IGE ch 05

Chapter 5

At this point, Ye Qingyu watched the crowd behind him. The amount of watcher is so big. They are curious about him. Will he fail or success?

“How can there be so much people? ”

The examiner of the second test were stunned.

” Well, young man I have no reason to not letting you take the test. I wish you good luck. ” he just laughed and allowed him to take the test.

” Thank you teacher. ”

Ye Qingyu respectfully gives him a thanks. He then walked to the middle platform.

(tl note: remember the test should be a series of consecutive test. Basically he jumped and skipped the first part but eventually he need to do the first test. The first test is the blood test to see the strength of the body, the second test is to determine the quality of talents /potential)

” This does not comply with the rules of the school! ”

Someone from the crowd cried out, it was the silk clothed teenager Liu Ye.

However the examiner ignored him. Now the spotlight fell on Ye Qingyu.

He walked to the center of the stage and put his hand on a stone tablet. This second stage is to determine the potential of someone. The tablet will turn to colour based on the participant talents.

Ye Qingyu put his hand on it and could feel a warmth feeling circulating on his body.

It was a strange feeling. In that moment, the stone tablet colour is changing.

It gone up a rank into copper. Copper is the most common results. Then a silver lines could be seen and turn the whole tablet into silver. Suddenly, a flash of lightning appear on the tablet and turn the silver colour into dazzling gold.

“This is golden meridian? ”

The examiner wanted to sit down but immediately frozen. There are four ranks in this test. Stone, copper, silver and gold. Hiw could he get the highest score?

This scene freeze the crowd but it doesn’t take long for them to make a large commotion.

” Heavens gracious! Ye Qingyu turned out to be gold meridians? ”

” Is this the one who failed for four consecutive years? ”

” Unbelieveable! ”

” Did this prove that the White Deer College head isn’t wrong in his judgment? Golden meridian have a lot of potential, in ten years he could be one of the strongest in the continent.”

The crowd is excited. It is too shocking.

“This is not possible! How can it be possible? ” Liu Ye rubbing his eyes hard. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

This trash, how could he have gold meridians?

Even he himself only a copper meridian.

” Even if his meridian turn out to be good, but therr are five test. He definitely going to fail one of it. ” Liu Ye isn’t willing to give up. He ground his teeth, his heart is chaotic right now.

The golden colour itself is dazzling bright. It was the most pure gold luster with a hint of dreamy color.

It shocked the audience. It turned into silence in a blink of an eye.

“No, this is not ordinary gold veins… ”

The examiner remembered something. A legend he have heard long time ago.

” It can’t go on like this, this child potential is limitless… ”

He need to stop it before the rest of the crowd realized what exactly is happening.

” candidates 8888, gold meridian rank, pass the examination! ”

The tablet dimmed all of a sudden.

Ye Qingyu also hesitated a bit. When he touched the tablet, he feel power surging inside him. Is his potential is really that bright?

But he quickly regained his composure. He give a salute to the examiner. The examiner look at him up and down and smiled.

“Good , very good, very good. It seems that this year we have a young genius. ”

Ye Qingyu smiled modestly.” I don’t see any genius around here. ”

The examiner hesitated then laughed.

” Interesting.. Haha.. Boy, this is your nameplate. The result has been written on it. Noe you can go to the next test. ”

Ye Qingyu bowed to him hinestly.

He is always been treated badly but if someone treat him nicely, he will treat him or her back with outmost sincerity. If someone treat him badly, he will return it with a fist.

When Ye Qingyu leave the test area, the silence state broke off again. Like a hot pan being poured water, it is sizzling hot. Many people realized, today they might seeing the birth of a genius. Afterall since the school was founded, only four people is able to get golden meridian.

“Quick, Ye Qingyu is going to the next test. ”

” The next test is savvy talent. ”

” I don’t know about how well his savvy talent is, but could he get the top score again? ”

The crowd couldn’t wait to see him again. He was like a flower attracting butterfly, no. He was a small wind attracting the storm.

Liu Ye could only followed him in silence.


After some time, at the test room.

” Heavens gracious! How is this possible? ”

” Super Nine savvy talent? ”

” Oh God! ”

” This Ye Qingyu.. How can he do it? ”

Among the test area, golden pale light is surging like a wave. It was coming from a four meter high statue with a torch on top of it.

Savvy torch. It was used to test the white deer college candidates.

It was carved using mysterious runes and seal. It is said that the royal rune master from the royal family is the one who created this. This is to test out their level of understanding.

(TL note: idk what understanding about but maybe their underdtanding about the basic and foundation of martial arts.)

Ye Qingyu, when he out his hand on the statue, the torch is blooming nine flowers. Each flower is determining the depth. His score is the ninth savvy. It is the highest outcome possible from this test.

The crowd was dumbfounded. This handsome teenager with commoner clothing under that golden lights from the torch, for a moments like an illusion, looked like a god of war.

“8888 particioant Ye Qingyu, savvy test ninth rank, pass the test. ”

The examiner could barely said that after subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Since the opening test only two people got savvy ninth rank.

Gilden meridian and ninth savvy rank, the result is scary. Even if he failed the remaining, the white deer school isn’t dumb enough to forsaken him.

“I couldn’t think that such a genius appear this year. ”

The examiner praised him again and his heart is pondering at the future this boy could have.

Ye Qingyu thanked him and then walked to the next test area.

The crowd by now, no one eould scorn, contept, or cynically harassed him anymore. Because they understand they might regret their action.

“Why? ” only Liu Ye isn’t excited seeing this. He only repeated that word again and again.


The Goateed instructor in the first test named Liu Heng. He has spent thirty one years in the academy. Thirty one years ago, he barely passed the test. He was only accepted because he is the child of city’s major chambers of commerce.

He rely on family resources and financial resources to get in and stay in the white deer school. After some time he was assigned as an instructor. But not responsible for teaching, only for odd logistic job.

As his family name is Liu. Lie Heng is Liu Ye relatives.

He wanted to teach Ye Qingyu a lesson for disgracing his family member. White deer school teachers and instructor also closed an eye for him due to his family background. However after today, will it stay the same?

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  2. thanks a lot!
    finally—-! wahaha, so totally awesome! he really succeeded! top talent, skill and potential!wonderful!!

  3. Please, i implore you, get a capable editor to review those chapters, again if necessary. From what if’ve read so far, this novel does have potential (im still in the single digits), but the mistakes are making it very hard to follow the plot, even to someone who is quite good in english language, if i may say so. Just imagine, what it could do to someone, who is a fan of the genre, but is only beginnig to learn english. In my simple oppinion, it would unfair to the work you put into your translation and to the recognition your owed for your time and effort, if the translation-work is still unfinished. 🙂 Even if have said those things, im still deeply gratefull for the novel-plot i got to enjoy because of your work. 😉

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