Neta Chare Chapter 25

Neta Chara chapter 25
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*Boing boing*

What was that?


There is no doubt that it is definitely the sound of someone moaning.

*boing boing*

And what is this soft feeling in my hand? It’s like my hand was completely sucked in into this softness.
As I slowly opened my eyes, I can see Rina with a bright red face and rigid breathing.

“Captain! It’s the enemy ship!”

“What? How can the enemy ship be here? Quickly check it out!”

“We have incoming data! Here it comes. The enemy ship is only a small A class ship.”

“Only an A class? I thought it will be G,H or even D was alright. However the softness is just right.”

“The enemy identity has been confirmed. Lightning stroke tsundere.”

“Lightning stroke tsundere? Then what are you waiting for? Quickly avoid the lighting stroke tsundere.”

Rina then looked at me with a bright red face.
“I-i-it’s not like I like you touching me… but please be gentle.”


“ Captain, the lightning stroke tsundere can’t be avoided. She used a tracking homing missile.”

“In that case, shoot the missile with a machine gun.”

“Useless captain! Here comes another attack from the lighting stroke tsundere.”


Rina then continued to whisper in a soft voice.
“I-i-it’s not like I will let anyone touch it… just Kent…”


“Captain this is bad! Moe attack! The attack had landed. The middle section of the Lightning stroke tsundere has started to erect.”

“No, our ship hasn’t sink yet!”

“It is useless captain. The hull was breached! The engine will stop in a moment if we couldn’t close it.”

“Even if it’s only an A class, the damage is able to sink us down.”

“Let us all retreat and take revenge later.”


losing my reasoning, I hugged Rina. Rina that was fidgeting when our eyes met which looks very cute. However suddenly I remembered the thing that has been lurking in my mind from yesterday.

“Rina, I want to ask. Is there any way to block a skill?”

“There might be a way. What skill do you want to block?”
ah, the first thing that I needed to block.

“Is it possible to block 【Handsome】 skill?”

“ 【Handsome】 skill huh? It should be possible… it was a unique skill, may be tricky but with a magic tool it should be able to be blocked.”
Rina however looked at me with a confused face.

“However, why do you want to block your unique skill?”

after that, I told Rina what I have been thinking yesterday. After that she also tried to confirm my conclusion.

“So, I want to keep 【Handsome】 skill blocked to prevent another victim.”

“You know, I am a researcher so I still need to know what is the triggering condition however it seemed that you are right. But since 【Handsome】 is a unique skill we can’t be sure yet. It was also because of this skill that I was influenced by you… b-b-b-b-ut I didn’t hate it, loving you it is.”
Rina who was giving her confession, her face was now as red as octopus.

“I was also at first hated by you. But it’s all starting to change when I was thinking that Rina is cute. However to forcibly changed their feelings, I can call myself as ‘enemy of the women’.”
Rina was amazed hearing what I say. ‘enemy of the women’. The skill that I have might trapped them in an invincible loop which will make them always loyal to me without considering their real feelings.

“Understood. I shall look for a way and a magic tool to seal the 【Handsome】 skill.”

“Oh, you got an idea already?”

“There might be something in the magic tool shop in the magic city. I’ll tell you when I find it.”

at that situation, I can’t help but give Rina a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you. Since the other two is already awake and preparing breakfast, we should go down now.”


After that Rina stepped down from the bed and started to dress up. I also went to the first floor after changing into my clothes. Miri and Annabella were already there and I told them about my decision to block the 【Handsome】 skill to them.

【Handsome】 , 【Well protected】 , 【Womanizer】, and 【Sexual prodigy】 infinite loop. When they realized that, I was relieved that no one hated me for it.

“But, I’m sure that I liked Kent not because of your skill.”
Miri said that with a serious face towards me.

“I am agree with Miriaria-sama. I choose Kent-sama as a master because I deemed you worthy.”
Annabella also replied with the same expression. Even Rina wanted to said it too.

“Alright let’s cut it out now. Whether it was because of my skill or not, you are important for me.”
I also have to thanked this skill that the three of them could get along and not actually started to harm each other.

“Even if you liked me out of your free will I still have to say sorry.”
It might be selfish of me but I am glad to have this kind of love relationship.
After that since everyone really cared about me, the original plan to go with Rina changed so that the four of us will go to search for the magic tool to seal my skill.

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