Talisman Emperor

Talisman Emperor

Fu-Huang (符皇)

Translator: gan8737
Family destroyed, loved ones missing, marriage deed torn ….. the people of Song Yan City ridiculed him as a curse or jinxed, but he won a million years ancient mythical Dong Fu inheritance! Since then rune system, refining physique, repair supreme kendo, Wu rule esoteri ……. With extraordinary courage and the Guards opportunity, in myths, charm demons sneak into the world, lastly embark on a endless journey towards pinnacle, and conquer the world.
Take note the grey words are notes to help the reader and some things which I am not sure with the translation
(the translator want to keep this series as a teaser. he will do updates for the series however he is busy IRL so we don’t know how often new chapter will comes out)

7 comments on “Talisman Emperor

  1. the best way to translate fu shi would most likely while in a martial story be as “Spirit Seal” its also used in WDQK (Machine translated) when referring to his mental skills.

    • Well sorry, life has been harsh on me and I kinda accidentally deleted the chapter that I was working on when my computer started failing since it upgraded to windows 10, well I hate myself for that, so I am still redoing that chapter again -.-. well refreshing fixed the comp but not the work. I am sorry T.T

    • No it isn’t dropped, it is just that I am quite slow at translation when I have lots of real life work to be done, I’m sorry.

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