MOD ch 15

Master of dungeon chapter 15

(This is a bonus chapter from 1.000.000 view, enjoy it guys)

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It was one of the wolves that go to hunt for rabbit with Varn. It gives signal indicating that the prey has moved. With nimble and light legs, Varn could run at the speed as fast as the wolves and soon he found the target.

“Got you!”

With a fast movement, he grabbed the rabbit’s ear.


The rabbit tried to struggle but it was pointless. It was the tenth rabbit he caught today.

“I think this is enough, let’s get back.”


The wolves then replied and walked behind him as if following their leader. However not long after they walked, the wolves looked into a direction and growled.


“is there something wrong Blue?”

Varn asked one of the wolves. Blue was staring with hostility.

*rustle* *rustle*

“Who’s there?”

Varn heard someone asking, somehow he have heard this voice somewhere. When the owner of the voice appears from behind the bushes, he was surprised. It was the siblings from the other day.

“You, haven’t I told you to go away and never come back here?”

“I’m sorry. But I have some important thing to do in this area.”

When Ryud said that, he noticed that on one of the wolf’s back, there are rabbits tied.

“is it by chance that you are hunting the rabbit in the area?” Ryud asked him.

“Yes, do you have any problem with that?”

“Of course, my village depends on the fish and rabbit in the area. Because of something that has been disturbing the rabbit population cycle, our village couldn’t get rabbit anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

For Varn who is only seven years old, the rabbit population cycle is something out of his comprehension.

“What I mean is, because you keep hunting the rabbit excessively, our village couldn’t catch any rabbit anymore and our village ration is now in danger. Also because you keep on killing it, the number of the rabbit killed is not equal to the number of the rabbit born. If it keeps going on like this, in another month there will be no rabbit left in the snow mountain area.”

“That’s bad. If there is no rabbit, I couldn’t feed the wolves.”

“That’s the reason I came here. It will be bad for our village too.”

“Did you have any suggestion?”

“I guess for the time being you should stop killing the rabbits.”

“But, I can’t feed my wolves that way. They don’t eat the vegetables I planted, they only want meat.”

Hearing Varn words, Ryud was stunned. Did he mishear something?

“Brother, he said that he planted vegetables.”

“It seemed that I didn’t hear it wrong after all.”

Ryud then tried to asked Varn although he isn’t convinced.

“Excuse me, did you said that you planted vegetables?”

“Yes, is there something wrong?”

“it’s not that I didn’t believe in you but it was impossible to do it in this kind of climate.”

“Of course I can do it inside my palace. I can manipulate the weather inside of it.”

Hearing that, Mina and Ryud was taken aback. Is that really true?

“Then, if it’s true, I have a suggestion. How about you trade your vegetables with the fishes from our village? I’m sure that your wolves could eat the fish meat.”

“Sure, I have no problem with that. “

“Alright, I’ll come tomorrow with the fish.”

After that, Ryud and Mina go back again. Although it takes more than a couple of minutes before Mina goes back with Ryud.


“Grandfather! I have good news.”

“What is it Ryud? How can you return so fast?”

“The rabbit issue is because someone is overhunting the rabbit. When I explained the situation, he is agree to stop killing rabbit for now. In return, we need to exchange our village fishes with his vegetables.”

“Ryud, did you just said vegetables?”

“Yes, it’s vegetables grandfather. I will meet with him tomorrow so can you prepare the fishes for me?”

“Ryud, did this man someone you can believe?”

“Yes, I have no doubt about that grandfather.”

“Alright, how many should we exchange? Fifty fishes? Hundreds?”

“Let’s try by exchanging twenty, grandfather. Afterall it’s the amount of rabbit he hunt today.”

“You can come to the village storage next morning and take the fishes.”

“Thank you grandfather.”


The next morning, the deal was made. When Varn saw Ryud comes and bring twenty fishes, the first thing he do is testing if the wolves wanted to eat it. When he saw that they have no problem with it, he brings out ten types of different vegetables.

Ryud and Mina couldn’t believe what they saw. Since they are little, they have lived in the snow mountain ridges. The harsh and cold climates don’t allow the villager to planted vegetables. They have to walk far south to another village and trade their fishes or rabbits for it. It was also only for barely called vegetables such as potatoes and lettuce. What lies in front of their eyes is something they only heard from the other stories.

The round and red ripe tomatoes, the green and red radicchio, orange carrots, and all other vegetables that was enticing their eyes.

As soon as the deal was completed, Ryud promised to come tomorrow to do another transaction.

When Ryud and Mina come back to the village, the villager was going crazy. What lay in front of their eyes is something that they have dreamt about for a long time. That night, the village held a party. The main dish of course the vegetables traded earlier.

When they tasted it, they couldn’t forget the sweetness, freshness and the deliciousness of the vegetables. In the next day, the village chief wanted Ryud to take more fish with him but Ryud tell him that he was only allowed to trade twenty fishes.

The entire village was waiting for him to come back from the trade. For their surprise, he come back later on with different types of vegetables and even some fruits. Not long after, the villager always waited for Ryud and Mina to come back from their secret trading route.


Yaha.. that is the end of the chapter…

Can anyone guess what’s coming next? Hohohohohoohohohohohohohohohohohooh… you’re gonna love the series.. I will make you addicted to it until you can’t sleep unless you read another chapter of mod lol…


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  2. why does not create once and for all one floor with bunnies and wolves. his foolishness is getting on my nerves

      • Rabbits can breed like crazy, especially under the dungeons influence they would grow quickly too, especially with the abundance of food.
        A floor could be overrun by a rabbit mob in a month 😛
        Lets say it take a week to mature than they have 12 babies those 12 take a week to mature and than there are 66 rabbits, next week there could be 320 litter and in a two or three months he could get up to billions of rabbits, He’s a great farmer, he absolutely wouldn’t run out of vegetables XD or space.

        • I raise a rabbit at home and 1 mother rabbit give birth to 5 child rabbit but 3 died in the process so I only have 2 child rabbit and they hardly mate idk why.. Hahaha

    • He is just a 7 years old little boy, don’t expect to much from him regarding detailed planning of foodchain and breeding. Even of he were to get Info about that, he does not have enough DP for a Rabbit breeding area.

    • That is not how ecosystem works… You can’t just create a hole and fill it with wolves and rabbits. The rabbits would be wiped out by the wolves, and what would the rabbits even eat? Plus, in the list of things he could make, there was only Wolves and Goblins. No bunnies.

  3. but if he makes a floor with plants, trees, etc. so that the rabbits can eat
    He will have to pay for the firsts After (will be born) and very fast

  4. I hope there is a time skip soon. The MC is very naive and slightly annoying. He needs to kill something soon because at this rate he will be too much of a sissy to kill the wolves hes farming.

  5. He do not have to kill anything just needs to establish a chain in which the mobs are hunted each other (rabbits, wolves, goblins, bears, etcc,,)

  6. I guess next the strongest one of the village will follow the smartest oneand find out about the dungeon and then try to take it over

  7. Awesome chapter,
    You could make another trade bettwen Mc and viliage where dieing people (Old or ill) could be carried to dungeon for points for Mc

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