Neta chara chapter 28

Chapter 28: Hunter training school

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After we resolved the problem about Feria in the guild and finished our lunch, I was interested while reading on the characters written on the wall’s blackboard.

“Hunter training school is recruiting students. More info can be known at the counter.”

“What is it, Kent?”
Miri was reacting to my gaze.

“It’s just that I saw the info about the hunter training school, and I was wondering about it.”

“Oh, the hunter training school? It was a school that teaches the basic combats for close combatant.”

“Basic combat for close combatant?”
As I said that, Rina is looking at me angrily.

“Did you really forget what I tell you? 「Warrior」, 「Swordsman」, 「Scout」, 「Hunter」, 「Sorcerers」, 「Spearman」, 「Healer」 are some of the jobs and close combatant includes 「Warrior」, 「Swordsman」, 「Scout」, 「Hunter」, 「Spearman」. The close combatant job usually the one that goes to training school that is suitable for their level. Even if you don’t have the job, you can still, at least, gain some close combat skill and earn a class.”

“Oh, does Kent want to enter the hunter training school? Do you have a class in mind?”
Feria who has been listening all along is interested.
“By the way, what is the color of Kent’s ID card?”

Speaking was too much of a hassle so I put my ID card on top of the table.

“What! That color!”
Annabella immediately blocks Feria mouth as her voice was getting loud.

“Feria, please keep the color of Kent-san’s card a secret. If a word of it were to leak out you will be executed by the city lord.”

Feria then noded after some moments and her face turned pale.

“anyway Kent, just put away your card already.” This time, Feria was forcing me to put away my card. After that, she looked at me while lowering her gaze.

“Kent I wonder if you will regret taking me in. my card color is only green.”

After that, I tried to look at her status from the party screen.

Name: Feria
Race: Demi-human
Age: 18
Combat job: –
General job: Waiter Lv 12, Citizen Lv 18
Special skill: –
Combat skill: –
General skill: etiquetteEquipment:
right hand: –
left hand: –
Armor: waiter outfit
Accessories: Headband
Language: westron
Title: Kent’s slave (sex)

“It’s okay Feria even if you’re green.”
After consoling her, I also looked at Rina status.

Name: Rina Doman
Race: Magic race
Age: 16
Hunter rank: 15
Combat job: Sorcerer Lv 20
General job: Researcher Lv 45, Citizen Lv 16
Special skill: Fast Chant Lv 1, No Chant Lv 1
Combat skill: Attack magic Lv 2, Recovery magic Lv 1, Auxiliary magic Lv 1
General skill: Appraisal (person), Ancient text deciphering Lv 2, document creation Lv 3, magic knowledge Lv 1, magic tool knowledge Lv 2Equipment:
right hand: ring of wisdom
left hand: –
Armor: magic robe
Accessories: Demon pendant
Language: westron , Draconic, beast language, mystic language
Title: Kent’s slave (sex) , magician, researcher

Indeed, she was a researcher that give a scholarly vibe. The color of her card is blue by the way.

“So, Kent-san are you going to enter the hunter training school?”
Annabella asked to me timidly.

“Will I be able to get a job if I enrolled?”

“Currently, the hunter training school is looking for 「Demon hunter」, 「Kingdom’s soldier」, and 「Mercenaries」.”

“I won’t let you enter or chose one of these 3 available.”


“Kent, these three positions are a dangerous ones and it can even cost you your life. I could never allow you to choose such a job.”
Miri said that as if she was an overprotective mother however Annabella seemed to agree too.

“How about becoming a 「Guild member」or 「researchers?」”
“Or taking the magic certification exam in the magic guild and become 「magician」 or 「healer」?”
“but speaking of which, what is Kent magic affinity?” Feria question hits at a painful place.

“Have you check your magic affinity Kent?”
“He is one of the lost people however he doesn’t have some magical power for now.”

With that, my course of action was decided.

“I will be entering the hunter training school.”

“however don’t enroll to any of the jobs, do it to learn some self-defense technique only.” Miri reminded me.

“Onee-san is too overprotective.”

“Rina, carelessness and complacency are the worst and could lead to a bad result.”
Miri voice was so loud and it even on a high tension. After that, I was helped by Feria to enroll at the hunter training school.

In the counter, a young man greeted us.
“How may I help you?”
It was a man but his voice was so cute, I am even shocked for a while at the gap between visual and voice. Ah, I remember it was all because of the illusion glasses.

I have an urge to see the face and took of my glasses but I need to maintain my self-control while hearing the details of the hunter training school.

“I want to enter the hunter training school, can I ask the procedure?”

“yes, but which course? Warrior, swordsman, scout, hunter, or spearman?”

“Is it possible to take all of them at once?”

The man’s face then become a big question mark.

“usually, we only have one course per person since if just in case there is a job acquisition it will be hard to take another course.”

