01 – Fate

Master of Dungeon volume 1 chapter 1 – Fate

Bruit village is a small village with two hundreds people live in it. It is a part of Elora Kingdom and occupy the southern territory. Located near a river on the west makes farming live grow in prosper. Decorated with wheat and corn field on the east also surrounded by forest in the north, Bruit village is a small but lively one.

In the Bruit village, Varn grow up with full of love from his parents. His father Gerrard was a former C rank dungeon raider. He sometimes told about his adventure in the dungeon to Varn. However Varn never aspire to be a dungeon raider. His parents also tell him about the danger and they don’t want to lose their child.

Varn grow up to be an average boy. Nothing special in particular. He spend his day leisurely and want to be a big farmer when he grow up. He have several friends whom he used to play with.


When he get back from playing outside and openned the door, he find his parents was there preparing a surprise party for him. Today he reach seven years old. He come in and hug his parents.

“Mom! Dad! Thank you.”

“Hahaha. Finally our boy has grow up.”

Gerrard hugs him and play with Varn’s hair showing his affection. Vahn father, Gerrard is a former C rank dungeon raider. Even though right now he is working as a farmer his body is still muscular. Brown hair and some beard couldn’t hide his righteous air and his blue eyes show his good nature. If he walk to the town many girl will fall for him.

“Dad stop that! Today finally I’m seven years old.”

While they talk, they head to the dining table and sit down. His mother then come and bring some food to the table. Vahn mother, Sandra is almost thirty this year but her face look so young. People may mistake her to be twenty. Her long and black smooth hair flutters when she walk, enticing anyone that saw her. Petite face and beautiful smile is the reason Gerrard fall in love with her.

“Varn, today you’re finally seven years old. When you have finished your food you can check your present in your room.”


Varn immediatelly bolted off from his chair without even touching his food. Gerrard and Sandra can only smile seeing their son reaction.

“What have I told you, we should tell him about the present later.”

“Haha. What can I do? It’s only natural for a child to be excited about it. Afterall it’s his seventh birthday.”

Seventh birthday have a special meaning for the people. At the age seven, the parents will give their child a [fate tag]. It was a common artifact that found a lot at F rank dugeon. In a form of red piece of paper, it has an effect of determining the suitable future of the child. Therefore since their future is known the parents will send their children according to the results.

Even a commonner child if the fate is listed as a prince, this will become true eventually. A nobody carrying a [fate tag] of noble will be accepted anywhere. It also have broken countless noble lineage family when they found out their child is tagged as farmer or baker.

Therefore the usage of [fate tag] is now becoming a costum and the best time to use it is at the seventh birthday. Since after seven years old the children have wider opportunity to lay foundation for their fate. Those who tagged as dungeon raider could enlist at fighting school. Those who tagged as worker could learn about their job.

Therefore the [fate tag] also served as their identity card. Listing about their name, age and fate. When the holder dies, the [fate tag] will turn to black. Some dungeon raider have two of [fate tag] and one is held by his family or companion.

There is a controversy wether one could change their fate. There are people that have their [fate tag] changed but they didn’t know why, but it was a rare case. Only one out of a million experienced this so people keep believing in the [fate tag]. Afterall these artifact is an unknown object. They don’t know how it works but people believes that it was a prophecy of God. It was also one of the reason Gerrard retire from his work. His [fate tag] changed from dungeon raider to farmer when he met Sandra. People believe if one tries to defy the [fate tag] only death awaits them.

Varn hurried to his room and find an envelope style gift wrapped on top of his bed. He reach for it and quickly open it and reveal the [fate tag]. By now his parents already watching him by the door.

“Dad! Mom! Can I open it?”

“Even without me telling you, you will open it anyway.”

His father then nods and with eyes full of anticipation Varn opened the gift. Inside it he found four piece of [fate tag]. Two new and two used. The used one belong to his father and mother.


Name: Gerrard Redheart

Age: 33

Fate: Farmer


Name: Sandra Redheart

Age: 29

Fate: Housewife


“You can keep those tag. Now, let us see your fate.”

Gerrard is now recalling a scene in his mind. That day he walked into a branch Guild hall to register for a new dugeon raid. He took out his Guild hall pass and [fate tag] for confirmation. There he saw Sandra working as the receptionist, she returned the pass and Gerrard’s [fate tag] with a concern look. He notice it and realized that his fate had been changed to farmer.

Gerrard’s [fate tag] changed to farmer when he saw Sandra and fall in love in the first sight. Sandra on the other hand has waiting for this because her [fate tag] has been a housewife for as long as she know. Therefore the both of them firmly believe in the [fate tag].

Varn took the new [fate tag] and wondered.

“Dad, how do you use a [fate tag]?“

Gerrard forget that it was the first time Varn use a [fate tag].

“You just have to put a drop of blood on the [fate tag]. Here let me help you. Strecth out your finger.”

As a former C rank dungeon raider, Gerrard is a capable man. With a slicing gesture of his hand, Varn can feel a small wind passed by his finger and a small painless wound appear and blood comes out. He quickly drop the blood to the two [fate tag] and wait for the effect.

