How to Survive a Summoning 101


by Durrendal

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Caution: Heavy Gore + Depictions of sex + Strong language


Noctis by Sleeping Soul In the Sky



A world where mortals are simply instruments for the gods, a man is summoned to do their bidding. He will stop at nothing to forge his own path through his accursed fate. In the land where there are no heroes, a lone man fights against the design with blood, violence and sarcasm.

Can he break the vicious cycle or will he be consumed by his own hatred? What will he do in a world where things can change in a moment? How will he cope with his own inner darkness?

Every power has its price.

Come delve into the epic world of Sangraal, violent and dark with its mythos as well as fresh with its new spin lampooning all the cliched J-novels ever.

Kill. Die. Tsukkomi.

( Cover Art credit goes to Sleeping Soul In The Sky)

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Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Mature , Romance , Supernatural , Tragedy , Original, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Magic, Swords.

Artwork by Straborvsky- HTSAS ARTWORK ACT-I

Cover Art by Sleeping Soul In the Sky- HTSAS COVER ART

Current Edited + Proofread Chapters- Prologue, Ch1, Ch11, Ch12, Ch13, Ch14, Ch15


Table of Contents

Act I- Advent

Prologue: Gods, Contracts and Frogs

Chapter 1: Yanderes, Gifts and Nurse Uniforms

Chapter 2: Knights, Grandmas and Dreamcatchers

Chapter 3: Conflicts, Magic and Bottled Fireflies
Chapter 4: Languages, Betrayers and Silent Evenings
Chapter 5: First Battles, Auroras and Moon’s Spawns
Chapter 6: Dances, Rivers and Inquisitions
Chapter 7: Mercenaries, Witch Trials and Whistles
Chapter 8: Requiems, Sacrifices and Deaths

Act II- Awakening

Chapter 9 : Surviving a Magic Laundromat

Extra Chapter : Answers

Chapter 10 : Surviving Feminazis

Chapter 11: Surviving Salrest Nights

Chapter 12: Surviving Overprotective Dwarf Dads

Chapter 13: Surviving Curses

All Things Sangraal

Chapter 14: Surviving Exploding Fish-Barrels

Chapter 15: Surviving Inner Demons

Happy Announcement+Contest

Chapter 16: Surviving Serpents

Chapter 17: Surviving Dragons, Elves and Psychotic Tendencies

Chapter 18: Surviving Mating Rituals

Chapter 19: Surviving Fates

Chapter 20: Surviving the Other

Chapter 21: Surviving Quiet Days

Interlude I : Wrought of Shadows

Chapter  22: Surviving Cliff-hangers

Interlude II : Cast in Sunlight


Here is some mood music to enjoy with the series. Just hit play and keep the web page open. Wont work if you close this page. Song: Shotgun Senorita by Blue Stahli

37 comments on “How to Survive a Summoning 101

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  2. Could you elaborate on why it’s boring ? Because a comment like that just screams that you didn’t like it, but you haven’t thought of why you didn’t like it, and you just posted a comment that no one can use for anything, so basically you posted crap. Have a good day 🙂

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  6. Started reading today, some deep plot you got going on, honestly when I read that Arin sent the MC somewhere safe, I was like, *Fuuuuuuuckkkkkk! !!! Don’t die waifu!!!!! Don’t die! Don’t die!….* then the MC’S dream came and I was like * Chikushō!!!!!* and next thing I knew there was a dent in my wall and my fingers hurt like hell…back to the point…this story is just toooooooo great, the romance pace of mc’s first love might seem fast but it felt like it happened slow and smoothly, not rushed, and the waifu’s death, let’s not talk about it cause just thinking about it makes me cry, like the end in shigatsu wa kimi no uso, SAO ep 11 or 12? When aincrad was disintegrating and kirito and asuna hugged each other, like angel beats, the FEELS!!!!…anywho *sniff* …i hope you keep up the good work, don’t rush the releases if it causes the story to dull, keep doing what you were doing, can’t wait to see the day this masterpiece is finished, just hope it isn’t anytime soon and good luck, Fight-o!!!!

  7. …i don’t know why I forgot to ask this, but will Arin ever make a reappearance, if it’s a yes, yokata, if it’s a no…..f*ck (sigh)

  8. I want reverse rape!

    Shit I just blurted that out didn’t I?

    My stomach hurts when I read this… feels gooood~
    Shit (can’t believe I said that word twice..) what’s happening to me?!

  9. Great story. I like tragic tales, leaves a bit of routine, stories of heroes who fight against the dreaded demon king tired. And at least, the MC is more “active” than kurono.

  10. Congratulations, it’s a great tragic story. There are so many stories of cheaters heroes who are already more than repetitive. Besides, this main character is much more “active” than Kurono, which is a big difference.

    • Oh thanks a lot, JorH! I really appreciate your comment. I actually started reading Kuro no Maou after you mentioned it. It is a good story, but MC is kinda goody-two-shoes.

  11. Wow this is best novel i have seen in really long time. I’d become addicted to it. Give me new chapter. Give Me New Chapter. GIVE ME NEW CHAPTER!!
    …Anyway this novel is definitely worth it. While reading it i felt like someone put lot of effort to think everything up to the smallest detail.
    I hope my comment make sense ^^

    • Don’t worry, Kathreptis, your comment makes perfect sense.xd
      It is always nice to see people recognise your efforts, so thank you a lot!

      Yes, Yes. New chapter incoming in few hours. My laptop had broken down so I had to buy a new one and set up everything+sync. I’ll get back to regular schedule asap.

  12. Wow.. this seems promising. Although I am sensitive to tragedy genre but I still want to try this. Hopefully its not very dark.

    Lets do this…

  13. Read till the latest chapter (c18)

    My thoughts about this story is that it isn’t meant for those that are weak to tragedy and gore.

    Though I am also weak to gore (when I see it irl) I really like this story. The story itself is somewhat new for me which also helps me enjoy reading this. I also really like Rigel’s character that still does a tsukkomi in the middle of a life and death battle 😀
    Really got a huge reFEEL when Arin died and learned what she did for Rigel at the last moment.

    It might be only me but I really enjoy this interesting story, so do your best!

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  16. This is really good, I like how the MC can break the 4th wall. Not only that I have been looking for something that was different from what some might call ??normal?? ways of doing a story. Can’t wait for the 3rd part of the story.

  17. Wow.. I haven’t read this one for ages.. Almost forgot about it.. Is it dropped?
    I quite liked this one.. Hated it but still liked it.. Well.. Readers will understand.

    • No it isn’t dropped. For some reason I’ve been unable to post in this site due to migration. There are new chapters in Royalroad site though. Just search “How to Survive a Summoning 101 royalroad” in google..first link.

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