Inma no Hado chapter 23

Chapter 23: Science preparations room



Tomomi Honda sits at her seat in the staff room and is waiting for one man to enter this room while feeling scared. Yesterday, she peeped into the room next from the science room and witnessed the oral intercourse between the science teacher and a student. On this occasion the student saw her peeping at them.

Tomomi thought that the student didn´t know it was her because only their eyes met from the small gap of the door. Even so my heart is still beating fast even when I wasn´t exposed.

The fact that it is bad of course is the other side.

At school or outside from school it isn´t permitted ethically or by law that a teacher and an underage student have sex. Therefore she intended to talk with the principal or with a senior teacher about this situation.

(He came! )

When the man comes into the staff room while greeting everyone, he walks towards his seat and looked really calm. The seat of the science teacher is at the end of the corridor side which is also diagonal across to Tomomi`s seat which is on the window side.

She sees his appearance while being covered by a pile of books on the desk, but the science teacher didn´t pay attention towards Tomomi. The face is seen at the same time as losing momentum for a moment and the dream she had this morning is recalled again. The lewd dream she has every day is taking place in this school.

The dream she has is, that she put the penis of the science teacher in her mouth and is doing fellatio until it leads to the ejaculation. Of course Tomomi who was a virgin didn´t perform such an act for her fiancé and lover either.

(Aaa… saying that is my desire…)

It is said that a dream is a mirror which project one’s hidden greed and desire. Does that mean she would like to do the same thing secretly which happened in the dream. Even if it is so she doesn’t know why the science teacher is her partner.


The feeling of his penis is still left in her mouth and her body, heart and mind still can remember the deep pleasure from it. The heat that seems to burn itself the sturdy hardness and size, the frightful color and form, the smell and taste like a choked brute and the viscous liquid which smells fishy.

When she recalled the feeling saliva came out of her mouth constantly and her body and mind become absentminded for excitement. Though she masturbated a lot this morning her body gets excited again and blood gathered on her sensitive parts.

(Aaa…I want to hold it in my mouth….I want to lick it…)

Tomomi is clearly aware of her own desire and she can´t but admit that it is obedient one’s feeling while being surprised. A hate sense is felt, but she herself notice that she thought that at any time she had like to do it from the bottom of her heart.

Tomomi imagined the vivid figure of Aiko Kawashima who she saw yesterday and imagined that she is doing the same act same and that to the extent she seems excited in the staff room this morning.

(I want to masturbate…aaa, I can´t endure…)

Serious Tomomi is ruled by desire and gradually waits for the boring morning gathering to end as fast as possible. In the depths of her lovely black flared skirt Tomomi let her groin melt away gently.



The chime rings and tells the end of the fourth period. Usual daily life and usual class.

The students of the third year couldn´t concentrate on the music class because their heads are full with preparations for the entrance exam which is very close. She understood it but still Tomomi was still a little impatient.

When a friend sees Tomomi, he or she would be very surprised. Anyway she rarely got angry because she was raised like a princess and was free from all cares. Tomomi who seems gentle and has a neat face obviously was famous for behavior which is elegant and graceful since her student time at this school with many prestigious families.

While teaching music Tomomi rises her voice and some students pay attention to her who were studying for the examination. The students were scolded by Tomomi and they seemed to be surprised first, but then they were dissatisfied and followed reluctantly.

(Aa… I wonder how have I done it… I…)

Tomomi can’t believe why she did such an act. No, she understands the cause. She has a black and misty feeling because it is something which overflows in her body from this morning. That´s left inside her body is like cinder since she got up this morning and that heat lets her body feel hot and gradually warms her whole body.

(Why…since a while ago, I feel it to some extent…)

It was so in her bed, but when the morning gathering was over, Tomomi rushed to the staff toilet in full speed and she comforted herself by using her finger in a lewd way after she lowered her beige and elegant panty. Tomomi stayed for one hour in one private room of the restroom and has masturbated by playing with her clitoris with her finger.

