Chapter 1

A month has passed since then. The young man, Lone Wolf, was training inside his private training space. The targets has countless hole on its body. A large part of them were near center.

Shot after shot were fired. He trained his aim at various different firing method. Standing, running, sliding, crouching, prone, side-stepping.

The large training space’s wall was covered with holes from missed fire. However, the number was still smaller than the target.

When he finished his last magazine, an alert came on.

Exercise Finished.

Accuracy: 90% (Prev:89%)

Fatal shot: 50% (Prev:50%)

Continue Exercise?

He dismissed the report. The next moment the training space returned to its normal state. No holes can be seen anywhere. This was because the exercise used holograms.

All targets were holograms and the rifle recoils were reproduced with blank rounds. This ensure the accuracy of training to be high and dependable. At the same time, the training space is preserved.

Lone Wolf wiped his sweats which were flowing down his forehead. He opened up a terminal nearby.

There has been no assignment for him to do for a month. His commanding officer has told him to stand by as a high rank individual might come over.

He had thought what was the reason for him to stand by then. It wasn’t like that person will want him to bring them around.

When he opened the terminal, an order has arrived. He was told to come to the Meeting Room 3 as soon as possible. A job has arrived.

Lone Wolf walked in big stride over to have a quick bath. After he finished, he went out of his room.

His room was located in the inner perimeter of Spaceship Charlie Three. This spaceship is the largest ship in the entire East region of the Federation. It acted as a mothership.

The East has the most damage from the attack of the Brood. The Brood has occupied more than half of the East region. In other region the Brood didn’t even have a fifth of the region. This was because the East was the first place to suffer attack.

The mission from last month was to reclaim a planet from them. He had worked with hundreds of other operatives to clear up tens of beachheads to drop the marines.

Soon after he reached the meeting room. As soon as he entered, he saluted an elderly man inside.

“You have come. Sit.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I have received an order from Central Command months ago. We are to investigate the whereabouts of a black dragon. The dragon went berserk and ran away two years ago.”

Lone Wolf silently listened to the man’s explanation. The elder opened up a hologram. There was a large black dragon. The dragon is five meters in height and its body is 15 meters in length.

“This is the target. As soon as we confirmed its whereabouts, an assassin will be sent in. We have received a notice that the assassin will soon come to our region to search for it.”

The elder operated the hologram. The black dragon image was pushed to Lone Wolf who received it with his gauntlet’s computer. Soon the hologram in front of the elder changed into a star map.

“We have just received a report of large activities in this sector in Planet Lima-Six. The residents reported sightings of large black shadow flied on top of them. We assumed this is the target. You will be sent in to confirm it.”


“You’re our best special operative. Do your best. I think it’s about time you think of getting a partner.”

“I mean no disrespect, Sir, but I think partner will slow me down instead.”

“Haaa… Fine then. Just come back safely.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lone Wolf walked out of the room after receiving the detail of the location. The elder sighed at this.

“It would have been good if he relax a bit. He is too tense. I hope his revenge won’t cause any trouble to his mind.”

The elder returned to his job.


A week later in Planet Lima-Six.

A VTOL plane slowly landed on the airfield. The door opened up and Lone Wolf stepped out of it. The soldiers around saluted him. A middle aged man greeted him.

“Special Operative Lone Wolf. I am Carl, the aide of Colonel Hans. We have been expecting you. Please come with me.”

“No need. Just send me the details about the sighting. I will be off as soon as I received it.”

Carl’s smile twitched a bit. Just how many people dared to disregard the colonel like this. He opened his mouth but he was stopped before he spoke.

“Don’t provoke me. I have no respect on pleasantries. Just point me to where I go.”

Carl remembered the notice sent by Overlord. It is said that this special operative has a strange habit. However he is the best operative found in twenty years so he is pardoned.

“Right away.”

Carl operated his gauntlet’s computer. A file is sent to Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf opened up the file and swept through the report. He then turned around to his plane.

The plane took off once again. Its destination is a grassland west of the base. Mid-flight an alert sounded out across the planet.

Alert! Alert! Code Red-Two! Code Red-Two! All personnel to battle station!

Lone Wolf gazed down to the field. Large amounts of small and big black hole appeared. Black ants, mantises, and flies appeared from the holes. Nearby, there is a gigantic black hole.

A gigantic black beetle passed through that hole. The patch of land around that area was directly flattened. The beetle raised a roar that shook the land.

Devil Ants, one meter tall ants, dominated the largest portion of the enemy. They have the smallest size among the Brood.

Hell Mantises were much smaller in numbers. For every fifty ants, there is one mantis. They can be said to be elite infantries.

