STATUS UPDATE: Goddess! Grant Me a Girlfriend!!

We have recently received a mail pertaining this novel and, upon the request of said fan, decided to explain here the status of this novel, as known to our ROW Staff.

Here’s the mail asking for information about the novel:
Could I ask a question? – – Gmail

I just finish reading Book 0 of “Goddess! Grant Me a Girlfriend!!” And it was great! I really liked this story and was really captivated by the author’s way with words.

Now I could probably guess that you guys have heard this question hundreds of times and I want you to know that I don’t intend to be rude nor insult you here.

Where is book 2?

On Aug 13, 2015, Zed Wrote in a reply that “book 2 will be written around next month” but the most recent comments are still confused and there weren’t any information if this project was dropped by you or the author and there doesn’t seem to be any more chapters available either.

Please tell me what happened, if it was your group that dropped the project then maybe another group could (or already have?) take over the project. But if the author dropped the series him/herself then I can only give up.

I apologise in advance if you or any of your members were insulted by this mail and I hope that you will answer my questions about this novel. You guys did a great job with it btw!

Thank you in advance!


(ps, if you guys have any info for the fans of this novel then I think that I and the rest of the fans would be really happy to get an update of the novel. Even if it is only a comment that its dead would be better than not knowing what’s going on. Good Luck and thank you guys for all your hard work, you rock!)

And this is our reply:

Hello MrTrixer,
Truthfully, I am not sure what to say about that.
All our projects have designated teams working on them and it is never really a “group’s” decision when it comes to dropping any novel. It is the team’s decision.
Since the last time Zed wrote on the site, we have not heard from him either.
In other words, we have no idea when and if he will ever be coming back to writing. Most very likely not, as it has already been far too long for that.
Sorry about that, but it is not something we have any control over.
As it was an original novel, therefore written by Zed himself, no other Staff members could have possibly taken over either.
By now, I don’t even have any form of contact with Zed, so I can’t even provide you with any help there.
Since I will be going through the old site anyways, I will copy your mail and my answer over to the novel in question, if that’s alright with you.

Sorry to disappoint, but that’s how things are.

  1. Most of our active projects are on the new site, which can be found here:



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