Rebirth Online World chapter 3

Rebirth Online World chapter 3

For the first time in his life, Rain didn’t think of about studying. At school breaks, he started to browse through the 「Classes」that he was going to choose in Rebirth Online World. Right now, his choices had fallen between the 『Trickster』 or the 『Gambit』. 『Trickster』was a job that focused on quick combos and illusion spells, the main weapons that can be used were the staff, scythe, dagger, and bladed ton-fa. 『Gambit』on the other hand was a class that focused on gathering up combo count by attacking using cards, which had low attack power but good versatility.

However his decision was still wavering. He also had the desire to engage in thrilling sword battle and courageous close combat against monsters ever since watching the opening video yesterday. 『Magic Knight』, a class that combined close combat skill and powerful spells in battle. To have 『Magic Knight』as the second class path, one could change from the『Swordsman』 or 『Mage』first class. Their affinity, which will turn them into 『Magic Knight』or 『Ice Magic Knight』or 『Fire Magic Knight』, will once again depend on the skill tree.

Right now Rain was considering the classes and the skill tree that he is going to choose. Choosing the skill that you will take was very important in Rebirth Online World. Other than deciding your class path, it will also determine your battle style, combo, and finishing moves. If someone planned their character well, at the 100th level cap, his or her character will be able to do an unlimited combo that was chained by skills executed exactly when they have reached their cool down. There were many players famous already for their battle combos making their way into online streaming, able to make a living out of it.

However right now Rain didn’t think that far. He only thought about which class will help him play solo for now. He didn’t have any friends so he will need to choose a class that was capable of at least carrying itself. Healers such as 『Clerics』and 『Acolytes』won’t be able to accomplish the deed while 『Rangers』 and 『Archers』need front liner support for maximum damage output. 『Mages』, 『Summoners』or even 『Beast tamers』need a lot of resources since the price of Mana Potion was more expensive than Health Potion and they were also weak in close combat.

When Rain read about the discussion in forums about early level play style, resources needed, and early level hunting grounds, his choice finally fell onto close combatant classes. 『Fighters』, 『Swordsmen』, 『Warriors』and 『Monks』were some of the vanguard classes which were able to hunt solo in early levels, tanking the monster for himself and having good damage output. Thinking again about the 『Magic Knight』 second class, Rain pretty much decided then that his class was to be a 『Swordsman』.

Rain logged on again to Rebirth Online World that night with a class in mind. It didn’t take long before he took the class change quest.

You are going to take a quest to change into 『Swordsman』 as your class. Please remember you can not change your class later on and you have to finish the class quest to change into the class. You can’t take any other quest when doing the class change quest. You are not able to take any other quest other than the class change quest after you finished the tutorial quest.

With resolution, Rain’s character Moving Water, accepted the quest from the NPC. As it was the first class change quest, it wasn’t that hard. It was mainly for familiarizing the player to the chosen class, much like another tutorial.

Spell casterss will learn how to control magic, their class advantages and disadvantages, and so on. Long range attackers such as 『Gunners』and 『Archers』were given training on long range weapon control.
Close combatant classes will learn how to take advantage of their close-range combat range, and well balanced status.

For the『Swordsman』 class, Moving Water was undergoing a training. It was normal battle training against a 「tutorial goblin Lvl 7」. Goblin was an ugly green creature that appeared in many classical RPG stories and games. They were known for their barbaric nature and brute strength. If Moving Water did battle conventionally, he only had 50% chance of defeating the goblin with 20% health left but that’s not the point of this quest. In this quest, he needed to perform the movements that differentiate the 『Swordsman』  from others. 『Swordsman』 class had the ability to do 《Parry》 which will give him another variation in the movement and the chance to change the battle flow.

Once again, Rebirth Online World is a game where a player had a free control on the character’s movements and variations and had their own play style depending on their class, skill tree and movement control. If 『Swordsman』 had 《Parry》, then『Monk』 had 《Block》, 『Thief』 had 《Evade》, 『Trickster』 had 《Trick Step》 and many others.

Finally after half an hour trying to do the 《Parry》, Moving water succeeded in performing it for the first time. 《Parry》 had an effect that negated the enemy’s attack and give yourself the chance to do a 《Counter》. The damage done by the《Parry》 and 《Counter》 combo also had a chance to inflict 《Critical》 which deals greater damage and could leave the enemy stunned for a few seconds.

After performing the combo for ten times in a row, finally Moving Water leveled up to level 11 and completed the quest.

Congratulations! You have completed the Class change quest!
You are now a 『Swordsman』 . 『Swordsman』 skill tree unlocked!
Additional rewards: 「basic armor x 1」, 「basic sword x 1」,「minor healing potion x 10」

Rain commanded Moving Water to change out of his shabby clothes and wooden sword that were given to him in the beginning. As Moving Water gained a new look, Rain felt satisfied. The black haired boy was now clothed in bronze colored armor. It wasn’t shining but he can feel his courage and mood boosted.

Proofed: Hayashi Moritan

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