25 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 31

  1. So, I have little request for the people that manage this website and/or LN.
    You see, I couldn’t remember what happened in the previous chapters so I wanted to go back and read them before I started on this one. Unfortunately, that took far more effort than it should. Let me sum it up.

    Step 1. Go to the bottom of the chapter and use the navigate button to go to the previous chapter.
    This fails because instead of going to something relevant, it goes to a previous post which in most cases is a completely different LN. I can’t be sure but I don’t think many people use that button, ever.

    Step 2. Use the url and change ‘chapter-31’ to ‘chapter-30’.
    Once again, this fails because it uses a completely irrelevant date in the url. I mean, everybody remembers the date the previous chapters were posted on, right?

    Step 3. Use the index of the LN.
    You guessed it, this fails because index isn’t updated and the last chapter there is chapter 26. Hurray.

    Step 4. Find category where new updates of the LN are posted in so you can browse backwards and get to the correct chapters.
    Fourth fail because just about every chapter of every LN on this site are posted in ‘Uncategorised’.

    Step 5. Use the search bar to find the relevant chapters.
    Another fail because there isn’t even a search bar.

    Step 6. Go to new posts, scroll all the way down, click on ‘older posts’. Rinse and repeat until you get to the desired chapter and hope in the meantime you’re not scrolling past it without noticing. The longer the time between posting (in this case, around a month), the more fun it is.

    So people, could you please fix this? I mean, if you translate but there isn’t even a relevant way to read the chapters you might as well not translate at all. Or if you’re just using this website but not running it, try to find a different one. Clearly a LN hosting website that fails one of the two primary things it should do (giving a pleasant reading experience (fonts, size etc) and a decent navigation) isn’t a decent one.

    Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed, because you know, I am.

    Thanks for the chapter though, I’m looking forward to more.

  2. Looks to me the stakes are quite high for him espescially when other dungeon masters can actually tell that there’s another dungeon master entering their own dungeon.

  3. i thought every DM status was hidden, but cant be hidden from from people who have same job DM huh? thx for chapter!

    btw, that was dangerous flag?the fact his status was DM will known, if DR guild founder was DM and he was the one that own that dungeon!

  4. If you need web editor i have free time to do it Give me a email if you need help with it
    love the story’s site just needs some tlc

  5. A DM WILL know any one that enter his/her/it dungeon, except the entity that enter are far more higher then DM.

    btw about TOC i agree that this website do not provide an accurate link. and to find what we want need REALLY huge effort, and luck. please for admin to look on this matter. or please for the one who post here to make TOC. thank you for consider this.

    sincerely yours

    your reader

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  7. I understand that real life sometimes gets in the way, but it kinda makes people believe you’re crying wolf when at the last chapter you say will put out 3 chapters tomorrow and still nothing posted after months. Just a thought, instead of trying to juggle all these stories on here how about just having maybe the top 5 or so most popular ones and releasing on a timely basis instead of all these stories with a real off again on again release schedule. Your way of doing things is like a workaholic which starts tons of projects but finishes none of them. I’m really not trying to be a troll here, but if you want a steady build up of readers and donations than you have to have a steady release schedule and come through on your promises.

  8. With how long its been maybe the author ran into serious irl troubles or just gave up. Not sure if snowfallsdown is the author or just the person who posts it but he’s made other posts after this so yeah. Not hopeful thisll get resolved anytime soon.

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