Neta Chara Chapter 23

Neta chara chapter 23: atonement
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At first it was painful. Really it hurt so much.

I was a fool who believed when he said that ‘he will do me gently’. However I thought the pain I had caused for Kent was more painful.

That time when I drunk some fruit wine, I don’t know why but my body was feeling hot looking at Kent’s face. Even when I first met him and teaching him, I only thought of him as someone who stole onee-sama from me.

Right now, I’m accepting all of him.

“Rina, does it hurt?”

how sly was he for saying that at this moment? But because of that it wasn’t so painful for me. This was also my atonement for Kent. It was also my promise to onee-sama. Because I had to become his sex slave.

“Miri, Annabella, help me caress her so Rina doesn’t feel too painful.”

under such stimulus in fact I didn’t feel the pain anymore. The feeling was gradually getting better.

Onee-sama and Annabella started to lick my chest because of his words. When compared to the two, mine was inferior but the ticklish feeling coming from it had increased.


“Rina, are you getting turned on?”

I can feel my face was burning when I heard that. Onee-sama and Annabella that were playing my chest earlier now had explored all over my body.

“Rina is cute. I can’t hold myself back.”

as Kent said that, my brain was melting.

No, this was atonement. This was my punishment. How can it be this comfortable?

“Idiot… don’t say that.”

I have always hated this guy from the beginning but now… I might like him more than I liked onee-sama. Ah, onee-sama was sucking on my chest and she also heard that.

“Rina, is it possible that you will be Kent’s favorite?”

“Onee-sama… I’m doing this… because of you!”

ah, I am feeling conflicted. This was atonement for my fault but if I fall in love with Kent, this was not punishment anymore. Why I have became so indecisive?

“I like Rina…”

What a sly boy! How should I feel after hearing that?

The pleasure that Kent gave me had caused my mind to feel numb. Even my consciousness was going wild.


When I regained my consciousness, Kent was doing onee-sama. The onee-sama that always wear composed face was right now being ravaged. It was the face of a female being pleased by a wild beast. I was excited seeing her expression that she never show before. Kent also showed a satisfied expression like before when he was doing it with me. Onee-sama body little by little started to tremble. Apparently she had reached her climax. Her desire had been fulfilled.

After that, Kent looked at me again after onee-sama collapsed on the bed.

“Rina, did you watch me doing it with Miri?”
I was embarrassed and looked away.

“No, I didn’t see anything.”

after that, Kent had been invading me again.

“Don’t lie to me. If you lie I’ll punish you.”

“No, that wasn’t a lie.”

after that the beast was rampaging inside of me. Intense pleasure climbed up better than the first time. Right now I’m sure my face was melting like onee-sama earlier. The intense pleasure made me want to surrender.


Phew… It’s finished.
I need to clean up the battle field.

The three girls in front of me were sleeping quietly like the river. The ‘beast’ inside of me had been attacking Rina mercilessly and hungrily devoured her even though it’s her first time. But since it wasn’t enough, I also eat Miri and Annabella in the process. In particular even though it’s Rina first time, she tried her best to cope up with me. It showed me her devotion. After watching the girls comforting the ‘beast’ my next goal is to control this ‘beast’. The three girls that had a hard time to suppressed it, I gave them a kiss of gratitude. Rina was being sandwiched comfortably in the middle of Miri and Annabella chest. I was watching them from the edge of the bed.

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