“Well, how many days does it usually take before a person get a job acquisition?”

“usually, they will have acquired their job on the 3rd day on average.”

If a normal person needed three days, I may need a little bit more.

“Three days to acquire a close combat job?” the young man behind the counter then said that because of Feria remarks.

“Feria, you should know it since you’ve been here for a while it wasn’t that short.”

“Yes, but it’s been a while since I explained about job acquisition of close combatant so maybe I have forgetten about it.”

The young man could only shake his head.

“Then, should I also try to accompany you, Kent?”
Hearing that, I started to imagine Feria wearing a bikini armor.

“Oh, Feria you also want to enroll?”

“If Kent and I can be in the same course then it was not a problem.”
In that situation, I don’t know of what to do so I just decided whatever suits me.

“If you’re content with that then it’s okay.”

“yeay, Kent is giving his consent. Hyan!”
Suddenly Feria was raising her voice. It seemed that Rina was rubbing her chest from behind.

“There, take that!”

I look behind and Miri was there too.

“So, Kent have you choose your course?”

I am thinking for a while before deciding.
“Probably I will choose the warrior course to raise my physical strength?”

“yeah, that was a good plan. Warrior also uses heavy equipment which will increase the training effect.”

After that, the young man behind the counter asked me.
“So you will enroll in the warrior course along with Feria, is that correct?”

The young man wanted to confirm before someone speak again.

“I will also enroll in the warrior course along with Kent-san.”
Annabella declaration caused a silence.

“Well, Annabella is also going to enter the warrior course?”

“Yes, as your personal caretaker I need to make sure I am there if there’s an emergency and to protect you. Entering the warrior course is not a big deal.”
Annabella actually did all of this while thinking of me… it’s all for my sake.

“So, it will be three people enrolling in the warrior course, since it was everyone’s first time, it is free to enter the course.”
The man said that and it was good that the expenses were covered.

“Do you need anything else?”

“To complete the registration, please fill the name, age, race and information on this document.”
The man then gave each of us a piece of paper.
“When you completed the training school you will automatically be registered as a hunter and your ID card will have something called HR or hunter rank, please note that.”

Speaking of hunter rank, Miri rank was 200.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Okay, if you have finished with the documents, you can come in the morning tomorrow to attend the course. Feria, don’t you need to make a request of absence?”
The young man seemed to be asking about Feria.

“No, I have already resigned from this place and will serve the black dagger household starting tomorrow.”

“What? Is that true? How can you speak something like that so lightly? You know that by requesting your retirement you need to at least search for replacement, or if not you will get penalty.”
The young man face was changed into unsightly ones.
“Miriaria-san, is that true?”

The young man was looking at Miri.
“Well… it’s like that.”
Miri seemed to be troubled and Annabella came to the rescue.

“It’s just the black dagger household is wanting to have Feria-san serving in the house. We will be the one that will handle the penalty.”

“It was too sudden. However, since it was the black dagger household, and the penalty will be paid…”
The man was thinking for a while before he suddenly thought of something.

“Miriaria-san instead of paying the penalty, how about you do one request? It’s only a request.”

“Well, I still don’t know about that. What kind of request? Since I still need to take care of Kent.”

“If it was for someone of S rank like Miriaria-san I believe it won’t take long. It was a simple one.”

“What’s the request?”

“yes, there is an abyss gate detected in the nearby settlement and some Goblin species has run amok in the village. Today, that village has turned into a nest of demon and the number of monster residing is around 500, the reward is 1 gold coin.”

“That pay isn’t even good. And it’s a goblin out of all race.”
Miri was discussing the work and we can only watch in silence.

“So, will you do it?”

“I don’t really want to do it. What will happen if I don’t do it?”

“Hmm… I will reject their training course application?”

“Miri, if you don’t want, we can always do other training later.”
When I said that, Miri was looking at me.

“It can’t be helped. I will do it. Please give me the map of the location, and Rina please lend me a hand so we can finish it quickly.”

“Well, Onee-san, you want me to help? But you know, Kent 「Sexual prodigy」 skill need to be relieved.”
Miri then dragged Rina in her arms while walking out.

“Don’t worry, we will be back in around three days. As for your 「Sexual prodigy」, I will leave it to you, Annabella and Feria. Please take care of Kent.”

“Onee-san, I also want to stay to prevent the skill.”
“Talk later after we come back.”
Miri then after receiving the map from the man and went out of the building.

I’m sorry Miri, it’s all because of me that you have to go through all this trouble.

“Well, so it will all be proceeding as planned before.”
After that, the young man behind the counter smiled as we leave.

“Although it was only temporary but this case is closed already.”
It was Feria ridiculous statement but it was true. I can even feel my body was feeling tired and on the way back we rode a horse drawn carriage towards Miriaria residence.

Author note: for a while Miri and Rina won’t be here as Anabella will teach Feria all of her duties

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