[HTSAS101] Artwork Act-I

How To Survive A Summoning : Artwork of Act-I

So, what is better than HTSAS? HTSAS with music. What can be even better than that? HTSAS WITH ARTWORK!


So…I know a lot of you love Arin. Some of you are sad for her. Someone even cried.  Thought of cheering you guys up a bit.

Straborvsky over at Royalroadl has very kindly rendered the beautiful Arin. Rounds of applause for the very talented  Straborvsky. Here is the link to this amazing illustration artist’s profile where you can check out more of the artwork.

Without furthur ado, here is the ravishing, beautiful…ARIN!

Moonlight Sonata by Straborvsky for How to Survive a Summoning 101

Moonlight Sonata by Straborvsky for How to Survive a Summoning 101


Don’t hesitate to let us know how hot she looks. But remember, she is Rigel’s waifu.  Stay peeled for more artwork to come.

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4 comments on “[HTSAS101] Artwork Act-I

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  2. agreed she is plump lady. the clothes didn’t really suit her from my taste. a slightly longer than knee skirt and slightly loose 3/4 sleeve dress would look good on her. oh also change her hair accessory to simple hairband. it will give her a pure look grown up lady.

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