At that time she fantasized about the strong penis which appeared every night in her dream and in the science preparation room yesterday. She imagined to lick and suck the ugly thing which look like the tail of a black and long devil and coveted in ecstasy over and over again.

(Again … again I become like this …)

Anyone noticed that Tomomi was completely in heat in the music room and she realized it when all students left. Her breasts are strained tightly with heat to the bra like the time of menstruation and from the inside of her vagina flows love liquid again. A weak stimulation occurs in the interior of her waist and Tomomi unbearably wants to masturbate again.

(No…why…why is it so much…several times a day…)

Trying to deny it with some reason, Tomomi`s own body become useless. Tomomi who is a virgin was so far not in such a condition before. Although she dealed with the desire many times by herself this morning, it grew unlimitedly after that, as if it was completely manipulated by something.

Suddenly, Tomomi noticed that she was alone on the fifth floor of the school building. When she thinks about it, yesterday was exactly the same situation. She found Kawashima Aiko walking along the lonely halfway and followed her into the science room and has witnessed a shocking scene.

(Today…is such an act also done today…)

Tomomi imagined it and swallows saliva. As far as it was seen yesterday, the immoral teacher and the female student seemed experienced in doing such a lewd act and Tomomi couldn´t think that she saw such an act for the first time.

(It, it isn´t good that a student does such thing…. A high school student doing such a thing…. I have to be careful…)

A strange sense of justice arises in Tomomi`s chest but she is convinced by the legitimacy. No matter how you look at it it isn´t allowed for a high school student to do an indecent act with a teacher at school. If this comes out and the media knows about it, it becomes a big scandal for the school and not to mention for Aiko`s future

(Her appearance is seen…casually….When I don`t stop her the sexual act will be done again…)

The elegant and neat music teacher made her decision and from her body something like a white aura was given off from her whole body.



From edge to edge on the fifth floor Tomomi walks from the music room to the science preparations room and suppresses her footsteps for some reason in the same way as yesterday. She walks along the silent hallway where no one is here while paying attention so as not to make any noise with her nurse shoes. The air in the hallway is cold like yesterday, and the peculiar smell of wax is wrapping around Tomomi`s blouse and black skirt.

When Tomomi is in front of the science preparation room, she pricks up her ears in order to listen to the noise but nothing is understood from here like yesterday. The door of the science room is closed unlike yesterday so she can´t enter into there today.

(What should I do now….I am scared after all…)

Tomomi stands before the door and hesitates. It seems that something like a black thought is given off from there, and Tomomi doesn’t know tainting yet suffers and fears instinctively. However something surrounds her whole body at the same time she feels as if she is tempt to go inside.

She tried knocking on the door. She thought about various excuses to go inside but she couldn´t find a good one and she noticed that the door had been opened.

“…Excuse me…”

Tomomi goes into the science preparation room while saying it with a faintly voice. Her chest begins to beat faster as if she wants to run away any moment but something in her body hurry her up to go further in.

When the door was closed behind her back with a big slam sound and Tomomi startles. Although she closed it by herself but the door sound had an ominous feeling which lets Tomomi`s back shiver. Her breath becomes shallow and fast and her whole body breaks out in cold sweat.

“..Mr. Midou…?”

Tomomi calls out to the science teacher who should be inside. Tomomi`s eyes don`t get used to the dimly darkness and she can`t see well because the curtain is closed unlike yesterday. After a while Tomomi sees one man sitting on the desk reading some kinds of documents.

“…Sensei? …Mr. Midou?”

Tomomi is a little relieved that Aiko isn´t here today and she calls out to the science teacher. The man finally looked up from the documents and watched how Tomomi approached towards him.

“Hey, What`s wrong? Ms. Honda… ”

He was laughing, but his eyes aren´t smiling at all. His eyes were a little reddish black which is a mysterious color that Tomomi hadn´t seen before.