Black Flies, two meters tall flies, were their main air force. They can’t fly high but they are still a dangerous enemy.

The gigantic beetle, Gigantes, was one of the large commander type existences. Its hard exoskeleton has the ability to directly ram a base to the ground in one go. Their weakness is that they are slow.

Their weak point is their face and legs. After their face received some damages, they will open up their wings to fly away. At that time, a rocket is enough to destroy its soft back.

If its legs are destroyed, it won’t be able to handle its weight. The rest is easy to handle. However, its legs are much harder to damage than its face.

Lone Wolf gazed down expressionlessly from his plane. The plane’s automatic self defense mechanism fired at nearby broods. It killed tens of ants and a few mantises.

Soon after, gunfire resounds all of the area. Broods which have just passed through holes were killed with barrages from nearby soldiers.

Soon after, the Broods counter attacked with their sheer numbers. When they came close to the soldiers, the soldiers held their fire. The row of soldiers behind them advanced.

Great swords, halberds, maces, staves, and other heavy cold weapons smashed down on the Broods. The melee fighters took on the front line.

The riflemen reloaded their rifles. They covered the melee fighters. Sometimes, mantises will appear. They will be barraged by the riflemen and finished off by the fighters.

Lone Wolf gazed at the battles around. There were already a few casualties. He clenched his teeth when he saw them. He looked around the area.

A fifth of the broods including the gigantic beetle were moving to another place. The rest of them were attacking the army like they were a diversion. Lone Wolf looked at their direction.

“Pilot, follow the beetle from a distance.”

“Sir, that direction is where the dragon–”

“I know. That’s why I asked you to follow it.”

Lone Wolf cut off the pilot’s talk. The pilot nodded and soon the plane flied over.

A couple of flies approached but they were handled by the automatic defense. The beetle was moving slowly. The broods following it had spread out. They were looking for something.

Suddenly a roar rang out from the depth of the forest. A large black dragon more than seven meters in height appeared. Its wings have been torn apart but it still retained its shape..

“It’s the dragon. It has grown. We need to report it.”

The pilot cried out. Lone Wolf put his hand on his shoulder.

“Overlord, this is Lone Wolf. I have found the dragon. There is something I have to report.”

“Lone Wolf, this is Overlord. Report.”

“The dragon’s size has grown. It is now seven meters in height. Its length is unknown but it should be more than twenty meters now. Its wings are torn apart. I assumed he won’t be able to fly now.”

“Understood. I will report to the Central Command. I hear gunfire there. What happened?”

“This planet is in Code Red-Two right now.”

“A middle scale invasion? Understood. I will send reinforcement immediately. Your mission is done. You’re allowed to take action on the broods.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Lone Wolf sneered as he watched the broods. His killing intent leaked out. The pilot was used to it so he didn’t panicked. One the contrary, he also leaked a bit of killing intent.

They watched the broods attacked the dragon. The dragon fought back. A single breath of its froze tens of the ants and mantises. It swept its tail to those frozen broods.

The beetle jumped with its gigantic body. When it landed, a big earthquake shook the land. The beetle put strength to his hind legs and charged forward. It rammed the dragon.

The dragon and beetle fought. Occasionally the dragon will swept its tail at the small fries. The dragon didn’t look like it is in disadvantages.

“Pilot, let’s go.”


The plane quickly approached the battlefield. Flies came over to attack them but they were exterminated quickly. However, more and more of them are coming.

“Lone Wolf, please use that terminal.”

Lone Wolf stood in front of the pointed terminal. Three light screen popped out and showed the surrounding of the plane. He grabbed a rifle shaped object.

Whenever he moved the rifle, the turret outside moved. This plane has been modified to suit his preference. This way he can show off his rifle skill.

The three screen moved around with his body rotation. A small map appeared on his visor. It indicated where the enemy is. This saved up the power required to operate the screen for 360 degree allowing it to only show the front.

The map will alarm him of enemy direction and he only needed to move his body around.

Lone Wolf will handle the enemy from long range. The plane automatic system will handle the leftover. This will ease the load on the system and saved up more power.

After the system is ready, Lone Wolf aimed his rifle forward and shot the flies. A machine gun outside the plane fired barrage of bullets.

He turned around a few times to attack the incoming flies. He shot down most of the flies. The plane closed in to the largest fight.

When most of the flies were shot down, Lone Wolf left the terminal. He grabbed his own rifle and sidearm. Taking a space storage and fitted on his vest, he turned to the drop point.

“I am going. Cover me from up here.”

“Special Operative Lone Wolf! Good luck and Godspeed!”

Lone Wolf nodded and jumped down from the plane. Into the masses of broods below the plane.

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