master of dungeon chapter 32

Master of Dungeon chapter 32 – Wild Forest Dungeon

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“Where will I find moon flower in this kind place?”
Varn can only curses silently. Inside the F rank Wild Flower dungeon, the tall grass on the ground true purpose will be to provide cover for traps and it increases the danger that every dungeon raider will have to face. What Varn thought to be an easy job at first was giving him a threat at this point.

“No wonder that even F rank dungeon will have a hard time accumulating points to generate artefacts, lots of newbie dungeon raider will fall victim and it will be enough for it to maintain the dungeon upkeep DP cost.”

Taking a small dagger from his back, Varn start to move forward while cutting some grass in front of him. The mission that he takes for this dungeon is to gather moon flower. It usually grows near water source and bloomed at moonlight. However, since he is inside the dungeon it will be hard to tell whether it was day or night because the tall trees blocked the sky and the master of dungeon itself can manipulate the dungeon environment and can make it forever day or night.

Varn keep on clearing the path in front of him before he feels something is wrong. Because of his frequent training inside his own dungeon against monster, he has some kind of intuition. His intuition is telling him that something is wrong. Some kind of impending danger. Suddenly the ground shakes and he can see the trees and grass in front of him is moving.

“Not good!”

Varn immediately run backwards trying to reach the dungeon entrance. Although he just arrived and it will be a shame if he comes out immediately and failed his first dungeon raiding, the most important thing is to preserve his own life. Not just for his own sake but it is also for the sake of his parents. He wants to take revenge for them.

As Varn moves towards the dungeon entrance, suddenly the trees and grass is moving and the entrance to the dungeon is now blocked. He realized that at this moment he was trapped inside this dungeon. The trees and grass turned into some kind of maze and Varn only has one choice if he wants to get out from this dungeon. He need to clear the dungeon or destroy its dungeon core.

Varn has a question inside his mind. Why did the dungeon suddenly changes? Could it be the dungeon master knows that he is coming inside the dungeon? Or is it the characteristic of this wild forest dungeon? Because in reality Varn knows nothing about this dungeon. It also makes him determined to investigate about the next dungeon that he is going to enter.

For now, it was too late to come out from the entrance. It was too late make regrets and with determination to comes out alive, Varn proceed forward, stepping deeper into the dungeon.


Inside the Wild Flower dungeon, there is a group of dungeon raiders made up of three men and one girl. The girl was in his teens and the men is older by several years.

“Mina, stay close to me!”

One of the man quickly moves and take position in front of the girl as soon as he feels the ground is shaking and their environment is changing.

“Rudi, what is happening?”
“I don’t know Ryud! This is our third time entering this dungeon and this never happened before.”
“Sean! Do you know something about this? Have you ever heard about this?”

Sean is the oldest person in this party and have more experience compared to Rudi and Ryud. He enters the wild flower dungeon frequently but judging from the confused look on his face, this is the first time it ever happens too.

“I don’t know. I have entered the wild flower dungeon several times but this is the first time it happens. I never heard of other dungeon raiders experiencing this kind of phenomenon either!”

Clearly the dungeon is changing, Sean couldn’t even recognize the layout of the dungeon anymore. It can be said that he remembers the dungeon layout and equivalent to have remembered the dungeon map but at this point clearly the map inside his head isn’t useful anymore. As he is trying to examine their situation, he heard several growls coming towards them from the distance.

“This is bad! Goblins!”

Ryud, Rudi and Sean takes out their swords out of their sheath and Mina at this point holding a bow. Goblins is one of low rank monster and can be found on F rank dungeon. Their battle power isn’t high but their strongest point comes with their numbers. It was rare for goblin to appear alone and usually it will appear in a party of 3 at least.

“Prepare for battle!”

Mina can only stare at the distance where the growls comes from. Not long after, five goblins appeared in front of her.

This is her first time entering a dungeon and never in her dreams it will turn out this way. She has heard from her brother that the wild forest dungeon only has several low rank monster and the most powerful monster inside this dungeon is goblin. Her brother told her that he could barely defeats a goblin last time and at that time he comes inside with four other F rank dungeon raider. That time, the party engaging battle with three goblins. Looking at five goblins in front of her and two other dungeon raider beside her brother, she knows the future looks grim.


Sean, Ryud and Rudi can only move forward to attack the goblins because they don’t want to give the chance for the goblins to encircle their party.

Varn is still moving forward while carefully examining his surroundings. Faintly he could hear monster growls and the sound of weapon clashing in the distance. Going closer to the source of the sound, it is getting clearer and louder. The sound of weapons clashing, growls and shouts.

“It doesn’t sound good.”

With his dagger in hand, Varn starts to run forward towards the battle ground.