Happy Announcement+Contest

Hello there!!

Well, this isn’t a chapter, but something important. I haven’t been able to post a chapter the last week and the reason for that is…EXAMS!! Don’t worry, I will get back to the story in a few days. As for another matter, I feel like I need to explain something.  I repeat, don’t worry, just let me slay the exam demons.

Announcement Alpha

Now, important part.

With the love and affection you have given me, HTSAS101 reached a pretty sweet spot in TopWebFictions ranking list. But as it turns out, the votes need to be renewed every 7 days to stay there. So if you liked this fic, please vote for me? Even Anons can vote so, you don’t have to even register. Just a 5 second process, really. It would help me get more readers and motivated! Please support me if you like this story. It needs YOUR help to grow and flourish, so don’t be shy!  Those of you who have voted will have to vote again…please?

Announcement Beta!

So, what do you think about having a character you designed yourself to appear in HTSAS101?
Yes! now you can design a character and see it appear in HTSAS as part of the main storyline!  All you need to do is draw me a character and name it. The best one chosen  will appear in a few chaps(to be published in 2 months) and later in the next arcs.
So, you ask ‘what character?’
Well, a nine-ten year old girl from a poor fishing village. You have full artistic license to draw the character as you please and name it too. Just remember that the girl is poor and HTSAS is set in medieval world. Extra points if can show the girl with a fishing rod/fishing net.
You ask ‘what do I get?’ Well, no money since HTSAS is free and never asks for donations. But remember that ‘sweet spot’ I mentioned? It is actually #3 (It has slipped now since I didn’t know about the 7-day vote recharge rule) on the TopWebFictions list, which mean thousands of people will be able to see your work and appreciate it! besides, you love HTSAS< don’t you? *wink wink* Just draw up your character and post it in this thread or send me a Private Message with the drawing. Any style of drawing will be accepted.

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