Rebirth Online World chapter 4

Rebirth Online World chapter 4

Early leveling in Rebirth Online World is just like in any other game. It is a combination of taking quests and killing monsters to grind for levels. Although the game had special quests which give player characters special 「Skills」or 「Status Points 」, those kinds of quests were very hard to come by.

Right now, Rain’s character, Moving Water, was already at level 15. The 『Swordsman』 class character in bronze armor was now engaged in a battle against a 「Hungry Bear Lvl 16」.

Moving Water brandished his basic sword as he moved forward. Rain tapped the quick shortcut button and Moving Water was now going to unleash a skill. As Moving Water swung his sword, the sword turned blue and there were traces of water streaming behind it. It was a 『Swordsman』 skill, 《Water Slash》. It added a water property to the attack and increased damage. It seemed that Rain had choosen to go down the water skill tree of the 『Swordsman』 class.

There was another important thing to consider when choosing a skill tree path , which were elements and properties. There are seven elements aside from basic attack: fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, darkness, and light. An elements is powerful against one other but weak against another.

The 《Water Slash》 that had been unleashed by Moving Water cut through the hungry bear’s left shoulder and sliced off the left arm. Rebirth Online World, aside from introducing a freely controlled battle, also displayed extra effects: such as some parts of the monster can be cut off after taking too much damage or critical hits.

The Hungry bear took a critical hit from Moving Water’s attack earlier. Critical hits will be triggered by attacking the monster weak points, ambushing the monster, catching it by surprise, or like Moving Water had done earlier, executing a skill that had a chance of inflicting critical hit. It was a lucky attack but was well deserved because it was executed at the right time just before the Hungry Bear attacked.

Moving Water moved swiftly to eliminate the remaining HP in the 【HP bar】 that was shown on top of the Hungry Bear. As the Hungry Bear fell down, it disappeared into particles of light and left behind some items on the ground. Rain then ordered Moving Water to pick up the item while checking on the notification log.

A little bit more, Moving Water will reach level 16. When a character reached level 16, there was an option that was opened for them. It was 「Dungeons」. Dungeons were places where a character can enter and fight to clear a dungeon. A dungeon will be cleared if the player reached the deepest part of the dungeon or defeated the 【Dungeon Boss】. A Dungeon boss is different from a normal monster. Their 【HP bar】 won’t be shown on the top of their heads and they are able to execute more skills than normal monsters. The experience and items they dropped are also rarer than regular monsters. However it was impossible for a player to defeat a dungeon boss on their own, at least, no one had been able to do that until now.

What made it hard was, each dungeon had a level limit. For example a dungeon with a limit of Lvl 15-20 meant characters with levels higher than 20 won’t be able to enter. This was why most of the time, a dungeon was cleared by reaching the deepest part since the dungeon boss will not be able to be defeated unless you came with a large party.

The limit in a party entering a dungeon was 30 characters and every dungeon will be created differently. For example, party A was entering Dungeon D, and party B wanted to enter the same Dungeon D; they will be able to do that but won’t enter the same exact dungeon as party A. It was generated on a different dungeon server to allow everyone to be able to enter the dungeon at the same time.

However when that time finally arrived, it will become one of the biggest obstacles for Rain. Moving Water, all this time, had been hunting alone. If he wanted to be able to clear a dungeon, he will need to find party members to increase the possibility. One of the reasons why Moving Water always hunted alone wasn’t because Rain was too shy to socialize with other users, however there were only a small number of characters that were still in the 1 to 20 level range. After all, the game had been released for so long that those people who were in that level range must be some veteran that was trying to make a new character because they were bored and rarely associated themselves with a newbie player like Rain.

Moving Water continued to hunt some more monsters and finally reached level 16. Rain allocated Moving Water skill points and stats point and after that, Rain moved Moving Water towards the nearest dungeon.

Proofed: Hayashi Moritan

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