Inma no Hado chapter 24

Chapter 24: New power



The shape, color and size of this penis is exactly the same like the one Tomomi held in her mouth in her dream. Tomomi can´t understand why she can remember even some details, it should be an affair in her dream and not something real. Tomomi is sexual excited from the erected penis and she has the impulse that she wants to put it in her mouth since a while ago.

(Aaa…great…wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!)

After all it is the real thing and its presence is extraordinary than the thing in her dream, just looking at it lets Tomomi coerce and her head becomes dizzy. Fear and detestable feelings begin to rule over her brain without growing and for some reason her sense for awe and doubt are numb and she is fascinated with desire.

“Hey, hold it in your mouth”

Exactly the same words he said in the dream. The moment Tomomi heard these words she stretches out her left hand on her own like tracing it with a video.

(No! No…don`t do it!)

Tomomi warns her reason to stop it but it already betrayed her and her body which became hot begins to take charge. Her left hand where she wears her diamond engagement ring twines around Kenichi`s hambone.

(Aaa…hard.. it is hard and so hot…)

Tomomi winds herself around the ugly and dark skinned penis, her white fingers play and grasps it to check the hardness.


Kenichi breathes a sigh of pleasure because the chilly hand grasps his hot thing.

(Aa..I am pleased… Feels good…)

His sturdy penis pulsates in her hand.

There is a difference between dream and direct reaction, Tomomi heart is throbbing and she feels chilly while holding the penis similar to the dream and she slowly rubs it up and down. Of course this is the first time that she really does such a thing, but her body remembers how to pleasure a man by increasing or decreasing the power or the speed because she has repeated it many times in her dream. Something seems to invade in her body from the hand clenching and knows the one which oneself is more indecent and becomes bold. Since a while ago her slender body which is wrapped in a blouse and a black skirt is hot and from her mouth saliva runs out.

(I want to have it in my mouth, I want to have it in my mouth, I want to have it in my mouth, I want to have it in my mouth, I want to have it in my mouth…) (Tl. Note: The author repeats the same thing 5 times)

Tomomoi unconsciously brings her face close to Kenichi`s penis and her mind is full with the thought to put it in her mouth.

“Aaa…I serve it…”

When Tomomi brought her face near between his thighs, it has the smell of a sullen male and she inhales the smell greatly to the whole of her lungs and from that she has an enchanted expression. Her eyes are enraptured by passion and her big black eyes are thick like having poured oil. She stretches out her tongue and lick around her lips even if she thought it is a vulgar gesture, but her moth moves the tongue naturally.


The cells of Tomomi’s whole body are being excited at delight from the moment she even dreamed. When she opens her elegant lips she keeps putting to Kenichi`s wicked penis.



Kenichi lets the neat and clean music teacher have his hambone in her mouth and he is in the seventh heaven while sitting on the sofa. The music teacher who has hardly talked up till now has buried her face between his legs which he opened greatly and her black haired head is moving up and down.

“Oou…it feels good…”

Tomomi who would hear this words Kenichi mutters unintentionally, makes the service thicker. Of course it is her first fellatio so it should be awkward, but because she trained it in the dream she can get a passing score.

(There is no catch of a threesome with this fellow. Did the aura appear, because I gave her a lot of semen to drink in dream?)

Kenichi thinks with his head which became numb while being intoxicated by pleasure between his groins.


On that day, the day when Aiko and Natsuki came to his apartment and coveted in pleasure until the next day together with him. When Kenichi led Aiko to a deep ecstasy at the end of the feast the energy that Aiko vomited as usual has entered the body.

The acute pain that was stabbed in physical average with a sharp knife immediately ran and writhed on Kenichi on the bed. It was a pain thought whether it continued for eternity, but Kenichi understood that he obtained a new “power” it was sudden and disappeared almost at the same time it appeared.

There are some new “powers”, but one is that the size of the black wave became quite big. The black wave that he hardly exercised became able to put out several m in any place other than the school. The black wave plays a role as radar and sends information from those the wave touched exactly.

