Chapter 7-Li Yu

Chapter 7: Li Yu

Chen Xi was in the middle of immersing in a mysterious feeling.

He has forgotten about all his surroundings, forgotten about his body. In his eyes were only the star circulations endlessly on tracks, with tracks of different lengths and thickness, just like stroke patterns from a brush.

Chen Xi was imagining that there was a huge invisible hand, the sky was like a talisman paper, the millions of stars were like the Fu Pen, and he was imagining the Fu Zhi practice, which was moving in mysterious and unpredictable patterns, it was like in a fantasy. TN: he is 24/7 dreaming, someone should really wake him up already.

Chen couldn’t take it but only felt amazed, but couldn’t find any words to describe it. He wants to keep one of the traces left in the sky in his mind, but he doesn’t know where to start and wasn’t able to start. So he planned to no longer be entangled in this, and no longer want to bother about it too much, but just observe it and enjoy it, his heart felt calm,


A mysterious humming sound grew louder, from low to high, it resounded it between heaven and earth.

Hundreds of millions of stars lit dimly and gathered together, forming a picture, along with a strange chanting sound, the painting released endless amount of streamers, swept across the sky above.


The picture turned into a bundle, then it became something that can be seen by the naked eye, a visible pure light, busting away, moving towards the direction where Chen Xi was standing.

Chen Xi immediately felt fright in his heart, at that moment he felt that he had just woken up from the state where he has forgotten about himself, but giving no time to react, he only can feel the humming in his head. The next moment, in the space suddenly appears a huge old figure of a person, linen clothed, white hair, looking into the sky.

This huge old man figure, his whole body from head to toe looks ancient, but the atmosphere doesn’t linger a trace of desolate.

What have just happened? Who is this old man?

Chen Xi was surprised watching the scene, his heart was thinking randomly, he was previously obviously was just watching the tracks of the stars, but how can he not notice any changes happening?

“How many years have pass, finally came an apprentice who can inherit the mantle of master, ha ha ha.”

A deep and husky voice suddenly exploded in his ears, Chen Xi’s body started to shiver, then he gave up thinking about everything, opened his eyes, when he was looking around at his surroundings, he was surprised again.

The night sky full of stars had disappeared, a glaze through the soft grass field there was an extra impressively big river, and the river stretches out so far that the eye can see the end of the river. In the center of the river, stood a very steep mountain that was as high as the sky, it was dark and barren.

Suddenly, a horned beast came out from the river, it has a lion’s body and a dragon’s head, with 4 hooves, the hooves are like stepping on clouds, and its body is covered with ink black scales, a pair of crystal clear eyes.

Eh …….. A Kirin? (TL: Kirin is a mystical beast worshipped by the Chinese, when they first arrived at Africa they thought that the giraffes were this mystical beast long time ago)

Seeing this beast, he felt his body was releasing an atmosphere of terror, Chen Xi couldn’t help it but gasped, while his heart was pounding rapidly.

He was only able to know the description of a Kirin from books, it was said that the Kirin was one of the famous ancient mystical beast, natural at birth being able to manipulate the five elements, very smart and wise, even in the mystical being period during ancient times, only few people dared to provoke the Kirin, but its strength was terror.

At the moment, a beast with close description to Kirin suddenly appeared right in front of him, even for him who disciplined his mental state to be as tough as rocks, he could fell the strange feeling of panic.

“Don’t need to panic, I am only a spirit within the Dong Fu, master has given me a name called Li Yu, for more than hundreds of thousands of years I have helping master to safeguard the Dong Fu,” the deep and husky voice sounded again, but this time it came out from the mouth of the Kirin,

So it is called Li Yu, Chen Xi let out a breath of relieve, he then suddenly realize that the beast in front of his eyes has already lived for few thousands of years, doesn’t that make the Dong Fu have existed for 100 over thousands of years?

“This younger generation Chen XI, has met the senior, dare to question this senior, is this place really the ancient mystical training ground?” Chen Xi respectfully ask the question, even if the other party is really a monster, still he doesn’t dare to be rude.

“Not bad, indeed it is my master’s training ground. “Li Yu walked forward, looked at Chen Xi’s whole body thoroughly, it was alarmed and said: “Early stages realm? Your innate strength is so poor, how will you be able to get my master’s true meaning of heritage?”

Chen Xi asked with a frustrated voice: “What true meaning of the heritage?”

Li Yu just ignored him, in a deep thought for a long time, suddenly opened its mouth and said: “Little baby, are you a talisman practitioner?”

Chen Xi was confused, he shook his head and said: “I only know how to make some basic talismans only.”

Li Yu had a sudden look of one kind, then he sighed and said: “If that’s so, master was a person who chose that path, for you to choose to inherit it is also very reasonable,”

Chen Xi was wondering but couldn’t resist and asked: “The previous generation, what is going on? When did I inherit this mantle?”

Li Yu stared at Chen Xi and said: “Within your mind, my master has left a mark in it, do you not know?”

Chen Xi think in his sea of thought, there was a figure of an old man, he was not stunned and asked: “Excuse me, is that old man over there your master?”

Li Yu shook its head and said: “It seems that you really don’t know anything.”

Chen Xi’s heart felt heavy but he respectfully said: “Will this elder generation explain it to me?”

