Neta Chara Chapter 26

Neta Chara chapter 26

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“The World’s best magic tool shop, Vittoria Shop!”
that was the sign that was hung on the edge of the eaves of the building. This was the magic tool shop that Rina recommend for me. The shopkeeper seemed to be a young teenager and immediately greeted me when I come in.

“How may I help you? My name is Hector Vittoria, the owner of this shop that is one of the best in the world.”
The shopkeeper greeted us with a high-pitched voice.

“Ah, what do we have here? A high-class customer from the black dagger household.”

Seeing the customer, Hector’s hand was rubbed together as if seeing a prey.

“And you miss, you just came the other day for a bust enlargement device. How is it working?”

Hearing that, Rina’s face was immediately reddened.

“Idiot! I don’t know what you are saying! Stop spouting nonsense!”
Surprisingly Rina also paying attention to her A class bust.

Rina then looked towards me and prepared to cast a 《fireball》

“You, why are you grinning?”

I can only shake my head in return.

“And miss, what does someone from the black dagger household looking for?”

“Do you have a magic tool to seduce someone? I mean to seduce a man.”

Miri, what were you thinking now? We’re here to look for a magic tool to block my skill and do you think you still need a magic tool to seduce someone?

“Miriaria-sama, have you forgotten the reason we come here? A magic tool for seducing someone is useless anyway.”
Annabella statement was so scary. She said that it was useless. Well, it really was useless for her.

“Well then, I still have something to increase your bust size. It’s a new product apparently.”

“Hector! I said I don’t need them.”

this was somehow getting out of hand. Hector just tried to offer anyone magic tools whenever he got the chance.

“Hector, I heard that you have all kind of magic tools here.”

“Yes, of course! Our shop is one of the best in the world. We can fulfill your every request.”

“So, do you have a magic tool to block 【Handsome】 unique skill?”

Hector’s face became tense and his eyes begun to swim.

“【Handsome】 skill..? well not to mention a magic tool to block a skill is rare. Hmm… a unique skill blocker.”

Hector then started to talk on his own. I wonder if it’s really possible. If not, I have to harden my iron-will so I will not fall for girls easily.

“I guess that means there’s nothing to block this skill right? Sorry to have wasted your time.”

Hector then grabbed my hand. “Wait, please wait. I might have something in the store. Please wait!”

after that, Hector moved to the back of the store and seemed to be looking for something while tossing things around.

While Hector was busy, the other girls were searching the shop.

“Onee-sama, look at this here. It has a beautiful shining decoration.”
in Rina hand, she was carrying a crystal ball that was colored pink. If you put it in my room, it will definitely give off the vibe of a love hotel.

“Rather than that Rina, Annabella, do you think this rotating bed is good?”

Miri was now focusing on the rotating bed. Are you girls really trying to turn my room into a love hotel?

“Miriaria-sama, we should add this in the bath!”
Annabella going with the flow was holding a magic mirror. I wonder what that is?

“If someone look at us in the bath through this mirror, they will get ‘excited’.”
Really, Annabella was the scariest girl out of them all. I wonder what will happen if I look at them through that mirror.

“Ah, Kent-san, sorry to keep you waiting. This might be the thing that you’re looking for. This is the mask of beauty and the beast.”

there is something like this? It was a mask with a black visor.

“So, I get the feeling that the 【Handsome】 skill can be turned into 【ugly】. Want to try it out?”

“By all means, I want to try it.”

after that, I received the mask of beauty and the beast from Hector. The black visor covered my eyes and there was a button to activate it.

*piip piip piip… boom*
There’re a small explosion and smoke rising from the mask.

“Whaaa! It exploded!”

“AAAh! My mask of beauty and the beast! How can it break?”
Hector was crying but it’s not like I do it in purpose.

“As I thought, this is impossible…”

“Kent-san, let me try another one, in the name of the Vittoria shop!”
once again Hector move to the back of the shop and rummage in the magic tool shelves. Afterward, he came out with a ring and glasses.

“The first item, is ‘ring of transgender’.”
just by hearing the name, I knew what the effect of the item.

“Maybe if Kent-san turned into a woman, the 【Handsome】 skill will be disabled.”

“Alright, let’s try it out.”

I wore the ring of transgender and recite the activation commands. I was wrapped in light that is emitted from the ring. When the light subsided, I realized that the thing that was usually in my nether area was gone. What’s more, I have a big bust. I tried to massage my own chest and I feel a little bit funny. I also check my skill however the 【Handsome】 skill has turned into 【pretty】. The skill isn’t blocked at all, it only changed. I mean, even Hector in front of me was looking at me with wolf’s eye.

“Kent-san, how about we check the effect in another room?”
Even Hector right now was trying to take me to another room. In a hurry, I released my transformation.

“Ha Ha! What am I thinking?”

“This ring of transgender has failed. Do you want to be beaten to death?”
I throw the ring back to Hector and pouted.

“Kent-san, sorry I really didn’t mean it like that. Sorry for my rudeness. This is the last item, ‘illusion glasses’.”

“Illusion glasses? What kind of magic tool is this?”

“Originally this was made for someone with an extreme female phobia. If someone wears this, everybody else will turn into a male in the eye of the wearer.”

I put on the glasses and said the activation command.

I looked into Rina and she has turned into a small boy. Miri is a teenage boy and Annabella is a young man with a beard. Certainly if it’s like this I will never have a feeling for them.

“Well, I didn’t see the skill triggered so far.. so this might be working.”

“Is it working Kent-sama?”

“Most likely.”

“So, right now we only have to see if it’s really working.”

I look at Miri again and I really didn’t have any feelings towards her so this might be effective.

“Heh, I wonder how I looked like if I was a man. But just thinking when I did it with him in a men form… I…”

“Anyway, is this thing working?”

“Yes, Rina, I think this is good enough.”

after that, it is confirmed that we will buy this thing and start to negotiate on the price.

“So, how much for this glasses?”
Hector took out an abacus and start to calculate with a smiling face.

“Since this is the first visit of the black dagger household, I will give a big discount. It should be 5 gold coins but I can take away three silver.”

“Are you trying to rip us off, Hector? How can a simple glasses be so expensive? I think even two gold and five silver is the maximum price.” Rina then started to haggle. However since I don’t know the monetary value of this world, I still don’t know how much is expensive.

“Rina-san, look here. My mask of beauty and the beast is also broken. The repair could even be as much as three gold coins. It’s all reasonable.”

“So, what do you think about it, Annabella? Can we afford it ?”

“Yes, I think that there is no problem. We can buy it.”

“Alright, We’ll take it.”
When Miri said that, Hector was in joy.

“Are you sure you want to settle it with this price.”

“Yeah, and we will take the glasses with us now.”

“Yes, with all means.”

after that, I walked out wearing the illusion glasses. Miri, Annabella, and Rina has all fallen to the handsome skill. So right now we decided to try it out on Feria who is serving food at the Hunter’s Guild.

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