In addition the thing that is important as the role of the wave is that red tentacle which lets a woman be in heat and will exercises it when there is a woman uttering the aura in the range. In other words the range the black wave can spread is also the same range for the red tentacle to spread.

Therefore it was necessary to touch so that Kenichi stuck when it was so far when there was a beauty who issues an aura besides the school, when she is next to him, he should receive a tentacle sufficiently. A woman who issues an aura besides Natsuki, Aiko and this musical teacher so far has not been seen.

The second is that more tentacles could be controlled now finely. Normally it could do nothing but coil around the body of the target but now it is possible to manipulate it by the pinpoint. For example a tentacle develops only around the mouth of the musical teacher holding the hambone in the mouth now and only the aura in the part is invaded. Concerning this already he has verified many times with Natuki and Aiko, just the mouth comes into heat and just the genitals can be excited. He also can let them be in heat an gradually excited because he can regulate the erosive speed of the aura.

Various changes could be put now to make a target in estrus by this. This “power” suits the brute taste of Kenichi who teases a game carefully tightly as if strangling with silk floss gradually.

And the biggest change is that he could invade now the inside of beauty’s dream by his will.

Though he shared a lewd dream with Aiko and Natsuki, but it wasn´t Kenichi`s will. The one Natsuki and Aiko were keeping occupied in the dream up to now was the incubus and Kenichi was just looking as a third person.

However, “the power” that Kenichi got this time lets him get into the dream of the partner and keep the other party occupied by himself. It was only Tomomi Honda who was a music teacher to have it, but Kenichi got into the dream of Tomomi every night recently and repeated lewd acts against the virgin who knew nothing for the moment.


(Sometimes…I´m greedy…)

Tomomi is 26 years old elegant and neat and she is tasting and is sucking the ugly hambone with single devotion, so that the sweet candy a young child likes very much may be tasted strenuously. Because Kenichi taught the pleasure at the same time to let her make fellatio in the dream, she is devoted to the lewd act and forgot they are at school at the lunch break.

(However, it goes well with…)

Kenichi didn’t take Tomomi’s virginity away in the dream. Of course he should have been able to do so if he intended to do it, but there was one thing that was more interesting than it.

Kenichi is almighty like the devil in the dream. When it’s the real world, the erotic act a partner refuses by all means can also just wish and make a partner follow. At the same time, it can coordinate the five senses to a partner pleasure and to inflict.

In the case of Tomomi, he had his eyes on an abnormal desire as the orality lover who hid and made her force only fellatio thoroughly. He found the pleasure that was equal to sex by having his dick in her mouth and operated the taste on this occasion so that the liquid and his semen taste like the best dessert.

Kenichi repeated the experience in a dream several times and it is inserted like hypnotism in a deep place of the instinct. Tomomi performs fellatio with eagerness like a totally lewd woman simply because she is a virgin.

“How is it…is it good?”

She finally separates her mouth and Tomomi puts up a face when she hears it while Kenichi pats her hair. The expression finishes melting away gently and the usual elegant and modest beautiful music teacher is incredibly attractive now.

“Aaa…delicious…it is delicious…it is irresistible…”

Tomomi with an enchanted voice answers about the good flavor and pleasure.

“Then do you want to suck it more?”

“…Aaa…I do…more, I will suck it more…”

In that way she turns her face down again and swallows the tip with her elegant lips. In the throat which the music usually teaches in beautiful soprano, she held Kenichi`s cock in her mouth with joy. Her eyes are half-closed and Tomomi who holds it in her mouth with an enchanted expression seems to be pleasant like having received a good massage.


Kenichi who lets his saliva overflow while wrapping up the hot dick by her lips tight he snorts and swallows. He feels pleasant from this act and he lets her slender body twitch small in her white blouse.

She resisted it a little first, but became quiet when Kenichi put his hand to the gap of the blouse as soon as he moved his waist and hit her throat. It is small-sized, but the form is good and just rubs the bust which swelled out from the pretty bra with the lace.


