Goddess! Grant Me a Girlfriend!!

– Web Novel by Zedediah –

Original Website : Goddess! Grant Me a Girlfriend!!



You have beaten the demon king, so now your wish will be granted. But what will you wish for?

Follow the story of Zed, an unlucky magician that only want a girlfriend from the Goddess, will his wish be granted to him? Will the Goddess give him a girlfriend?


Table Of Content:


– Book 1 – She, Me, and the Goddess

– Book Zero – Zedediah Knightley the Single Spell Magician

(A/N : Book Zero was the story before Book 1, but at the same time, a few secrets in Book 1 will be revealed in Book Zero. So, reading Book 1 before Book Zero is more recommended.)

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30 comments on “Goddess! Grant Me a Girlfriend!!

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  2. Woah, a story with that world’s human’s point of view rather than summoned one…


  3. Holy crap, i started reading it and after finishing book 1 that i loved I was bummed to see that it went to book zero and there was no book 2 yet as I’m usually not a fan of the side stories, but after reading the book zero chapters, i actually liked it as much if not more than book 1, I love this story keep up the awesome work.

  4. I’m sorry, I dun hab kukies *sadface*

    oh yeah, can i ask you, what are your update schedule? an update in a week?

  5. Finish reading both book 1 and 0. While I can’t wait for book 2, the adventure in book 0 is also not pale in comparison. Both book are great. I don’t mind book 0 to be a bit longer, but i also want to read book 2. What a terrible dilemma. 😦

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  7. I really like the book 1…..
    But i’m afraid if i read book 2 it’d make me hooked up too TAT what a dilemma

    Keep up the good work and now I’m one of your fans 😀

  8. Why did i find this so early in… now i can´t marathon it. I think it is amazing so far. I am stalking this page everyday now… prepare for it!

  9. Sry may be some spoiler to new readers
    I’m going to be straight up and honest woth you. I just adore this wn!! I feel sad for the goddess of seeing the man she loves, loves another. It hurts so much to be in her shoes. Baking cookies to keep him out of her mind but will never forget him because its cookies sob sob
    This gets me everytime.

  10. I cant put in words, all the different emotions bubbling inside me..

    Its really well written. Touches the heart. No useless plot.. direct and engrossing storyline.

    I love the way you change character pov. Romance, emotions, humour everything is off the charts.

    There is a need of proofreading to correct the typing mistakes but it doesn’t matter as long as we can understand.

    You are a genius author. Please please please continue writing. I want to read lots n lots of ur work.

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