King of Kings

King Of Kings


『King of Kings』 is a strategy game that is loved by people. It’s simple interface and casual gaming style has made it one of the best game of the year. Everybody can play this game. It was a simple game of building your town and attacking others. Creating armies to invade territory or building castle and walls to defend your city, there are many ways to play the game.

However for true gamer, this game also holds greater charm. Complex city management is provided for those who opted for hard mode. Nightmare mode brings fantasy to the game with the appearance of monster and the demon lord army. Fantasy and strategy combined together made this game a hit among other genre.

Patched and updates never stopped coming to improve the user experience in playing the game. Civilization patch, industrial revolution, Stone Age, prehistoric, online match option, there is no way to stop this game from getting bigger and bigger.

Kazuki Rhea is one of the highest ranked players in the online ranking. 『King of Kings』 has been his life. He has played the game for three years and didn’t show any sign of getting bored of it. Every time a new patch comes out, he will try to be the first one to clear it. He also contributed to the community by making game guides showing off different strategy approach.


But when the 4D display is introduced, he was transported to the game world. Will he still be able to become a king?


Table of contents


Prologue + chapter 1 + chapter 2

Chapter 3 + chapter 4