“What can I do for you? …Well, first of all how about a cup of coffee?”

When Kenichi stands up, he goes to the coffee maker on the side and pours black liquid into a black mug cup and serves it. He steps up near Tomomi with the coffee and puts it on the short coffee table and sits down on the brown sofa.

( Hiii! Aaa…that! That sofa! )

The sofa right before Tomomi is the sofa which appears in her dream every night and the real thing is right in front of her with the same form and color.

“What happened? Why did Ms. Honda come here and why don’t you sit down?”

Kenichi says so and grins while looking at Tomomi who is still standing. He greatly opens his legs and the coffee table and the sofa that was empty before is filled with coffee and Kenichi sitting on the sofa.


Tomomi feels dizzy and the scene is like a déjà vu.

(Like that…such a…)

No doubt anymore! Indeed Tomomi experienced the same situation in her dream this morning!

Tomomi`s body becomes hot steadily while staying around motionless. The excitement from that dream entered Tomomi and suddenly in her body black desire greatly grows like black clouds in summer. Her nipples and clitoris are hurting and Tomomi understands that they rub against her beige underwear. Her vagina begins to open and from the opening hot love liquid flows from the inside. Suddenly Tomomi is looking between the thighs of the man who is sitting in front of her.


Her eyes are attracted towards the swelling in Kenichi`s pants. The unique-shaped swelling shows its form on the thin suit clearly and shows off a huge thing inside in an ostentatious way and Tomomi swallowed her saliva.

Tomomi realized her disgracefulness, startled and averts her glance in the next moment, but she soon look at it again. She tries to avoid it many times but her eyes are attracted by all means to the huge swelling.

“Where are you looking since a little while ago?”

It reaches the point where cold water is poured on Tomomi when she heard what Kenichi uttered teasingly.

“It is different…nothing…nothing, was seen!”

She closed her eyes in a hurry and waved her head in disapproval but she virtually confessed what she was looking at. As for Tomomi her whole body seems to flare up in feeling embarrassed while becoming red.

“Excuse me. My pants become tight slightly…”

Kenichi says so and moves restlessly while making a clattering sound. Tomomi who closed her eyes can easily imagine what the sound was.

(Aaa…what I’m doing now…at this daytime…at school…)

When Tomomi opened her eyes cautiously after a while Kenichi wore his pants accurately. Tomomi felt disappointed slightly and was surprised at herself, but she was relieved that her expectation didn´t become reality. Even if I say that he wears pants the swelling is still there it only changed position and it is clearly visible that it is still huge. Tomomi forget to hide her glance and stares tightly at the bulge.

“Now, come here and sit down”

When he said so by a commanding tone, Tomomi steps up towards the sofa unsteadily as if she is hypnotized. In that way Tomomi`s body sinks on the sofa as having lost her strength and she is sitting like a stone next to the science teacher.

As usual the cells on her whole body are attacked by a wave of desire and her body becomes hot and her heartbeat is pulsating. The blood vessels on her body open and her breathing becomes swallow and the rhythm of it becomes puff and blow. In that way Tomomi is attracted by Kenichi`s red eyes when she is looking at him. Kenichi`s eyes face the bottom and Tomomi is unintentionally tempted to also face the bottom.


The penis erected from the zipper of his pants when Kenichi took it out from there. It has a warped appearance and it looks strange. The rough looking shape was dark and burnt and it totally looks like a creepy sculpture.


“What you are surprised by that? Do you want to see it? An?”

Kenichi changes the atmosphere completely and brags so. The tone is rough and differs from his usual timid tone, his attitude also changes as to be impudent and a wicked smile sticks to his face.

“You watched at the swelling in my pants since a little while ago, so how about you come closer to see it better”


After all this man knew everything.


Tomomi says so while becoming red for embarrassment and still looks at it.

“Aaa…so…like this…”

Tomomi doesn’t even notice that she murmurs such words.

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