Chapter 38 The Bad Omen


…. Few day later after coming back from the hot spring trip in Furio household


In Furio household, there exists a refrigerator.


That refrigerator is set with an ice magic stone and so it is able to maintain a stable static temperature, which allows the foodstuffs to keep its freshness.

Usually, because Magic stone is expensive and the refrigerator requires it to be supplied with a magic stone every once a year, so it is not spread amongst the common family.


This magic stone is made of Furio’s own mana and so it allows for constant free supply of it.


Although it is superfluous to say so,


Furio who analyzed the refrigerator with a magic, he is already able to reproduce the refrigerator with his own hand.


The introduction became a bit long but


There exists an item of which was never seen before placed inside a refrigerator which is located in Furio household’s kitchen.


“…Lys-dono, what is this yellow fruit?”

“This is you know Varissa, a sour fruit called, Lemo~n”

“Sour? ….what for? If it is sour then it is not meant for desert after the meal? …and this much….A! You are planning to cook something with this right!”


“You are wrong. I prepared it beforehand so that it won’t be too late when needed”

Saying so Lys’s face turned slightly red,


“…I read it in a book and it said that when pregnant, one starts to crave fro sour stuff”

[A secret I will tell you…..this is a foreshadowing for the upcoming future….]



…Magic kingdom Cryload Castle. Office room


The Ex-first imperial princes, now Princess Queen, was showing a haggard ish expression as she processed the documents in which was stacked to about a meter.


After the dismissal of her father the formal king, as a new leader and she started doing the office works for the leader but as she read through the actual situation of many affairs, it resulted in her face becoming bluer and bluer.

Anyhow, half of the total expenditure of the countries money were used without having any form of evidence and most of them were of unknown use of money.


After asking the people who worked in the castle for a long duration of time, the former king only cared about buying himself feathering his own nest, and so management of the country was done by his loyal subordinates.


So to hear what the loyal subordinates of the former king had to say, she asked for them to come to the castle but everyone went missing without leaving behind any trace.


If the princess queen just asked the silent ear in which she had a very friendly relationship, capturing them would be easy but this is about the inner workings of the castle and so she hesitated to ask the outsider about it.


And as a result, she is frantically trying to rebuild the inner workings of the country with the newly recruited fellows.


“…Father…no, that motherfucker….he should just die” [tlnote: you get it mother fucker hahahaha….fine I will stop..]


She showed a vacant expression as she looked at the mountains upon mountains of documents still increasing while mumbling some stuff.




…Houtarou Town . Sundry goods store UUGO


“Low-quality goods?”

Furio showed a dubious look after hearing Uliminus’s story.

“Right nya. We are having a quite a trouble dealing with it nya”


According to Uliminus’s story

Lately, the goods that are being spread around from the nearby towns of the castle, has a  very high rate of having a low/fake goods mixed with them.


“Inspection before buying is without any problem  nya, but it is becoming more frequent that when the items arrive it somehow changed into a low/fake goods nya”


Uliminus apologized toward Furio who is an investor.


“Uliminus, I know how excellent your Silent ear are. And I believe there is a problem with the guys who outwits you guys.”

Uliminus nodded toward Furio’s words

“Right now we the silent ear are gathering the information nya. We might move depending on the result nya”

“If there is anything I can do then you can ask me anytime. I will help you with everything I can”


“What? Is the situation becoming dire enough for Furio-dono to act upon? Then I will also help! Uliminus”

Gozaru who entered the chat.

But Uliminus glared at his face.

“…..this is not the problem a person who will beat up people when the story gets too complicated be allowed nya”


“But sometimes fist can talk more than a mouth right?”


“…remove that smug in your face thinking you said something cool nya”

Furio smiled bitterly at the exchange the 2 did.




…in some building’s underground room


“And are you done with the handiwork for shipping toward the south”


“Yes, sir. I’ve already slipped a low/fake goods with the goods which have been inspected. All the real goods are sent toward the west”

“That is good. Make sure you don’t get caught”

“Roger, and I have some proposal toward the reinforcement of the private army”

“What is it? Tell me”

“While we were trying to recruit some mercenary, we heard some interesting information…it seems that the demon race in the west…as a caution I will borrow your ear….”


“….Fumu…fumu…umu, I understand, procced the plan in that way“

The man laughed hysterically right after a man which seemed to be a subordinate disappeared, and he touched his golden cane while showing a strange smile.

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