He would reach the climax by the stimulation only. Still Tomomi doesn`t separate her mouth and still holds it while letting the whole body make it fearfully. She winds her long tongue around the dick in her mouth while tightening her lips desperately.

(Fufuu, it’s outstanding in the sensitivity…)

Determined energy flows into Kenichi`s body at the same time as Tomomi reaches lightly, and the black wave rises from the whole body becomes still stronger. It is huge so as to wrap up the whole school completely and can grasp that it takes place in that without leaking the minutest details.

At this very moment, Natsuki and Aiko who became a sex slave are already in the schoolhouse.


From that to the way of every day for a long time Kenichi has done Aiko and Natsuki`s young bodies. Every time energy is poured, those two are violated by the poison of the incubus, are being ruled and are obedient slaves by now.

The dress becomes flashy and the extent where the skirt is also short and the underwear isn´t colorful anymore but they wear sexy ones on their bodies. Sometimes that striped pants, the strawberry pattern and flower patterns are childish deliberately is put on and Kenichi is delighted.

What you should be surprised from them more was the change of the contents as well as appearance. Both of them grow up rapidly, they become sexy, and the character gradually changes in quality whether it is the result of the immoral sexual act with Kenichi. Originally Natsuki was showy and was playfulness, the change in Aiko who was serious, cheerful and was a sports girl is dramatic; it seems that also the friends who were around have left gradually.

On the other hand, she doesn´t seem too eager with tennis than before. Though she is the captain, she occasionally gives more priority to the lover´s tryst with Kenichi and play truant and her best friend Ruriko Asakura seems bitter inwardly too. However, ironically, her skill in tennis improves remarkably, and no one on the campus including Ruriko is able to match Aiko. Therefore other members can’t say hard, either, and the problem which was the surface has not happened for the moment.

(What, is the “power” of the incubus also that?)

Kenichi remembers when he went to the tennis club after school he saw the terrific play of Aiko.

When she won the championship at the capital competition it was great, but present Aiko is the same force to have possibilities to win the championship nationwide. Ruriko can`t react to the proposed high-speed serve from her brown body at all. Besides she had a mental weakness before but is a manner playing a game as she is full of confidence now and impudent.




Kenichi lets his hand slide at the last minute in Tomomi`s bra and Tomomi was muffled with having the dick in her mouth when he squeeze her nipple which erected with his finger and she gives a scream and shakes her whole body fearfully. Kenichi reached the climax from the fellatio and his face becomes deep red and intoxicated with pleasure. At the same time, sex energy enters the body of Kenichi and it runs through hi whole body and it is breathed in to the black bruise on the cock.

However, Tomomi moves her neck slowly again after a while and reopens a hot fellatio again. The beautiful music teacher hid her abnormal desire that oral service loved as Kenichi saw it through using “power”.

( I lick it for a while and make a dog…)

It is possible to take her virginity anytime. He looks at the engagement ring with the large diamond stuck on the ring finger and glitters and Kenichi floats a wicked smile on his mouth.

(I’ll teach a favorite woman now….)

She will make progress in how to use her awkward mouth and tongue more if he lets her lick it every day. Anyhow when free time fits like today because we’re a science teacher and a musical teacher, between it, it’s possible to make her suck it in this room much in this way.

“Do you have class in the fifth period?”

“…Aaa…today…today there is no class…”

“Then, it is the same as me….Do you want to lick it more?”

“Yes! I lick! I lick it more…more!!Let me taste it, please!”

Tomomi who separated her mouth was holding the huge glans in her mouth all the while indeed, and the mouth will be tired. However, still she stretch out her long pink tongue and continues licking the surrounding and the root without getting tired. Her expression is full of delight like a little girl given a favorite dish.

“Do you like it that much?”

“…Yes…I like it…I like this very much!!”

Tomomi can’t understand whether this is her real self or a dream already. The black desire welling up infinitely from the inside of the body and rules the whole body that’s certain, it’s sweet and is only the case that she doesn´t run away from the joy of immoralities.

In the dusky darkness of the science preparations room, erotic sound sounded through the quiet room.

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