Uliminus. I’m sorry but I forgot my hand towel. Give me one”


Gozaru suddenly appeared by a teleportation magic.


Toward such a sudden appearance, the women party was caught off guard, and they didn’t really hide their bodily part and was confronted Gozaru with a naked body.


After a moment of pause,

Uliminus finally comprehended their situation,


She threw the hand towel she held in her hand like a rope toward Gozaru’s head as to hide his eyes by coiling it in his head.


“Furio-dono! There is an outrageous intruder in here and collect it back right now nya!”

As if it was answering to her shout, Gozaru’s large body disappeared instantly from the place.


The other customers were looking around wondering what was up but Uliminus and her group entered the hot spring as if there was nothing going on and so this stopped everyone’s curiosity.


“…Gozaru-san, in the hot spring the male spring and hot spring is separated so please be careful next time”


“I see, it was like that. As you might know, I have zero experience on what so ever other than being a demon lord”


While inside the hot spring Gozaru held back of his head gesturing his apologies toward.


The group reunited after exiting the bath but

“Asshole! What kind of idiotic thing you did nya! I will kill you nya!”


Uliminus scolded Gozaru who intruded the women’s spring but Gozaru showed a vague expression making it hard to know if he really understood or not while smiling saying sorry, sorry.


Soon after they picked Lys who was staying in the Yanagi bath till the closing of the spring, and headed back to the inn together.


At first, they gathered at the place where Varissa and her party stayed and drank sake together but,


“Husband-sama…the blessed child effect..right”

And Lys with an excited expression held onto Furio’s hand and pulled him into the room they were staying in and shut themselves there.


“Really, Human’s Sake is really delicious”


“I have to agree on that nya”


Both seemed to take a liking to the inn’s sake and drank it directly from the flagon.


Other than these two in Human member Brossam was the toughest when drinking but because she tried to follow the two demon’s pace and got madly drunk.


“For Brossam to be intoxicated…It is my first time seeing it after so many years together”

“True that~…Even for me I don’t have any memory of such thing happening~”

Saying so Brossam laid down

“Wha, what! What are you doing!?”


“Come on, it’s not like you are losing anything”

She started sleeping while making Varissa as a lap pillow.


“What is that posture?”

Gozaru showed a confused look while seeing them.

“Aa, ma, that…it’s like skinship like a joke….maa, it’s kinda like that”

Varissa answered while smiling bitterly.

Toward her answer, Gozaru nodded lightly with fumu and

“Then, I should try it. Uliminus I shall borrow your lap”


“Yesnya….wha, ha? He? Ny, nyanya!?”


Uliminus who were drinking sake while talking with Bily who was next to her panicked at the sudden appearance of Gozaru’s head onto her crotch, and her face turned bright red.


“Wai! Idiot nya!? This is a bad joke nya!”

Uliminus punched Gozaru with quite powerful punches but

It had no effect toward Gozaru and

“Fumu, it is more comfortable than I thought”

Saying so he laughed loudly and grabbed Uliminus’s butt while still lying, to adjust his head so that it fits perfectly.

Toward Gozaru who don’t seem to bulge even after countless punching,


“..You can do whatever you want nya…I don’t care anymore nya!”

Uliminus drank the whole bottle in a single gulp as her face turned bright red.

As always, such a bothersome tsundere.


After this, Gozaru actually started sleeping and so Uliminus was forced to stay in the same position for the whole night till morning.


Next morning


“Husband-sama it was really fun♪ let’s come back again

Lys with a bright smile on her face hugged Furio’s arm.


“If your leg got numb you could’ve just move the head out of the way”

“You who is a source of all this say that nya!? Aa!”

Uliminus’s leg got so numb because she had to keep her posture till morning, was being piggy ridden by Gozaru.

Uliminus was ashamed as she buried her head in Gozaru’s back as her face turned bright red.


“A~….it has been a while since I had a hangover ”

“I don’t have any memory of you Brossam having a hangover?”

“Bily also don’t have-desu~”

“…(Ku)” – Holding her head because of the hangover

Other than Belano who got a hangover after a single sip of sake, the other 3 was talking merrily.


And below everyone else, the single-horned rabbit Sabea skipping while crying Funsu Funsu happily but, its body, was one size bigger than last night.

It ate way too much.


After Checking out with the inn,

Everyone teleported using Furio’s teleportation magic back into the house in Houtarou.




….This one is quite not bad…..


In one of the corners of the Kinousa Hot spring town

Inside the Secret palace which was under repairing, Hiya who controls over light and darkness was reading the books which were originally placed on the secret palace’s shelves, which she took from the temporary box that contained all the books.


…I see, there was such a position also…I see this field of study is very deep…


Hiya decided to work harder in spiritual world’s training, as she was reading the book.
I don’t have to mention it but she intruded the place illegally.

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