Li Yu stayed silent for a while, then it talked with a slow voice: “Few millions years ago, when my master left, he was he went to research in the uncharted stars, and was able to receive an imprint which so happens to be the same one as yours. In other words, you are already qualified to be my master’s apprentice.”

Chen Xi then realize that the sky which he was staring at earlier was the place of the uncharted stars, but this is considered as a test? He just by observing the stars cycle and movement, he has received the mark from the Dong Fung’s master, isn’t this a bit too easy?

Just like Chen Xi’s mind being read, Li Yu said: “Do you know, all this hundreds of millions years before this, there many strong people who wants the mark?”

“I can tell you, there are exactly a full six thousand eight hundred and three people! Among these people there are many perfectly strong people are also not less! Even their lowest rank was a person with second stage in the Jin Dan world, now do you think it is that simple?” TL note: JIn Dan is like a pill that was believe to a cure to death and made you live forever but it was never found or made)

Chen Xi was not given the moment to even open his mouth, Li Yu proudly raise its head, and coldly said: “If you don’t mentally break down while cultivating in the star cycle, consider that not bad, but it’s afraid that you will die being strangled by the Zhou Tian Xing!”

Chen Xi was surprised and aghast: “Be strangled by the Zhou Tian Xing and die?”

Li Yu nodded and said: “Not bad, there are no two star cycle secret, which is inclusive of all, so it’s impossible to complete it in a short period of time, you will be buried within your wits.” (Tl notes: So it’s like you are your own enemy)

After saying that, Li Yu continued: “The people who were able to enter the Dong Fu, not only were they strong people, but within the star cycle about half the people manage to cultivate, but only a handful of them successfully walked out of it. These people are like you, understood some of the stars left behind by master, but pitifully before you came, no one was able to receive the mark left behind by master, naturally no matter what they were not able to become master’s disciple.”

Chen Xi doubted it and said: “What happened to those people? They were all willing to just leave?”

Li Yu coldly answered: “Of course they were all not willing to leave, originally from the star cycles cultivation alone is enough to for them to make it a lifetime study, however, they were stubborn, only wanting to inherit Master’s inheritance, therefore they went to the cultivation peak, and eventually they all shared the same fate.”

While talking about it Li Yu was facing the big river, pointed at the center of the river’s solitary steep mountain and said: “Well, that is the cultivation sky peak, split into 18 levels of cultivation land, only after passing all the trials of the cultivation land, then you will be able to inherit all of what master has left behind. Among of all those strong people, most of them died at the first 3 levels, but the greatest among them was a man from hundreds of thousands of years ago, a peerless sword master, he passed the levels using his the techniques from his sword arts, however when he reached the 13th level cultivation, he fell to his death.”

Chen Xi hearing to what Li Yu said he felt that his heart rapidly jumping, looking at the big river’s steep peak, he couldn’t help it but asked, :”So if I want to get all of the inheritance, I will have to pass through the peak through the 18 level trials, right?”

“Well of course, however you are different from them, you already have Master’s mark, while passing through the peak’s cultivation trials, you can only get hurt, there wouldn’t be anything life threatening.” Li Yu replied casually.

Chen Xi let out a breath of relief, but this doesn’t mean that he was not worried, even the peerless sword master lost his life at the 13th level, he was also so afraid of the first 3 levels, he so afraid that he does dare to start at the first level.

Li Yu reminded:” Although there wouldn’t be any fear of losing your life, but I advise you not pass through it now, your current state of cultivation is just purely bad, you the weakest person I have ever met in my live-time. I am not making fun of you, but in the ancient times, people like you are just slightly stronger than a newborn baby.”

Just slightly stronger than a newborn baby?

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t accept it, but he thought about it that in front of him is a few million years-old monster, while hiding this discomfort in his heart and asked: “Predecessor, then when will I be able to pass the first level of the peak?”

Li Yu hesitated and said: “Tell me, why are you so urgently wanting to go through the barrier?”

Chen Xi without hesitation said: “I want to become stronger, to avenge my grandfather, avenge my family, and also to be able to meet my mother again!”

Li Yu gave it some deep thoughts for a moment, then slowly said: “Like now you already have received master’s mark, as long as no accidents happens, in one day you will be able to complete everything. However, your body is too weak to compare, your current state of cultivation you in now is very low, even wanting to train to the Tian Xian realm, I am afraid you are going take a long time to walk.”

In Chen Xi’s eyes showed determination, and he calmly said: “No matter how difficult it is, I will never ever give up, and will not give up!”

Li Yu’s vicissitude eyes flashed with amazing colours, it lifted its head overlooking the peak and proudly said: “You may be the only person that has Master’s mark within this few millions of years, as long with extra training, don’t talk about revenge, also not even determine and become Tian Xian, then are you afraid to go even further, which are some of the reason to the matter. When that year, Master could control the main route, when went on……”

The screeching noise stopped, Li Yu seems to have realized something, but it is not saying anything.

However, Chen Xi didn’t notice anything, he was just trying to figure out the mystery behind how did the owner of Dong Fu left the mark on him, and also how to make himself stronger.

Also, where in the Dong Fu is the He Tu that mother was mentioning?

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