Rebirth Online World chapter 5

Rebirth Online World chapter 5

Rain never got bored playing Rebirth Online World. It has been a week since he first started. His leveling speed is normal since he still needed to study and go to school during the day time but it couldn’t be denied that his mood lately has been improving because of it.

Enjoying the beautifully designed forest, Moving Water walked on a small dirt path that was leading towards a dungeon. 「Enchanted Forest」 was the name of the dungeon that he was going to try entering. It was a dungeon with a level range of 16-20. Dungeons will have more monsters than on normal fields, they yield more experience and higher drop rates than normal fields, which is why people went inside dungeons.

Moving Water finally arrived at a small open grass field. In front of it, there lay a small path that seemed to be the entrance of the dungeon. However Moving Water stopped walking there. In front of him was a sight that caused that.

Besides the dungeon entrance, there stood a girl character. It was a girl with dazzling brown-yellow long hair. She was sitting on top of a rock and as if time stood still, Rain could feel his heart stopped beating for a moment. It was an avatar, Rain knew well, but it was so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing white light armor, holding a staff in her hands, but despite that, it was so serene and tranquil when she sat down there silently.

After a couple of minutes, she finally realized Moving Water standing there. She stood up in a hurry and entered the dungeon. Leaving Rain and Moving Water stunned there.

[She was so pretty. I couldn’t imagine that it was only an avatar. I wonder if I could see her again.] (Rain)

After reminiscing about that short encounter for some time, Rain finally decided to move Moving Water inside the dungeon. A player may enter the dungeon but the probability of them clearing it is lower than when having a full party of thirty people. If a character died inside the dungeon, they will suffer the same penalty as if they died in a normal field. It will be a 10% reduction in experience points and 50% gold reduction. There were special places where the death penalty will be different. For example, the 「Duel Arena」,which gave 0% experience and gold penalty but will instead have a 50% equipment drop chance or the 「PvP」a.k.a. the player versus player field that will enact a 100% equipment drop chance which was the main lurking area of PKers (player killers).

You are about to enter the 「Enchanted Forest」 dungeon .
Dungeon level : 16-20
You have met the condition to enter the dungeon. Are you sure you want to enter the dungeon?
Yes / No

Rain clicked on the yes button and the character Moving Water became covered in light as the screen was loading.

The loading reached 100% and now Moving Water was inside the 「Enchanted Forest」dungeon. It was a beginner dungeon so the difficulty wasn’t too hard but it was still impossible for a single player to clear it. Moreover the dungeon level was 16-20 which means at deeper levels, the level of monsters inside will be around 20 and the level of the dungeon boss will be five levels higher, which meant the boss was level 25. So it was nigh impossible for a single player to clear it alone.

Moving Water then walked deeper into the dungeon. 「Enchanted Forest」was designed to look like a thick bamboo forest which was so thick it formed a wall. Rain enjoyed the sight as Moving water proceeded further. Only when he engaged in a battle, his attitude changed and it happened not long after since a 「Killer mantis Lvl 16」appeared in front of Moving Water.

Moving Water, under Rain quick reflexes, immediately performed a side jump. He dodged the sudden attack of the killer mantis which was swinging its scythe towards him. The killer mantis missed its chance and at that moment Moving Water did a counter. Moving Water basic sword was launched towards the killer mantis and landed on its head. A damage number popped out on top of the killer mantis head, another sign if the counter is successful, and as an extra effect, the killer mantis was stunned for 1 second.

Within that 1 second, Moving Water unleashed a skill. 《Power Strike》 , it was a basic 『Swordsman』 skill which had a chance to stun the target for 1 second and added 20% more damage. The skill landed and the stun chance was successful; the killer mantis became stunned for another second. He executed 《Water Slash》, which was currently one of Moving Water’s highest damage dealing skills and cut one of the killer mantis’s limbs.
The rest of the battle was finished quickly as Rain controlled Moving Water without making any mistakes. When the killer mantis was defeated, Moving Water still had 90% health left.

Rain wanted to take a break but he forgot that he cannot log out from the game when the character was inside the dungeon. Just when his mind had been distracted, another killer mantis appeared and landed a critical hit on Moving Water for a successful ambush. Rain was trying to regain his focus while Moving Water was under a stunned status. Firmly putting his hand over his keyboard and mouse, he entered the battle once again while waiting for the stunned status to wear off.

Proofed: Hayashi Moritan

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