Legged mimic chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Briefing
I am a treasure chest on the basement floor of the dungeon.
To be precise, I am a monster called Mimic. I have become like this when I wake up.
Originally I think that I was a human being, but I can’t seem to remember anything about it.
Now, I have become a treasure chest, a mimic to be precise.
As for what kind of treasure box I am, it was made of wood with the corner reinforced with metal and some simple decoration can be seen. It can barely called a treasure box, but if there is a rank for treasure box, I can considered to be one of the lowest rank.
By the way, speaking of why I know of my own appearance; although I don’t have eyes but I can feel my own body from a different perspective.
I can also see right now, a projection of four people in front of me. Adventurers. Now I am in a big trouble.



“Hai, every newborn, hello there! I am the boss of 10th floor of this Arudora dungeon, you can call me Marini.”

It seems that I have just been spit out of a black spheres and alongside other monsters that are spit out in the same way like me, we’re listening to her explanation.
Mariny who is explaining things to us is a spider woman. She has the upper body of a human being that is coming out from the head of a big spider. It was a rare occasion where it wasn’t a complete human being or a spider. In other words, it is not a complete form.


“I know what everyone is thinking, why you are born and most of you will be dead soon; so I don’t want to give explanation in vain so I will not elaborate more. Everyone will be placed on the first floor of the dungeon. Your task right now is being alive for five days. If you survive, I will tell you the rest.”

Yeah. It wasn’t an explanation at all.
I looked around. Everyone else doesn’t understand what she is saying and stood there agape.
Come to think of it, I can see my surroundings and I can hear people talking, it was really mysterious. Because I have neither eyes nor ears.
I don’t have a nose, but I am also able to smell the others. Well, let’s just take it as this is the way it should be.
Mariny explanation really seemed to end just like that as a big old man began to put us one by one into a cart.
Besides me, there are five dog type monsters, Kobold. Just like that, I was brought by the old man to the first floor of the dungeon.
It seems to be a room near the entrance.
It was a part of the dungeon where it could be arranged for monsters or treasure boxes to exist inside.
The room is made of stone and the ceiling glows dimly.
After a while, I heard some voice.

“I’m Mariny! I would like to inform everyone on behalf of Arudora-sama. From now on, we will start the 389th batch! Let’s all work hard and beat the adventurers!”

“Woof Woof!” The Kobold replied excitedly.
As for me, I’m thinking of what’s going to happen from now on.
This place is a dungeon where adventurers will come and explore. For the time being, my task is to survive for five days.

However, isn’t the real problem is my status as a treasure box?
I can’t even move around by myself. I can’t even do anything else in this condition.
It is possible for me to bite incoming adventurer that approached me by thinking that I am a normal treasure box, but that was my only means of attacking.
So, I can only pray that I won’t encounter any adventurer but still the problem is my status as a treasure chest.

If anyone saw a treasure box in a dungeon, everyone will be tempted to come and open.
As long as the approaching party is lowering their guard, one of my attack may succeed. But, that’s it. I am just a weak small monster that just been born, there is a limit to my damage. I don’t have any follow up attack. If it was an adventurer party of 4 to 6 people, then my life is over.

“So, I want you guys to wish me good luck. Is it impossible?”

I was asking the Kobold but it seemed that I am unable to talk to them.
However as earlier they are also listening to the explanation, they should have enough intelligence to understand simple conversation.

“Wait! Don’t pee on me!”

Kobold is a dog that walk with two legs but it lifted one foot and I was knocked down.
I guess they didn’t even saw me as a fellow monster.
This is bad, and somehow when I was thinking about my predicament, something popped up.

Name: Harumi
Race: Mimic
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Blessings: unfortunate beauty
Divine protection: None
Mimicry+2 (Treasure Box)
Language (inorganic group+2, human)
Storage (※ Only on Treasure Box mimicry form)
Item possessed: None
(Tl note: unfortunate beauty comes from a Japanese proverb meaning * to give someone an example that shows that a beautiful woman can’t live happily because of her beauty * to tell someone things about a beautiful woman who is sickly * explain things about a woman, who you know is so beautiful that she stands out in her environment, which results in her having a lot of troubles and leading a life with ups and downs. For more info, you can check
https://japan-hack.com/do-you-know-the-meaning-of-the-idiom-%E7%BE%8E%E4%BA%BA%E8%96%84%E5%91%BD/ )


Whoa, it seemed to be my information stats.
Oh! My name is Harumi?
I knew that my race is a mimic.
I am a female. I wonder if I can give birth to a mimic. But I was born from a sphere, what’s happened then?
I guess I’m really weak at level 1.
What’s with unfortunate beauty? It’s making me really anxious.
Also, the Mimicry is +2? Does it mean that it is better than normal? Is there another form aside from a treasure box?
Looking at the different kinds of language, it seems to speak with a Kobold I need another specific language skill. Does Mariny have skill that can talk with various monsters?

