legged mimic chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Slime

I was saved.
All the enemies have been wiped out.
I don’t understand how all of them exploded to pieces.

“What is this? I only tried the explosive legs skill once right?

It was for my initial attack and the kick itself was blocked by the guide brother’s shield.
Nevertheless, the guide brother’s explosion and the explosion of everyone in the beginner party, there is only small gap time between them.

“Well I am saved, but…”

I come closer to look at the situation.
All around the vicinity of the door entrance was dyed red up to the ceiling.
There is no corpse left, even if there’s some, it was just lumps of meat. Their equipment wasn’t in good condition too; it was in a mess.
After that, the entrance door disappeared.

“Oh, that’s the guide book that I want over there.”

There was an adventurer who had a guidebook on this labyrinth.
I want to have my hands on this so bad but what’s left of it now is pieces of paper.

“There’s some noise created earlier, I better leave this place now.”

Since it’s a dead end behind me, I need to get out of here fast or I will encounter the same situation if another group of adventurers show up.
After checking the place where the beginners party group exploded once again and make sure I missed nothing, I decided to leave this place.
Beyond the bloody scene, another door opened.

Well, where should I go now?
If it was another group of adventurers coming from the door, I will still have no way to escape from this place.
Hmmm, nope, I don’t think being a coward won’t do any good.
I still don’t get it perfectly but the explosive legs skill must be powerful.
So, for the time being, I decided to look into the room.
I don’t feel calm if I should be staying still waiting for the enemy to come. In another point, if I wait near the door, only one enemy at a time will appear.



I opened the door and tried to shout to anyone.
But, the room is empty. Even if there’s a monster inside it will be such a waste for me to greet them.


There’s a voice coming from the ceiling.
When I look up, there’s a green sticky thing on the ceiling.

“Eh? Can you speak? ”

I was wondering if I could talk to inorganic thing.

“Because I can be considered as a trap, I also have inorganic language skill.”
” Ha ha. When the adventurer comes in, you fall down from above.”
” Yes. So, my whole body can melt thing inside me. Well, come in first. The condition of the hallway right now is rather dangerous.”

It is. Right now I am still peering at the room. So, I go inside and closed the door.

“Are you alone?”
“Yes, I’m alone. I don’t know where I am and how big is this place.”

Around half of the ceiling was covered in green.

“Although I can’t see, I know you’re a mimic. Then where is the room that you’re supposed to guard? Seems like you are allowed to go out of your room.”

Yeah. I can understand that feeling, knowing nothing else except for my own identity as a mimic.

“Oh, I was born recently. Yes, for some reason I can go out from my room.”
“I’m Suratarou the slime. I have lived for 2 cycles so I am your senior.”
“Suratarou senpai! I am Harumi the mimic.”

After that, I told him the story.

“Fu Fu. So, what are you going to do? You, are you a wandering monster now? Well, if that’s what happened then you shouldn’t be able to enter your designated room.”
“Ah, about that, I hope I can find a peaceful place for a while so I can think carefully about my future plans.”
“Oh, if that’s the case then it’s fine. You can take back your limbs and pretend to be a treasure chest in the corner of the room.

huh? I haven’t think about it well but I guess this will do for now.
Then I thought about the mimicry skill in my mind.
Just like that, I returned to my initial form, an ordinary looking treasure box. It seems that the high heels that I am wearing on the feet are stored as they are, If I summoned my arms and legs, it is automatically worn on my feet.

“Adventurers usually checked the ceiling before they entered the room. However, they didn’t even bother to enter when they saw me. That’s why I could survive for so long.”

I see. The beginner party earlier have a guide with them so they should know about such basic measures when entering a room.
But, it wasn’t that simple. Even if they know that there is a slime trap inside, they might decide to enter if they saw a treasure box.
Well, but it’s still better than roaming around with limbs for now.

“Umm, Suratarou senpai. What do you think I should do in the future?”
“Hmm, let me think. The circumstances between me and you are different so you might need a different way to survive.”

That’s right. The question I asked earlier was too vague.
So let’s ask about more specific things.

“It was said that I should try to survive for five days, what will happen after that?”
“It will be the end of the cycle. The dungeon here is opened for five days then we will have two days off.”
“So it’s a two days’ weekend…”

It was more than I expected. The dungeon is opened for 24 hours!

“Because the maintenance of the dungeon will take place during the off season, adventurers also withdraw and we can relax during that time.”
“Do you know what day it is now?”
“The first day isn’t even over. It’s only been 8 hours since the cycle started.”

