Rebirth Online

Rebirth Online
The world finally enters the new era of gaming. With Syder (synapse reader) implemented on the system, Rebirth Online is be the first VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in the world. The pre-order sales have gone through 500,000 units and reach 1,000,000 subscribers after three months. Hikaru, login to the game for the first time, but it seems that it exceeded his expectation.

Categories: Comedy , Fantasy , Virtual Reality , Original

(Originally hosted on Royal Road)

Table of content

Rebirth Online – a new beginning ( Vol1 pdf )

1st login – A New Beginning
2nd login – The One Called Master
3rd login – Monthly event
Extra login – The Rebirth Online Manual
Author’s Notes

Rebirth Online – The Reminiscence [2nd book] ( Vol 2 pdf )

4th login – The New Update
5th login – The Scar In The Hear
6th login – A Threat From The Water
7th login – The Reminiscence
Epilogue, Author’s notes, Extra Login

Rebirth Online – The Truth of the world [3rd book] ( Vol 3 pdf )

8th login – The truth of the world
9th login – A different morning
10th login – Advanced class
11th login – Assembling The Knights
12th login – Embarking on a journey
Epilogue, Author notes, extra login

Rebirth Online – The Entwined Fate [4th book] ( Vol 4 pdf )

13th login – Tegron’s peak
14th login – A tale of a Hero
15th login – The moon reflecion
Final Chapter – The entwined fate
Epilogue – Results and conclusion
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