legged mimic chapter 2

Chapter 2 – leg

Something comes out.
When I desperately tried mimicry, something cold comes out because of it.
It was legs.
From the bottom of the treasure chest, human legs are growing. White and long legs are grown until the thigh.
I also can see that my arms are coming out from the sides. It has given me a shoulder too.

“Eh? Is there a Mimic like this? ”

The adventurers are puzzled by my sudden changes.


“Some monster over their normal level zone have completely different strength and behavior; there are also many variations and subspecies. This one might be…”

The priest was scratching his neck.


“Fu, Hahaha! I can move it! ”

It is a chance now while they are puzzled!
I raised my body with both hands and adjust my position. And run!
I was heading straight to the exit. There is the door, it’s going to be okay. The hands that grown along are convenient. This way, it is possible for me to open the door by grasping the knob.


At the next moment, I rubbed the floor thoroughly with my face. Oh, in this case the face is the front side of the treasure box.
I found the cause of it as soon as I shifted my gaze.
The mage caught my leg using a cane and causing me to stumble.

“Is it trying to run away? Well, I can easily handle it without using any spell.”

Damn it. Somehow, I managed to stand up again.
Still, the mage was standing in front of the only entrance.
This is not good.

Perhaps, the stats of a mage should be the weakest, but I do not feel like winning any more.


“Yeah. Do you need special conditions to defeat it? You know, what I ask is if there is a special way to make sure the mimic will drop item upon being defeated?”

The warrior comes out from behind.
All attention on the mage now. The priest and the thief are surrounding me too now.


“Yes, there is. There is a special condition.”

The thief said such thing, but I doubted it.
Lie! Is there really such thing? How come I don’t know about it!?

“Oh! Tell me then!”
“Well. It’s a rather troublesome method, but …. ”

Huh, what is it? How do I drop an item when I am killed?
I am also now listening out of my curiosity.
The attention of all adventurers now falls upon the thief,
Can I use the chance to run away now? Nope, impossible.
The thief approaches the warrior. And it went around behind him.
huh? What is he doing?
The warrior seems to be in doubt, but he decided to see whether it is part of the troublesome method mentioned earlier. And …


Damn it!

Well, yeah!?
The thief ‘s knife slashed the warrior’ s neck.
Blood is gushing out as much as it can, and it turns everything bright red. Of course, I am also drenched in the bloody mess.

What are you doing? Why did you betray your friends?
The thief, moving away from the body of the fallen warrior is now trying to attack the priest.
He delivered one fatal blow. Afterwards he jumps skillfully to the front of the mage with a sword ready to attack.

What is this?
I do not understand its meaning at all. Is this the special condition?
The thief took out the mage as well and came over with a towel that he used to wipe off the blood on his body.

Is it fun? Why does he smiled doing all of that?
Hey, come on! What is wrong with you! His eyes aren’t as if he was looking at a monster!
No, I can’t even run away in my current condition. My legs were scuffing and I could not move.

The thief walked in front of me and crouched down. Carefully he examined my legs as if he wants to licks it.


Now, what?
He started to wipe my leg with the towel on his hand.
From the base of my foot until the thigh, he wiped everything slowly and carefully to make sure no blood left in every nook and corner.

“A witch have a good figure, but it cannot be compared with this one”

*rub rub*
The thief is stroking my legs as if it was a treasure.


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Wait a moment, please! What are you doing!?
I would rather be killed; a chill runs down my spine from the fear. Oh, my spine is the back side of the treasure box.

“Ha… I want to bring it home…”

*Frozen* What is wrong with this guy!

“But, monster inside the dungeon will disappear if I bring it out from the dungeon…”

Huh? Is that so? It is also scary! I did not know that!


“But, there are monsters that managed to cross the dungeon, maybe it has something to do with how high the monster level is. It seems worth investigating about it. ”

The thief is thinking but I can feel my “time” approaching.
Please, if you want to kill me, do it now. I will die either way. It was a feeling.


“If I leave you alone in this state, you will surely die. This isn’t good.”

Yeah. I think so. As a matter of fact, I think that I will die even if I didn’t come across anything.


“I can protect it, but then the level of the monster will not rise and there are limits to keeping adventurers out of the area …. Also, I have my own matter as well …”

Yeah. It is nice to worry about me, but will you stop stroking?
I am trying to escape, but he does not even budge no matter how much I tried to move.
The gap between our levels are too wide, so any rebellion has no meaning at all.
In other words, now I am on his mercy whether he want to keep me alive or kill me.


“Oh, let’s do this!”

The thief showed a really nice smile. He seems to have come up with something.
The thief pulled out something from the pouch that was attached to his waist.
It is a red high heel.
Yeah. The pouch is obviously smaller than the high heels, isn’t that right?
While I’m pondering on the mystery behind the pouch, the thief had put the high heels on my feet.



The thief nodded in satisfaction.
All right! It is not good This isn’t a solution at all!


“This is a Legendary item; it is a foot equipment called crimson rose ”

As the name suggests, it was a red high heels decorated with roses, and somehow it was a perfect fit for my feet.


“If it was ordinary items, you cannot equip it at level 1, legendary item like this one will remove the level requirements.”

Are there such things? What are you thinking?
I mean, have you been talking to me all this time?


“Well, I have to go now. This time I am called to give some support for the boss subjugation on the 8th floor of the dungeon. I can make excuses why the three people are gone, but if nobody shows up I will be in a really bad position.”

The thief waved out lightly and left the room.
Huh? He saved me?
I could not believe it and I was stunned for a while.

“Err … … You can come out now, can you?”


The five kobold is dead and the three adventurers make this room really bloody.
Naturally there’s not much things to do in such a place.
However, it may be bad to go out without planning anything.
So, I checked my status again.



Race: Mimic
Gender: Female
Level : 1
Blessings: unfortunate beauty
Divine protection: None
Mimicry+2 (Treasure Box, Treasure Box Change)
Language (inorganic group+2, human)
Storage (※ Only on Treasure Box mimicry form)
Explosive legs (※ Only when Crimson Rose is equipped)
Item possessed:
Crimson Rose


Is my condition where I have hands and feet are considered as treasure box change? It seems that I can change to everything inside the capability of mimicry skill, so it will be possible to return to the usual treasure box.
The skill listed are increased even from equipped item as I gained an additional explosive legs skill.


“These high heels equipment, are they strong?”

The heel part is a thin and sharp pin heel, so it seems painful if you use it to step on something.
After all, I can’t understand its function only by description alone, and it doesn’t even help for me to think about it now.

Yeah. Let’s get out.
So I decided to head to the door.
But the door opened by itself.
Perhaps the thief come back? Or another adventurer?

It was a stone statue that entered while making a rattling sound.
It’s a gargoyle, a stone demon with wings. It held a jar in its hand.
Then come in a beautiful woman who wears priest’s clothes. However, because the face is dirty, is it undead?
One more person, a translucent and watery young girl came in. It should be a water spirit or water fairy.


“Hey, Hello”

I spoke to them, but I received no reply.
What is it! You!

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