Legged mimic chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Search
I’m level 10.
I see. I guess my level increased because I defeated the beginner’s party.
But if that’s true then I have defeated more than 20 adventurers with level of 10 and more, is that even possible?
Well, I don’t even understand the standard of level. I feel like I should get more level up but then it’s still alright to have this much level up.
When the thief killed his companion earlier, my level didn’t increase I guess it was because it wasn’t me that defeated them.
Even so, I thought I should have asked Suratarou senpai first; however, I don’t want to return so soon and I think it’s fine for me to ask about it later.

“Well, it’s just making me anxious because I still don’t understand anything.”

Then I looked up at the ceiling. It had cracks all over it.
Well, the ceiling is made from stone not wood. The momentum earlier even caused a crack, it was no strange thing for me to feel painful because I caused that using my head.
The increased in my defense makes my body sturdier(harder)?

“Well, I guess I need to do some experiment.”


It was a light jump. The next try, I am prepared. Because of it, it wasn’t hurt that much.
It was increasing my movement speed, because of that even if I move at full speed and crashed, it doesn’t hurt so much.
I don’t have to worry if I crashed into something at full speed since the power behind it isn’t enhanced.
This time, let’s practice moving forward. This way I don’t have to worry about hitting the ceiling and cause some cracks.

*bam* *bam* *bam*

The body wasn’t accustomed to it at first but soon enough I can move at a decent speed.
The key point is keeping my center of gravity stable by leaning my body forward.
I also able to change my speed between normal and the fastest. This way I can move at a speed which is acceptable enough for me to control.
Depending on the situation I can move slow and fast when needed. Yes, I can move quickly. But also I need to pay attention to the road whether it’s bumpy or not.
Well, somewhat I grasped the basic trick, so I resumed exploring the first dungeon floor.
When I was moving at a fast speed I can’t see the surrounding well and I get tired easily, so I decided to walk while exploring.
*Step step**Step step*
I do not know if all dungeons are the same, but it seems that the standards are quite high here.
The size of the first room I designated to was about 5 meters square, which seems to be the smallest size room.
Every aisle seemed to be separating sections as far as I see.
It was very convenient to mark the location and know your position.

“There’s something on each section.”

If you look carefully on the ground, there’s a small metallic steel plate embedded on it.
E9N12, that’s what written on this one. If I move one section down, it was E9N13.
I see. I guess this is the coordinate name. I guess that I have successfully moved one block to the north.

“So, will I found the entrance at E0N0? Let’s found it out.”

*step step**step step*
Since the design of the dungeon wasn’t that complex, following the guide of the plate I soon found the direction towards E0N0.
As I approaches close, I can hear some noise. It gets louder the closer I am there.
There’s something, because I feel uneasy, I decided to peeped at the other side quietly from the corner.
Yes, it was very convenient to be able to change your viewpoint. The limit was around 30 centimeters from my body, but it was enough since I can set starting point of my viewpoint, because of this I can peep without showing my body. (Tl note: our MC have ability to view out in 3rd person / bird view as it already happened before at 1st chapter when she examined her own body)
*shrug shrug*
There’s a large amount of adventurers, they can fill up a mountain with their number. I also can see the stairs going up, it is probably the entrance of the dungeon.
Naturally speaking, the entrance to the dungeon is supposed to be the most crowded.
There are also things that looked like stalls. It’s like a festival.

“Hmm, but I didn’t meet a lot of adventurers on my way here.”

It was so busy and bustling over here on the first floor however after I left Suratarou senpai’s room, I haven’t met any adventurers.
Apparently, most of them seemed to head eastward. Most of the adventurers were moving there and coming from there. Oh, the place I’m peeking there was placed on the north side.
Somehow, people who go there giving off ‘expert’ vibe. Their equipment is dazzling. I guess, over there is where the advanced path is located.

“Hmm. Was it analysis? If I could use that skill, I can easily found the weak guy.”

Oh dear, it was said that monsters will die if they come out from the dungeon, I wonder if I should check if it was true.
No other choice, I turned back and move.
For the time being, I won’t move towards the south so I decided to move north. It’s a pity. Let’s start with just going to the north. I want to know the size of this dungeon.
*step step*
When I turned in a corner, suddenly a black haze appeared in front of me.

“What is this?

I am thinking whether to touch it or not. When I did, I feel nothing in particular, not even the feeling that the black haze is making my hands dirty.
Well, I guess it doesn’t have any effect. I think I should keep moving forward.
Well, I should try stepping in first.
Wow, I’m alright, nothing happened to me. However, it was dark everywhere I see. I can’t see anything.
I take a step back. Oh, I can see again.
Alright, I will keep moving forward just like this.
Soon I was enveloped in darkness again. After I walk for a while, I can see lights in front of me.
I think that I have walked one block, so it seems that the dark haze zone was also occupying an area with a block measurements basis.
I can also see another dark haze area one block in front of me.
Well, in this kind of place I can only move forward.
Bright. Dark. Bright. Dark.
It appears alternately. Oh, I can see someone in front of me.


