Neta Chara Chapter 22

Neta Chara Chapter 22: Scourge

(Tl note: neta chara 2/3)

Today dinner had a new addition rather than the usual three people. It was Rina that was my natural enemy which caused me to have fireball syndrome.

Rina’s favorite food was sausages and thinly sliced fried potato chips. Furthermore today we also have some fruit wine instead of regular alcohol drink. It was made from fermented fruit and had a sweet taste that was popular for women.

From earlier, Rina had opened a bottle and drank it all down.

“Onee-chan, why? Why did you choose him as your master?”
it seemed that her behavior had been affected by the alcohol.

“Have you fall for his trap? Why you didn’t noticed my love?”

“Rina, have you been drinking?”
Annabella asked worriedly as Rina fumble and landed on Miri chest.

“Onee-sama chest is one of the best. It should belong to me. Only to me.”
It seemed that Rina had completely entered drunk mode.

As she got up, she immediately casted 《fireball》. Surely if it hits I will be bursting into flames.

“Hey you!”
Rina approached me and grab the nape of shirt. Her face coming close to me and I could see myself reflected on her eyes. Pink cheeks and Rina face were also beautiful with breast that isn’t losing to Miri or Annabella. Although she was pretty short but still she was a beautiful girl… but that fireball..

“What is it?”
Rina is acting funny right now. Maybe she really did drink too much.

“Rina, are you okay? Did you drink too much?”

“ah… I need to calm down.”

Rina then let me go and walked towards Miri. Her face was now really red.

“Onee-sama, Onee-sama, Onee-sama!”
Rina then wobbly put her face on Miri’s chest.


“This is mine! This is mine! This is mine!”
obviously Rina is very drunk by now.

“Annabella, I think you should take Rina to calm down.”

“You! What are you saying?”
unsteadily, Rina turned towards me and another fireball was launched.


The smell of burning flesh was rising on the air. Really, this time the attack landed. The pain spread as my skin and flesh were burned. My HP bar was reduced by half.

the girl’s breath was stopped for a moment. While Rina body was shaking.

“This is your fault! Your fault!”

Rina then shouted and turned frantic. Miri on the other hand approached me in a rush and casted 《heal》 on me.

“Kent! Are you okay? Hang in there!”
Miri was crying as if she was afraid of something. The pain gradually reduced as my skin was healing. Anabella on the other hand took off my remaining clothes.

“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.”
Rina was trembling and curled up in the corner and like a broken tape recorder playing words of apology. Her eyes were empty.

“Rina, up to this point I have been holding back but what you did today is unforgivable. One wrong step and Kent life would be in danger.”
Hearing Miri’s words, Rina’s body shook greatly.

“Miri onee-sama… really it was an accident.. hyi!”

“Miri, I’m good now after you healed me.”

“Kent, what are you saying? You are almost dead!”
Miri was staring at my face with disbelieve.

“That’s not good Kent-sama. She need to learn her place!”
even Annabella was shouting right now. She also seemed to be angry. Annabella then whispered something to Miri and she noded.

“Rina, do you want to killed Kent?”

“That… I want to kill him! I want to erase him without a trace.”

“It will be the same as killing me.”
Rina then looked down when she heard that.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me onee-sama. I don’t really want to do that.”
Rina then apologized deeply until her head touched the floor.

“Even if I accepted your apology, how can I let someone who tried to assassinate the black dagger’s master get away?”
Rina then tried to appeal to Miri.

“No, really it was an accident! All the things I said was a mistake”

“Miri, don’t do that!”

a mere one or two shots of fireball was really dangerous but what happened to Miri happiness was more important. I don’t want to see Miri killing someone.

“Rina, you should be grateful because of Kent’s magnanimity. If not you will be dead by now. Why don’t you offer your body to him as an apology? Be his sex slaves or you can try to kill me in a fight to death.” Miri said that in a pressuring tone.

“Miri, I’m okay. I’m sure Rina did that not on purpose.”
this time I felt sorry for Rina. Being forced to choose between sexual slaver or death was bad.

“Kent, be quiet.”
Miri’s words were cold and indifferent. As she said the death verdict once again.
“choose, death or become a slave?”

at this point, Miri’s dagger was already placed on Rina’s neck.

“Onee-sama, please forgive me. It was an accident.”
Rina answered while crying.

“Which one?”
But Miri was ruthless.

“If…I have to choose… slave… I’ll become Kent sex slave. I’ll give him my body.”

Miri kept on pressing the issue.

“Tonight we will suppressed Kent’s 【sexual prodigy】 side effect. You will participate in it and you have to be able to satisfy him.”
at that declaration, Rina broke down.


How did this happened?

Three women are going to wash my body in the bath. They were not wearing even a single piece of clothes to hide their body. Miri, Annabella and Rina. Rina petite body was placed on my right shoulder and she was using her tongue to lick the trace of wound that she caused. It was hard to held back the feeling as I embraced her body.

“You, why did you suddenly hugged me?”
Rina immediately tried to cast a fireball but stopped by a pendant that looked like a silver medal. It was a magic tool called ‘magic sealing pendant’. It was a tool created in order to seal the wearer’s magic power. For my own safety, it had been attached to Rina by Miri. Thanks to that I don’t have to be worried about that fireball syndrome anymore.

Rina without her magic power was only a petite powerless girl. Free to be trampled over.

“Rina please do your job!”
with that words from Miri she replied: “Miri onee-sama, I understand.”

Rina’s body touched mine as she washed my body but honestly there was still a gap of volume between her and Miri and Annabella. Her’s were still growing but I don’t really hate it.

“You know I’m only doing this so I’m not killed by onee-sama.”
Rina said that impatiently and resumed her job.

“Miri, I think this is enough already. I don’t really hate her.”

“Kent, you are too gentle. You were nearly killed by her so of course this is her punishment.”

Miri didn’t even allowed Rina to speak anymore as it will make her feel bad.

“Firstly, let’s soak in the bathtub first so we won’t catch a cold.”
in accordance to Annabella recommendation, we entered the bath and cleaned our body.

“As usual, the bath is good.”

on my left and right side, Annabella and Miri were sitting. On top of my outstretched legs, there was Rina.

“Do you feel forced to be my sex slaves?”
I asked Rina but she didn’t replied.
“Fool! I’m only here because of onee-sama. I will only helped you to relieve your 【sexual prodigy】 side effect. But also this is my first time.”

“Ah, is that so? She sounds determined but Kent-sama if you want, Miriaria and me are willing to serve you with all our body and will be better.” as she said that, Annabella face was full of determination. After all Miri and Annabella had dedicated their lives to me.
“Well, Rina is also good.”

“That’s right, Rina you have to pledge yourself as Kent’s sex slave.”
Hearing Miri’s words I really felt sorry for Rina. At first place she was only here because Miri asked her to be my tutor but after some incident now it turned out to this.

“Miriaria onee-sama, are you sure of this? I’ll be following Kent’s command?”

“Rina, are you going to do it or not?”

“Ah, I don’t know anymore. Forgive me onee-sama. I, Rina Doman, will pledged my loyalty to serve Kent, the master of black dagger household.”

after that, we finished our bath and went up to the bedroom.

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