Chapter 40 Result of too much mixture

…Cryload castle . Treasury

“You guys! Chase them! Don’t let the intruder escape!”

Bolaris the female knight heard from the urgent message she got that some unknown group intruded the treasury, without any care that she was just sleeping, she rushed to the scene and took control.

“How did they intrude the treasury this easily! What were the night guards doing!”

“It’s that they seemed to have utilized the secret passageway we didn’t know of and entered the treasury room”

“Eei, annoying! Capture the intruders and bring people to that passage! Understood?”


Magic kingdom Cryload Princess Queen’s Imperial Guard unit 2nd regiment captain Bolaris.

She is one of the loyal subordinates who worked under when Princess Queen was still a first imperial princess. And as soon as Princess Queen took the throne she was brought back to the castle and was given a mission on the security of the castle.


….If I completely destroy the intruder, then the Queen princess-sama would definitely be overjoyed.Aa, just imagining the scene where that face which shows her youth complementing me of success, this Bolaris can become as strong as thousand men!

Her love for the loli like an adult didn’t change.

Her sexual interest is still a secret to anyone.

Because the group was very familiar with the special passageway in the castle, most of them were able to escape from Bolaris’s attack.

“…At least we were able to capture this guy here”

Bolaris clicked her tongue as she stepped onto one of the captured people.

“Make sure that you guys stuff something in his mouth and cover his nose and mouth so that he won’t kill himself. We are taking him in front of the queen and wait for her new instruction. Everyone else go check to see what were stolen from the treasury”

Hearing Bolaris’s order the surrounding knights and guard swiftly started doing work as instructed.

“Umm, Bolaris-sama”

“Unn? What is it?”

“That…thing you are carrying in your armpit, what in the world is that?”


Hearing that she realized that she was carrying her favourite body pillow.

And in that body pillow, Belano the magician’s appearance was drawn.

“Don’t mind it. It is just my pillow”

Belano-dono,even though we were separated, I Bolaris, always thinks about you in every moment possible….

Bolaris’s dignified look when she was giving out orders.

Many things were ruined.

……at the same time in Furio household

“What is it? Belano?”


“Nn? You feel cold? Did you catch a cold?”


“You think that is not it? Oh well, just sleep after making yourself warm”

Belano nodded toward Varissa who was sleeping in the same room but her shivering didn’t stop for the whole night.


….Cryload castle town, at certain room

“…did you guys fail?”

An old man sitting in an extravagant chair asked while clicking his tongue feeling annoyed.

“No, we were able to acquire what the demon wanted but…the security in the treasury changed a lot which resulted in quite a loss for the intruding unit. ”

“Fumu, they changed the security system compared to when I was there….Oh well, it’s fine since we were able to get what we wanted. Quickly prepare the arrangement for delivering the item.”

“Umm…. the one who usually arrange the delivery of the item is out on a mission and…that…how should we do this?”

“How the hell would I know! This is the job for you lowly people! Search the one who know and finish it quick! Don’t waste my time!”

The man who got scolded by the old man left the room in a panic.

I’m fine as long as I can become richer. For that I will do anything, now there is nothing binding me.

The old man laughed suspiciously, Ku Ku ku

….A few moments later. Cryload castle. Throne room

The Princess queen showed an astonished look as she looked at the man who Bolaris brought as a guy who was caught from one of the intruders.

“These guys stole few items from the treasury. After this, our intention is to interrogate this man”

Bolaris spoke of the situation while bowing in front of the Princess Queen.

But Princess Queen seemed to not have heard and kept on looking at the man’s face

“You are…father’s…”


This man was the Princess Queen’s father formal king’s direct subordinate.

He was one of the people who were banished together with the King who were admonished of his authority.

…behind today’s incident….my father is somehow related?

Princess Queen didn’t want to believe it.

But the intruder in today’s incident used a secret passageway that even the Princess queen herself didn’t know.

After banishing the king she order for a change in the security system of all the castle just in case, and thanks to that they were able to find the intruders.

If my father is somehow related to today’s incident, then I can only execute…..

He still is her only real father even if she dismissed and banished him.

Princess queen felt her mind going blank as she was listening to Bolaris’s report.

…Cryload castle, in a certain warehouse

“Here, I was able to collect the barrel as always-con”

The woman who seemed to wear a merchant kind of costume as to not invite any attention pointed at the barrel her subordinate brought and floated out a smile.

“I didn’t expect one of the Demon Fox race’s treasure, was hidden in the castle’s treasury-kokon”

A woman wearing a china dress greeted the woman who just came back.

“Adding onto the other treasure we gathered with this one Oriental fan, we no longer have to be that disgusting Yuiguard’s vassalage.-con”

“It seemed like a messenger to question our move came to our castle kokon but we can have a bloodbath and directly attack kokon”

Woman wearing China dress ordered her subordinate.

Receiving the order the subordinates rushed out in great speed.

“From our grand father’s time, this treasure Oriental fan in which were lost in time-kon”

“A legendary magic item which said to be able to even extinguish the volcano kokon”

The two held onto the barrel’s lid

“”Let see~kon”kokon”

Both opened the lid together.


The two’s movement stopped.

“…what-kon? This yellow thing?”

“…fruit? Kokon”

“Sour!? This! Le~mon Kon!”

“Wa!? The content is different kokon!?”

The two at first though that maybe the treasure is below all these Le~mon so they frantically searched inside but contrary to their expectation inside the barrel it contained Le~mon and Le~mon only.

“That human…betrayed con? It seemed like we Demon fox sisters are underestimated kon”

“Let’s go interrogate them kokon! If the situation ask fro we Demon fox sister will eat you all kokon”

….at that time in Houtarou town. Sundry goods store UUGO

“..what is this nya?”

Uliminus scrunched her eyebrows as she saw the item inside the barrel in which was supposed to contain a barrel full of Le~mon.
Inside it was not the lemon she usually gets but an item in which were heavily covered with a cloth.

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  4. Wasn’t the previous king, and several of his magicians, suppose to be comatose from that purification spell (was suppose to last a year if not longer)? When did he get out of it? Or has the time flown by in just a few chapters?

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