Gah. It’s only been 8 hours! One-third of a day?

“Oh, how do you know how long has passed? I was in trouble because there was no way to know it. ”
“Don’t you know it if you checked the clock? Oh, it seems that there’s no clock at your room.”

Huuuuh? Clock? Do you even have it Suratarou senpai? You’re just stuck to the ceiling.

“You can buy it using points. After you bought the clock, it will be displayed on your stats screen.”
“Oh! There’s such a thing! But what is points? ”
“Point accumulates when you defeat an adventurer. But, it is only transferred to you after a cycle is over.”
“That’s a good thing I suppose. So, it was possible to buy things.”

I was excited somehow.
The situation has not changed at all, but I feel like I’m going to put some effort if there’s such fun thing.

“Well, shopping is indeed little fun for us. Is there anything else you would like to ask? ”
“Mhm, that’s right. I learned a skill called exploding legs, do you know something?”
“I don’t know. Does it have something to do with equipment that you got from humans?”
“That’s right. Well, after I was equipped with this, I wonder why it doesn’t increase my offensive strength?”
“Is it a foot equipment? Maybe it was categorized as armor. Basically it is increasing your defensive power. I wonder if there’s some effect to your movement speed too since it was a foot equipment.”

I see…My kicking power, in other words, my attack power does not increase.
I still don’t know the effect of explosive legs and it’s making me feel uneasy.
I am also wondering how much defense power is increased.

“You need a plug-in to see a more detailed stat. You can ask for appraisal of items, but anyway you need points. ”

Points. Then, I wonder if I should kill some adventurers.

“Well, I do not know what it is, but having limbs is advantageous. You can equip armor and weapons as well. I do not have any part that can be equipped ”

Yeah. Suratarou senpai, I don’t even know where your head is located.

“Well, do you think you are going to stay here for a bit?”
“I do not mind … but this is not perfectly safe here. If someone entered the room and noticed me, they will think that it was troublesome to attack the guy on the ceiling. But, I was lucky enough to be that kind of guy on the ceiling. My movement speed on the other hand is very slow, if someone decided to shot a fire spell, that’s the end of me.”

However, if I’m in my treasure box form, the possibility of adventurers that decided to step inside the room will increase. I also don’t know if Suratarou senpai is bothered by me or not.
Well, I am able to go out from my designated room. I do not know how long I can live in the future but I think that being confined is also undesirable.
Well, I have to calm down for now and think about my future carefully. Let’s do it step by step.

“Well, first of all, I want to know the layout of the first floor of the dungeon.”
“However it will require you to become a wandering monster.”
“By the way, Suratarou senpai, what is outside?”
“I don’t know because I never leave the dungeon. You need to be brought by dungeon keeper to go in and out of the dungeon.”

The old man who brought me to the first floor on the carriage seems to be a dungeon keeper.
He will come again at the end of the cycle to gather the surviving monster.

“Well, I also need a place for me to practice. I still don’t understand about the explosive legs skill.”
“Well, I didn’t recommend battle though. There is nothing to do in the first floor of the dungeon, and I think that it would be better if you run away if you only need to survive. In most cases, we monster can’t defeat adventurers who come here prepared. It’s already very lucky for us to survive, not to mention the difference of level between us and adventurers; we also lack combat training compared to them.”

Yeah. Well, I don’t think I have any combat capabilities or experience, but I have crimson rose. Let’s make use of it to the fullest extent.

“Alright then. I wanted to look around the area first.”

I grow my limbs and stand up.
Unlike the first time, the whole process went smoothly.

” Oh. Come back anytime. I will be here to welcome you again.”
“Yes, thank you!”

I walk out of the room and inspected the surrounding area. Fortunately, there are no adventurers nearby.
So, let’s practice some basic movements.
I could not control it a little while ago, but if I can master it, it should be useful in various situations.
Let’s practice some quick dash!


“It hurts…”

Ah, what happened? I hit the ceiling again. But I was doing it without any force.

“Maybe there’s something wrong.”

I tried to check my stats again.

Race: Mimic
Gender: Female
Level : 10
Blessings: unfortunate beauty
Divine protection: None
Mimicry+2 (Treasure Box, Treasure Box Change)
Language (inorganic group+2 , human)
Storage (※ Only on Treasure Box mimicry form)
Explosive legs (※ Only when Crimson Rose is equipped)
Item possesed:
Crimson Rose

Oh! I leveled up!

(Tl note: I wonder if someone is kind enough to give me 1300 yen to buy the book for the complete illustration XD… I am dying to see the book illustration~)

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