Although I was surprised and screamed, I still look at the face in front of me that looked familiar.
I guess it was called a pig-man. The monster was colored pink all over of its body and I saw it earlier at the briefing room. There are five of them.
The pig-man wasn’t expecting something to come out from the dark haze so it was surprised but it soon noticed that I am also a monster.

“Oink oink oink!”

Yup, I don’t understand it.
I wonder what’s wrong with this. Even though there are a lot of fellow monster inside the dungeon, I feel lonesome.

“Well, well, let’s give it our best!”

I try raising my hand. The pig-man also raised his hand, it seemed that my intention of sending encouragement have been accepted. Yeah.
Ah, next time I have to be careful when entering and exiting the darkness zone. Suddenly there’s sign of adventurers.
It came from the north side behind the pig-man.


I have only been moving for a bit then I heard the pig-man’s cry so I turned around.
They encountered adventurers.
Three warriors acted as the front liner. The rest of the party composed of thief, priest, and mage on the back line.
The simultaneous attack from the three warriors knocked down three pig-men in a flash.

“If it’s only level 5 orcs, we can end this easily.”
“Don’t feel complacent. After all we’re still beginners.”
“With the first strike we take down three of them already, two monsters remaining, oh, was it three?”

Oh, I seemed to be counted in the number.
However, the remaining two pig run away quickly.
I guess Suratarou senpai is correct. I can understand why they are doing this. For monsters that are designated to guard the first floor, we can’t do anything to defeat the adventurers.

“So, what now? Mimic? Well, it’s only one level 10 monster, we can defeat it.”

All of the adventurers are looking at me. I wonder if it’s a common sense for adventurers to first do analysis whenever they saw a monster.
It is easy to run away.
But, the pig killed earlier is my friend, we have a relationship of giving encouragement to each other. Since they are the enemy that killed him, I need to have my revenge!
Well, this is good anyway. I can also do some experiment! It’s like that.
The warriors come approaching while holding a shield.
Really, it’s too much for three of you going against me alone.
Anyway, experiment number one.


I kicked the floor with full power.
I almost hit the ceiling in another moment but I am prepared.
I kicked the ceiling and move towards a warrior, a falling attack!


First of all, I crushed the first person.
Hahaha! I used the sharp corner part of the treasure box and he die.
That’s right, should this technique be named Mimic Meteor?


The adventurers around are opening their eyes wide. I rushed up and started approaching the warrior nearby.

“Take this!”

The warrior swings the sword down.


Experiment no.2.
It was a bit dangerous but I wanted to know whether I can withstand their attack.
It turned out that this degree of attack which come from novice warrior have no danger for me at all.
Yeah, it’s right. Since I am a treasure box, it wasn’t even hurt when I crush a human being using my body.

“Wh-wh-what’s with this monster!”

Oh, oh, they’re panic, they are panicking!
Well, my tongue was coming out like a normal mimic, I am impatient and this is my way of showing it.
Next, experiment no.3.I’d like to use explosive legs, but since I have something on my mind, I will split the attack between the front-liner and back liner.
It’s okay if they hit my body. It is also okay that he has his shield. I just need a single person and I want to separate him from the others.
Baiting one warrior away from the rest of the group, I achieved my goals.

“Explosive legs!”

My kick landed.
Well, If it is the same as last time … ….


The warrior has exploded
It takes around 5 seconds to explode.
Somehow I can feel that the center of the explosion is the location where my kick lands. Well, it is hard to tell about that because they exploded without anything remaining.


The remaining four adventurers ran away. They are rushing away to the darkness zone.
Oh dear. When their fellow adventurers exploded, they escape without caring for anything.


I chased after them into the darkness zone at once.


All the adventurers are petrified seeing me in front of them.

“Hahahahahah! You can’t run away from me, the mimic!”

Oh! I am playing with them.
They think they have escaped but I have long surpassed them in the darkness zone.
After that, I wait for them here.

“Explosive legs!”

I quickly get close to the warrior who is at the front and kicked.
I retreated.
Okay, five seconds.


The warrior exploded.
The thief who are nearby also received a lot of damage from the fragments of the exploding warrior.
After another five seconds.

*bang bang bang*

The remaining thief, priest, and mage all exploded at once.
Yeah. The explosion can be chained. Since the first warrior exploded far away from them, I wonder if the chain explosion is only possible if they are in close range.
It was a strange feeling, knowing that I am calm despite all of that.
Well, I’m twisted right?

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