Planet Exo. Year 438 SEE (Space Expedition Era)

In a huge stadium millions of people were watching a concert. A young girl in her late teens was singing on the stage. Her pure beauty was unrivaled. Her young and slender yet fragile body caused men and women to have an urge to protect her.

Right now, however, her beauty was not the focus of the audience. Her beautiful voice has long since captured the heart of the audience.

The stadium was silent. Every single audience held their breath. Tears rolled down cheeks of majority of them.

The reason was the meaning of the song that the girl sang about. It was about a pair of friends who were separated by fate. Never to be together again after separated.

The girl was singing with a deep sadness in her voice. From time to time pearl-like tears dropped from her eyes. The mellow music couldn’t held back the sadness in the song. Instead, it emphasized the feeling.

Five minutes. The stadium was in silence for five minutes. The held back sobs were concealed by the music. Soon, the song came to an end.

Applause erupted from all of the stadium. The audiences cheered at almost the same time. They didn’t bother to clear away their tears.

The song reminded them of people they cherished. People who went to war even now in other planets. People who held back the monstrosities who wanted to devour humanity. Their sons. Their husbands. Even their daughters were included.

They could be separated forever by the war just like what the song is about any moment. The song taught them to cherished their loved one.

So that when they were separated forever, there will be little regret. Even if that was difficult to do.

The young idol bowed to the audiences and stepped back. She returned to the back of the stage. The next idols will perform after her.

She walked into her changing room. Upon entering, she closed the door and sat down on a simple chair. Her attendant gave her water.

“Miss Anastasia. Good work.”

“Thank you, Hanna. Is there any info on Carlos here in this planet?” (Anastasia)

“There is no information regarding his whereabouts. We will have to search through another planet again.” (Hanna)

“Haahhh…. Where is he? That fool.” (Anastasia)

“The order from the top is to kill him right? Are you okay with it?” (Hanna)

“I am fine. He escaped from the facility and destroyed a lot of bases. I will put an end to him myself.” (Anastasia)

Hanna sighed a bit. Anastasia, the idol, was a young girl who was instructed to eliminate Carlos. Carlos was a young dragon. He has lived with Anastasia since they were small.

It wasn’t an exaggeration that they can be called siblings despite their race difference. However, two years ago, Carlos suddenly went berserk. He destroyed half of the facility they lived in and ran away.

There were many casualties in that incident. The base’s garrison was nearly annihilated. Anastasia who was still in her teen received a shock.

After that, the facility leader ordered her as Carlos’ closest friend to chase and eliminate him. The reason was because Anastasia was the most familiar with Carlos’ habit. Even when he has went berserk, his habit can’t be eliminated entirely.

Thus, Anastasia began her journey from place to place. She toured the planets under the pretense of concert. Her attendant, Hanna, was one of the facility kids. She was sent to help Anastasia.

They have toured almost half of the habitable planets. Next, they would go the East side of the Federation.

“I will go around the monster’s planets nearby. Hanna, handle the preparation.” (Anastasia)

“Understood.” (Hanna)

Anastasia waved her hand and she disappeared from the room. Hanna heaved another sigh. She then operated a terminal nearby.


Thousands light years away at Planet Hotel-Five

A young man was running inside the forest. In his arms was a XM16, a standard rifle of the Federation. On his waist was a PDP5, a standard pistol.

He aimed his rifle to the front. A large mantis-type monstrosity, codenamed Hell Mantis, raised its blade-like arms. Its height is three meters.

The young man opened fire at the head of it. The rifle was set at a burst mode. It fired three bullets continuously with one trigger.

The three bullets embed themselves in the Hell Mantis’ right eye. It flinched back due to pain and its arms missed the young man.

The young man slide underneath the mantis. He switched the firing mode to automatic fire. While he slide, he fired at the mantis’ abdomen.

More than half of the magazine’s bullets pierced through the soft abdomen. The mantis raised a soundless scream and collapsed.

The young man quickly swept his eyes around. Another two mantises have arrived. He raised his rifle once again and fired at one of the two mantises.

The mantis raised its arms and defended against the attack. The other mantis closed in to the young man.

The young man released the empty magazine while his left hand reached to another magazine on his vest. He dodged the attack of the mantis. He reloaded his rifle and hit a switch on the rifle.

The rifle’s barrel extended forward. The gears’ sound reverberated from within the rifle. Strange thing happened afterward.

The rifle’s body opened up. The gears inside extended outward and their sides grabbed hold unto the rifle outer shell. The rifle had just been enlarged by half its size.

The barrel separated itself into four sections, forming an incomplete larger barrel. Four bullets from the magazines entered the chamber at the same time. The bullet’s body is special. It can be connected with each other and form a larger caliber bullet.

The bullets started to combine under the help of the rifle’s gears. They quickly formed a large caliber bullet. The leads were recombined into a large lead.

While the recombining happened, the young man has dodged another two strikes from the mantises. He moved around the forest with ease as if there were no trees to begin with. A slight ring suddenly sounded out.

He then got to his knees away from the mantis. He aimed the reconfigured rifle to one of the mantises. He fired.

A large explosion sound was heard in the forest. The bullet pierced through the mantis, forming a large hole in its body. It soundlessly crumbled down.

The young man hit the switch again. The rifle slowly returned to its normal shape. The heated barrel was bright red. A timer appeared in his visor.

Five seconds. It was the time for the barrel to cool down before use again.

The young man grabbed his sidearm and fired it at the last mantis with his left hand. The small caliber bullets from the pistol were unable to pierce the hard skin of the mantis. However, it has bought him time.

Five seconds quickly passed. He holstered his pistol and raised his rifle. He unloaded the bullets at the mantis legs.

The mantis quickly crumbled down as its legs were destroyed. The young man ran to the mantis. He hit another switch at the front part of the barrel. A bayonet extended out of it.

He thrust the bayonet to the joint on the mantis’ blade arms. Losing its weapons, the mantis raised its head to bite. The young man raised his rifle and pointed the bayonet at its head.

He stabbed and slashed downwards. The mantis’ head was cut in half. Its black colored blood splashed unto the young man’s body.

The young man gazed expressionlessly at the mantis. He then cut off the mantises’ left antennas. He stored them inside his space storage on his waist.

It was a storage which used an entirely different space within it. Thus, people can stored a large number of things inside.

“Overlord, this is Lone Wolf. Sector Alpha is cleared. Awaiting further instruction.”

“Lone Wolf, this is Overlord. Confirming status on the field… Excellent job. We will handle it from now on. Return to base.”


He raised his head and pointed his left arm upwards. His gauntlet extended out and fired a flare. A VTOL plane slowly came down. A light extended out of it and sucked the young man up into the plane.

The plane then moved away as tens of other planes dropped down onto the surface of the planet, dropping soldiers upon soldiers down.

#End of prologue

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