Red stream of light comes out from the [fate tag] and envelopes Varn’s body. It was a common sight when someone is using [fate tag] but it was amazing for Varn. He could feel the red stream of light sending warm feelings and his body felt comfortable. After a few seconds the lights comes back to the [fate tag] and it glow brightly. The process has been completed.

“Varn, let us see your fate.”

Sandra put up her hand and Varn gives her one of the [fate tag]. She took it and look at it with Gerrard while Varn look at the other one. Somehow their expression changed. Varn who is looking at his own [fate tag] asked his parent.

“Mom! Dad! What is the meaning of this?”


Name: Varn Redheart

Age: 7

Fate: ???????


“Sandra, what is this?”

“I don’t know. Even when working at the Guild hall I never see such a strange fate.”

Gerrard and Sandra looked at each other than looked at Varn.

“Varn, we don’t know what is this but maybe it’s because you are special. Maybe you can decide your own fate.”

They tried to talk to Varn but he was confused.

“So Dad, Mom. What should I do next? Can I still be a farmer?”

Sandra and Gerrard both laughed. Varn didn’t really care about his strange fate and wether asked if he could still be a farmer.

“Don’t worry. As I said before you may be able to determine your own fate.”

“What your father said is true. Now let’s eat the food. Afterall it’s your birthday party.”

The three of them then comes back and eat the food. After Varn gies back to his room, Gerrard and Sandra have a private conversation.

“Sandra, don’t you think what happened to Varn’s [fate tag] is strange?”

“Yeah Gerrard. I never saw something like this before. Sure there are some wierd fate such as clown, flag drawer, cave secluded monk, but I never saw ???? In any of those.”

“If you don’t know about it then it’s fine. I just hope there’s no harm that will fall upon him.”

“Even if that’s happened, we have you here to protect us. A former C rank dugeon raider is not something to take lightly.”

Sandra put her hand on Gerrard shoulder and pat him gently.

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you and Varn even if it cost my live.”

Gerrard smiled, draw his face closer to Sandra and kiss her lightly.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After that the quiet and peaceful night returns to Bruit village.


In his room Varn is looking at the three [fate tag]. He put his father and mother [fate tag] in his pocket and look at his own.

What does the ???? mean. Does it mean I could decide my own fate just like Dad told me?

When he is lost in his thoughts he unconciously fall asleep.

However it doesn’t last long. A loud bell rang and the voice could be heard.

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*


The shout and the bell resounded without stop.

*drap* *drap* *drap*

Varn wakes up and he hears footstep infront of his door.


The door opened and his father and mother already stood there in panic.

“Varn, come here quick!”

He never saw his father expression to be so serious like now so he nodded and followed his order.

“Varn are you okay?”

Sandra hugs him and checked his body, Varn only nodded to respond to her question earlier.

“Mother what happened?”

Just when Sandra sighing in relief and want to answer, Gerrard talk to her.

“There’s no time to explain. Sandra quick took the back door and bring Vahn out of here.”


The Redheart’s front door is forced open and the door sent flying. Gerrard look at the entrance and muttered.

“Not good! They already infiltrate the village. Quick Sandra took Vahn out of here. I’ll hold them off.”

Sandra nods and hurriedly get out. She believes in her husband afterall he was a former C rank adventurer. C rank adventurer have a strength equivalent to hundreds men. She grab Vahn by hand and get out of the back door. On the way out, Vahn took a quick glance at his father and saw him fighting with a couple monster that looked like big wolf.

When Vahn shift his gaze back, he realized he is already out from his house and saw a frightening scene.

The whole village is on fire. People are screaming here and there, fire running rampart burning down everything. What’s more he saw the big wolf earlier and there are a lot of them. More than hundreds wolves killing villager that tried to run away. His mother and him just stood there in shock.

“Sandra! What are you doing? Let’s run!”

Gerrard comes back after defeating a couple of big wolves and run after them. Vahn can see that Gerrard’s right leg and left arm is bloody and on his chest there’s a big claw wound.

“Vahn, come!”

Sandra pulled him again and the three of them run away heading to the forest with Gerrard taking the lead.


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  1. In the Bruit village, Varn “””grew””” up with full of love from his parents. His father Gerrard was a former C rank dungeon raider. He sometimes told about his adventure in the dungeon to Varn. However Varn never aspire to be a dungeon raider. His parents also tell him about “””of the””” danger “””as””” they don’t want to lose their child.

    Varn “””grows””” up to be an average boy. Nothing special in particular. He spend his day leisurely and want to be a big farmer when he grow up. He have several friends whom he used to play with.


    When he “”””gets”””” back from playing outside and “”””opened””” the door, he “”””finds””””” his parents there preparing a surprise party for him. Today he reach seven years old. He “”””comes”””” in and hug his parents.

    … A lot of corrections required dude.

  2. lol i am a brazilian and whith a ingles all know in games and mangas and for me is good ‘-‘
    but this will become a better version , and help you to improve.thanks for you work

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