(Tl note: the language listed was inorganic substance if translated literally, it might be inhuman group but let’s see in the future)
When I thought about all of those things, the door of the room suddenly opened.


A Kobold is running with joy towards the opened door.
Then, I was kicked away.
Someone swung a sword.
In the end, the five Kobolds were cut in half.

“Oh… I wonder what is the situation I’m stuck in.”

Four people came in.
From their outfit, it might be a warrior, a mage, a priest, and a thief. For some reason I have knowledge about it.

“Hey! Why are you entering the dungeon? It does not make sense if it’s just to kill Kobold or something ” That’s what the woman mage asked.

Somehow I understand human language, but it seems to be due to the language skills.

“That’s right. Even if you’re only killing small fish, the weapon durability will decrease if you used it. In deeper level, you might have a regret because of it.” It was the young male priest who complained.

“I’m sorry. It’s our first entry to the dungeon, I thought I can just fight all I want.” It was a fierce guy who seemed to be a warrior that replied.

“You know… As a veteran, you shouldn’t steal the monster and the treasure chest on the first floor of the dungeon. You should leave this to a beginner.”

It seemed that it was the correct manner.

“You will be moved to another team later. This is only a short trip anyway. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you found such a great companion just like that?”
“What are you expecting from the treasure chest on the basement floor …” Despite saying that, the four people approaches the attractive treasure box.

It’s over.
My life as a monster, it ends here.
No! At least I need to bite them once.
Since the other party think that I am a treasure box, I will bring them disappointment. When they are trying to open it, I will give them a surprise. Alright, come closer just like that.

“Wait, it’s a mimic!”

Suddenly the thief who has been quite till now let out a remarks.


Returning to the beginning of the story. I’m in a pinch.
I can’t even surprise them anymore since my form as a mimic has been exposed.

“Wow, are you serious?”
“So, what to do? Bombard it with magic?”
“If attacking reducing the durability of weapons, it is more wasteful to waste magical power.”
Nice job priest! In any case I am just a small fish, you guys should just leave me and go somewhere!

“That’s right. But, haven’t you encounter rare drop from mimic? Isn’t it worth it to beat it down?”

That’s wrong! I don’t have any item in my possession.

“Mimic’s rare drop is a desire medal. The effect is an increase in discovery rate. We will get a fortune if we sell it.”

At the same time as I heard that, the color of everyone’s eyes changed.
That thief! Why do you keep on saying something unnecessary?

“If you don’t want to use weapons nor magic, why don’t you try kicking it for now?”
“I agree. For a mimic in the first floor of the dungeon, I think a kick should be a sufficient attack.”

The warrior comes near.
His leg looks so muscular and full of power. After being kicked I will surely die!
From what I see, my durability is only as good as a wooden box.
What is it? Tell me the way to escape this predicament!
That’s right! I can talk to them! If they can understand me, maybe I can beg for my life!


The warrior stops his feet.
Oh! Could it be?

“Did you heard something?”
“Isn’t the mimic shaking just now?”
“Scary. Doesn’t it send shivers to your spine?”

Argh, I couldn’t communicate with them!

“Help me! Help me! Help me!”

Although the lid is shaking after all they couldn’t understand me. Huh? So the language skill is only for me to understand what they are saying?


As my last resort, the lid is opened and I tried to threatened them by showing them my fangs.
However, I collapsed and fell down.
This is the worst outcome possible. Originally I did not feel like attacking, but now I lost the chance to bite too.

“What is this thing doing?”
“Does it roll itself and now can’t move?”

Is there any other way?
In desperation I checked my stats.
The first thing to notice is the unfortunate beauty. Yeah, I do not feel as good as ever.
The other language is inorganic group+2, but it has no meaning as it can’t allow me to talk to human either.
Storage, does it even mean anything?
At last, mimicry+2! I had no choice but to try this out.

“Mimicry! Mimicry, come on, come on! Anything is okay! I just need to move away!”

Oh! It is also mimicry that I am a treasure chest now.
Then, I should be able to change my appearances.
I cried out desperately.
There was no other thing to come up with, and nothing that I can rely on.

“What the heck?”
All in all, I do not know what it is; but my legs were growing.

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